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update 24/04/2017

Sealmaster Meisei

Sealmaster Meisei
Monster TypeSpellcaster
Card typeNormal


One of the few people who has a good command of Talismans. His history is a mystery.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstStandard duelists
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Standard duelistsN


This card is needed to use "Talisman of Spell Sealin", but stats of this card is very low.


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searchable with both legion of the fiend jester and blue dragon summoner. underrated card, when you consider the power of new cards like super rush headlong, etc... since most of the games meta balance lies in card effects and spells/traps rather than raw atk/def stats.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
draw sense: spells legion of the fiend jester x3 blue dragon summoner x1 dark magician girl x2 neo the magic swordsman x3 Trance the magic swordsman x1 Magician's spell circle x2 sealmaster mesei x1 talisman of trap sealing x1 talisman of spell sealing x1 enemy controller x3 Windstorm of etaqua x1 super rush headlong x1 (or mirror wall) Give it a try...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Exactly. The card might work against AI, but in pvp u'll lose in just 2 rounds.
crazy bitch
since noone mentioned it yet. This is the perfect card to stall turns again level 50 bakura using the spell seal since bakura only has spell cards and none of his remaining monsters has more than 1k atk.
Tributed at last turn even enables you to use spells like union or secret trespass on your vasal.
Easyest way to beat bakura while doing nothing till last turn :) easy 8k DA for me
<< Anonymous(crazy bitch)
Anonymous Reply
U r wrong. He have necrofear in deck. Special summon him anytime. U r just lucky he did not summon necrofear. I all along knew about sealmaster but learn about the problem when i test it.
This card is a lot of fun to play with and the spell/trap sealing really puts a dent in a lot of standard AI duelist strategies. Would not recommend for PVP because of how low the ATK/DEF of this card are but decks built around him are fun to play with!
<< Anonymous(JuvenileJosh)
Anonymous Reply
However if we did decide to play him in pvp I thought of a few ways to Utilize him and create short term windows. For example we can use the magician circle to summon him quickly then combo with his seal. OR we could summon him when we go for the killing blow and make sure the opponent doesn't pull something on us. What I am saying is this card is a temporary lock not a permanent one.
<< Anonymous(JuvenileJosh)
Anonymous Reply
I suggest keeping this card at 1 in pvp to prevent inconsistency problems and the fact you will probably only use him once. Funny thing that this card can probably be your ultimate trump card. Monster that has 3500 attack because spells You: I attack your monster with dark magician girl. Opponent: So your giving up? You: I activate Magician circle! You: I summon sealmaster Meisei.
<< Anonymous(JuvenileJosh)
Anonymous Reply
You get the point you combo with spell seal and metal morph and win the game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wouldn't it be interesting, the top spell cards like, enemy controller & mirror wall get stopped by this walking :)
Power of Dark
3x Skilled Red Magician
3x Mythical Beast Cerberus
2x Summoned Skull (or Beast of Talwar)
3x Sealmaster Meisei

3x Talisman of Trap Sealing
3x 500atk equip spell cards
3x spell cards of choice (Enemy Controller)
it's too difficult to pull off combos with him to make him a viable monster card. You need 2 specific cards just to negate spells (or traps) and 3 cards for both. There aren't many ways to protect such a weak monster and certanly not for long, so I don't see it as a viable strategy at all. In short: low chance to draw what you need to do what other cards do just as good, too many field slots used for it and easily countered.
this card isn't an easy drop...
I defeated 2000+ standards retards duelist already..and not a single card......
<< Anonymous(lifeissohard)
Typhon Reply
Strange, I have 1122 Duel World Duels (Standard) in the user statistics, and I have 3. (I guess I got more, but batch converted them) Maybe it is dropped on specific stage levels only? I stayed intentionally on stage 33.
<< Anonymous(lifeissohard)
Typhon Reply
It's also possible that Konami makes exceptions with players who pay. I would be curious.
<< Anonymous(lifeissohard)
Anonymous Reply
i only recently started to get him..and im on 46 now
<< Anonymous(lifeissohard)
curious Reply
you'll get it eventually, and I don't think "payers" have any advantages in rewards after duels since I didn't buy anything yet, but I've got sealmaster + his combo cards...
You can use 'Spirit Caller' along with 'Sealmaster Meisei' in your graveyard for special invocation in your field.
im annoyed i converted this card cause i thought i was usless and now i have both talisman of trap sealing and talisman of sspell sealing and i dont know what to do withh them
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Even with the Talismans this card is highly useless. Also, random AI duelists drop this card, so you can always get it back
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually its not useless if you have that magician gathering trap card that allows you to summon a spell caster with 2000 or less attack. Activate that card when a opponent is about to activate some BS spell card and BAM negated. I would to call this card a Short term safeguard. To protect your BOSS monster from being hit with spells or traps when going for the kill summon this for protection.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That could only work in the original Yugioh, where you had more time for a game. In Duel Links With a top rated deck on the other side you would not have time to prepare that combo, because they can win in 2 rounds.
You have the talisman of trap sealing link binded to the talisman of spell sealing text

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