Stage 21-30: Tips and FAQ

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update 16/01/2017


Build more competitive decks!

From Stage 21, Standard Duelists start to use competitive decks. So now is the time to spend Gems you have stocked from the beginning of the game!


What does "Refill 1000 LP" mean?

It requires you to use cards that increase your Life Points.

How do I win a Duel with 5000 LP remaining?

Set Joey's LP Boost α skill to your deck then you can start a duel with 5000 Life Points. You can also use cards regenerating your Life Points that are mentioned above.

How can I achieve "Use Skill 5 times"?

Note that the mission does not require you to achieve it in one Duel (actually you never be able to use skill 5 times in one duel). If you do not know how to set a skill to your deck, check the skill database.

The easiest way to win a Deck Out victory?

Yes it is. Use Trap cards in a table below. Those interfere your opponent's deck. Do not decrease your opponent's Life Points to 0 if you want to win a deck out victory.

Can you show me the way to achieve Duel Assessment of 3500?

Yes, win a duel against Legendary Duelists Lvl 10 using High Score Cerberus deck. If you do not have the deck yet, just refer the table below and check "How to Get High Score" article for more details.

Duel Victory
2,000Win a duel.
No Damage Taken
500Win a duel without receiving damage.
Perform a Tribute Summon300Conduct at least one tribute summon.
Activate a Spell100Use at least one Spell card.
Activate a Trap100Use at least one Trap card.
Cards on the Brink500Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 0.

Stage 21-30 missions/rewards

Stage #
Unlocked Facility/Feature
  • A player obtains Card Sleeves (Seto Kaiba or Yami Yugi).
  • Rex Raptor Character Unlock Missions are available.
Use a Spell Card 5 times in one Duel.20,000 Gold
Refill 1000 LP in Duel World.SR Jewel x1
Inflict 45000 points of battle damage.Red Gate Key x20
Play 3 Duel(s) using Tea Gardner.Blue Gate Key x10
Complete all Stage Missions[21].Gem x50
  • A player obtains a playmat.
  • Use Trap Card 15 times in one Duel.
Use a Trap Card 15 times.Gem x30
Use skill 5 times.SR Jewel x1
Win a Duel World Duel with at least 4000 LP remaining.Black Gate Key x20
Win 12 Duel World Duel(s).White Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[22].Gem x50
  • Up to 8 standard duelists appear at once.
Use a Trap Card 3 times in one Duel.Black Gate Key x20
Successfully perform 10 Tribute Summons.Yellow Gate Key x20
Win 5 consecutive duels.SR Jewel x1
Win a Duel by deck out.Gem x30
Complete all Stage Missions[23].Gem x50
  • None.
Successfully perform 50 Normal Summons.SR Jewel x1
Destroy 50 monsters.Blue Gate Key x20
Win a Duel World Duel with at least 4500 LP remaining.White Gate Key x20
Win a Duel(s) against Tea Gardner at Level 30 in Duel World.Gem x50
Complete all Stage Missions[24].Gem x50
  • A player obtain Card Sleeves.
Successfully perform 3 Tribute Summons in one Duel.SR Jewel x1
Win 10 consecutive duels.Gem x100
Win a Duel(s) against Yami Yugi (or Seto Kaiba) 4 times.Black (or White) Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[25].Gem x125
  • None.
Successfully perform 60 Normal Summons.Gold 20,000
Make a trade with the Card Trader 3 time(s).UR Jewel x1
Inflict 5000 points of effect damage in Duel World.Green Gate Key x20
Win a Duel(s) against Rex Raptor 5 time(s).Green Gate Key x20
Win 18 Duel World Duel(s).Green Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[26].Gem x50
  • None (Standard Duelists become Level 27).
Destroy 60 monsters.Gem x30
Use Spell Cards 30 times.Blue Gate Key x20
Destroy 5 monsters in one Duel.SR Jewel x1
Use skill 10 times in Duel World Mode.Gem x30
Win 20 Duel World Duel(s).Yellow Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[27].Gem x50
  • Game Mat obatined.
Use Spell/Trap cards 5 times.R Jewel x1
Successfully perform 5 Normal Summons in one Duel.Gem x50
Inflict 8000 points of battle damage in Duel World.R Jewel x1
Win 10 consecutive Duel(s).SR Jewel x1
Complete all Stage Missions[28].Gem x50
  • Up to 9 standard duelists appear at once..
Successfully perform 20 Tribute Summons.Yellow Gate Key x20
Use Spell Card 5 time(s) in one Duel.20,000 Gold
Refill 5000 LP in Duel World.Gem x20
Win a Duel World Duel with at least 5000 LP remaining.UR Jewel x1
Win 25 Duel World Duel(s).Red Gate Key x20
Win 1 Duel against Mai Valentine at Level 30 in Duel World.Yellow Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[29].Gem x50
  • Level 40 of the Legendary Duelists become available.
Successfully perform 25 Tribute Summons.Stone of Darkness x2
Win with a Duel Assessment of at least 3500.R Jewel x3
Win 27 Duel World Duel(s).Gate Key x20
Play 1 Duel against Weevil Underwood.Yellow Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[30].Gem x125


