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update 15/09/2016

Dark Eradicator Warlock

Dark Eradicator Warlock
Monster TypeSpellcaster
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Continuous Effect
SupportsDark Magician / Normal Spell Card
Related to ArchetypesDark Magician


Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 1 "Dark Magician", and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Each time a Normal Spell Card is activated, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent immediately after it resolves.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherArkana Event




  • Can kill your opponent in Main Phase.
  • Lock your opponent from playing any spell if their Life Points are under 1000.


  • Pretty hard to summon.

Tips, related cards, skills

Magical Blast

  • Use "Magical Blast" with this card for continuous ammunition.

Multi-Spell Usage

  • You can use "Gather Your Mind" to search a second copy of it, then use that to search a third copy, then finally activate "Hidden Spellbook to bring back used "Gather Your Mind" from your graveyard and bring it back to your deck.
  • Play "Pot of Benevolence" to return the other two copies of "Gather Your Mind" back to your Deck to be searched again.
  • A normal spell for additional burn.

Fetch Dark Magician

  • A good way to Summon this card is by using "Sage's Stone" to bring out "Dark Magician" and then immediately Special Summoning "Dark Eradicator Warlock".
  • Summoning via "Sage's Stone" doesn't require "Dark Magician" in your hand.

Related skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Draw Sense: Spell/Trap
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Spell/Trap card.

Yami Yugi
[Skill] descriptionUser
Sorcery Conduit
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Spellcaster-Type monster.

Yami Yugi
[Skill] descriptionUsers
Draw Sense: Dark
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random DARK attribute monster.
Check here!





ActionsTributes for cost
Summoning categoriesCannot Normal Summon / Cannot Set / Nomi / Special Summons itself from your hand
LPDamages your opponent


Hot New Top
Don't forget that Toon Table of Constance allows you to add anther Toon spell card (I.E Toon World(or when more Toon Table of Constance is in game)) Shame Arkana is being a little B**** to spawn let alone drop rates! :@
<< Anonymous(Little_Dooze)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Contents, not Constance
<< Anonymous
Little_Dooze 20hour ago Reply
Was auto correct due to being on phone :) (Only just seen this reply.)
Wait... normal spell is mean the rarity?

Not the type of the spell like quick play, continou, etc??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not about the in-game rarity, it's about the type of spell. Seems like GameA is misunderstanding what this card does
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Normal Spell Card just refers to any spell that isn't a Field, Quick or Continuous spell card. Riryoku is a normal spell card whereas Enemy Controller is a quick play spell card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The use of only a Normal Magic Card should be in the "cons" list, since it restricts to only that type of card. If the description says "Each time a Magic Card is activated, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent," then that will lock your opponent completely.
This could work well with last gamble if you get a decent roll. Just have a bunch of spells you can use immediately
26/7/2017 - I just got first copy of this card.
Burning Deck is getting stronger. :O
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It will be harder if you go first to get that FTK, but if you go second, you could easily FTK with this deck. Skill: 3SD. Opening hand - DM, DEW, Thousand Knives, Supremacy Berry. 2000 direct dmg, and unless you get econ'd or walled, that's game right there. And those are all card you'd have at least 2 copies of in that deck, so this isn't like some perfect hand fantasy scenario.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mfw people think 3SD DM Burn is better than just trying to flood and lockdown the board. Why do you need to deal 2k effect damage when you can just throw out the 2k+ beaters and kill your opponent in 2 turns anyways lol
<< Anonymous
Razaelriezen Reply
If you go second it's possible if tea can do it figure hinotama Deal 500 to opponent add dark eradicator that's 1500 per hino played add in cup of ace another 1,000 so 2 hinotama 1 cup of ace is 4,000
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol 3SD DM, Eradicator, toon table, and any other spell card and boom FTK turn 1. JS
i can see this + endymion+ dark magician in a 3sd deck with 10 spells just flashing through pvp
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the otks are real
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ohhhh i just remembered about magical blast. perfect hand dmg+sage stone+warlock+sage stone+magical blast= warlock + dmg + dm + 1600 effect damage and the choice to add magical blast to your hand in your next turn and do another 1600 damage, and now you just need to do 800 damage with the 3 beaters you have in the field, like wtf this shit is cancerous.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i was wrong, you'll do 2600 effect damage in the first turn because of sage's stone, so you'll just kill him instantly in your 2nd turn unless he destroys warlock, and even if he does you'll still have dm and dmg in the field to finish him off
turn 1 : Paradox 3SD's his DM from hand, Tribute it to SP Warlock, then he/she activate 2 hinotama from hand. End turn....
Turn 2 : because his LP is 1000, his/her opponent won't activate any spell. So, he/she sets 1 monster and 1 trap. End turn...
Turn 3 : Paradox draw a card, and the same time, his opponent activate the Trap, Desert Sunlight. His set monster was flipped face-up, and Warlock scares to it so that he go back to Paradox's hand. You know what is it? Yes. It's HANE-HANE/GALE LIZARD.
Then, Paradox surrender.
<< Anonymous
Razaelriezen Reply
Hane gale if lucky to have in hand. Of course would be better 3ds dm summon dew play hinotama set trap being windstorm or having supremacy berry in hand
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
take it easy, man. Just a joke :(
Best starting hand using tea stand by
Dark magician girl
Sage stone
Sage stone
Dark eradicator.
Summon legion summon dark magician girl add dm to hand.
Play sage stone summon dm from deck
Summon dark eradicator
Use sage stone deal 1,000
Now your field is DMg dm and dark all with 2,000 or more ATk.
You could if lucky have windstorm in hand mirror wall or e controller
If not you have 3,000 lp and setting a monster will do crap.
Even if you don't burn them to death you will have to be lucky to kill the field
1 pro on your end I have no back row for you to stress
Your con what will you do. You may be