Hot New Top
I think it's important to note that you CAN use Kaiba's beatdown skill multiple times in a duel (as long as you have a level 5 or higher monster on the field), and it will count as using a skill each time. Faster than starting a new duel each time.
How can i pass lv 30 mission, play 1 match against weevil underworld, whereas he doesn't appear in the gate yet...
Once i met him in pvp duel but the mission isn't completed...
<< Anonymous(Vergie)
Riad Reply
Tienes que desbloquearlo para que te aparezca en el portal
<< Anonymous(Vergie)
Anoymous Reply
I'm stuck there too
<< Anonymous(Vergie)
Anoymous Reply
Weevil isn't in the portal and he isn't around duel world, I beat him in pvp but mission still isn't done
<< Anonymous(Vergie)
Yami Evil Reply
Hey you should make a challenge to open him you should beat standard duelist 100 times
Fase 23: quais armadilhas eu consigo usar 3 vezes ?
Hey guys how can I pass on mission 30 a duel assessment of at least 3500????
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Grace Reply
Same problem, commenting so I can get an answer
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Grace Reply
Just passed it and have no idea how. But I think that either the system is slow so just wait a while after a duel (where you win with at least 3500 points). OR you lose some point so the system recognises its at least 3500 instead of no damage. I don't actually know, because I passed it after a game where I won with lower than 3500. So just persevere
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Fayth Reply This page will show you what to do to increase/earn duel assessment points.
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Anoymous Reply
easiest way is to build a Mystical Beast Cerberus deck, which you'll need to do for LD 40 farming reasons anyway. You can get 6k-8k assessment points with this kind of deck.
Por favor, pode me informa o que é ganhar um duelo por Deck out ?
<< Anonymous(Juliano)
Delano Reply
Quando o oponente fica sem carta pra puxar....
Stage 25 is missing one mission and another is incorrectly worded.
Missing mission: Inflict 60000 points of battle damage. And then you need to beat both Yami Yugi AND Seto Kaiba 4 times (and they're separate missions). Not "or".
<< Anonymous(Planeteer)
Anoymous Reply
Just simply swop you're character of yami and kaiba and battle the other at the gate
To win 10 consecutive duel go to gate and duel lvl 10 characters. Now my question is how do you recover 5000 LP what is that? I'm in stage 29 and I've already tried to but can't figure it out
<< Anonymous
vergie Reply
Try to use spell cards which recover your HP, and use Ishtar with "draw pass" ability...
<< Anonymous
vergie Reply
Try to use spell cards which recover your HP, and use Ishtar with "draw pass" ability...
<< Anonymous
Fayth Reply
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
enchanted javelin blue medecine red medecine
I dont get why people have problems with this. just set up a deck that it is easy to play magic or traps or tributes it isnt hard. btw you can get multiple skill uses a dual with kaibas beatdown. just get a lvl 5 monster on the field and use the skill every turn but dont attacks
<< Anonymous(metroidman)
Anoymous Reply
Obviously brain issues.. duh
How to win 10 consecutive Duels easily?
<< Anonymous(Razorqq123)
Razorqq123 Reply
Well winning 10 CONSECUTIVE duel at stage 28 with decks like reverse trap or circus trick is not easy,that's why I need help.Are u trying to be genius?
<< Anonymous(Razorqq123)
Masonry Reply
That's why I'm telling you, you are quite the stupid one. Who told you to force your way to win all those reverse trap decks? Though I can because I belong to those special 5% of the genius population... anyway enough about me. Like I said, why are you even trying the impossible? You know you can battle duelists at the gate, right? lvl 10?
<< Anonymous(Razorqq123)
Masonry Reply
Now I told you what to do, don't dare ask another stupid question again. Sigh. That's very basic. For consecutive wins mission, all you have to do is battle lvl 10 duelists at the gate. Why can't most people realize this? Ugh. This is very basic. -_-
<< Anonymous(Razorqq123)
Fanatix Reply
You are stupid dude, he told you how to do 10 consecutive duels easily -__- learn to read it doesn't matter on what stage you are on 1 / 28 / 50... simple challenge lgendary duelists (joey/kaiba/yugi/rex/weevil/ishizu/odion/mai or tea) on level 10 next time, be less of a retard and use your head instead of being spoonfed
How this is achieved, I can do it:
"Use Spell Card 5 time(s) in one Duel." (stage 29)
How to Win with a Duel Assessment of at least 3500.?
<< Anonymous(Nobany )
Khorn II Reply
Check for the Cerberus high score deck! It means at the end of the duel you must have scored more than 3500 points
Khorn II
Does anyone have info if the Ishizu Ishtar character is only unlockable at a certain stage? I am sure i have been summoning all LIGHT monsters for about 4 days and i have not yet unlocked her
<< Anonymous(Khorn II)
Anoymous Reply
I got her by keep how many summoning blue eyes white dragon.
<< Anonymous(Khorn II)
Anoymous Reply
Meant to say I keep summoning blue eyes with dragon and got her right away
<< Anonymous(Khorn II)
Anoymous Reply
U get her by summoning like 200 light attribute monsters

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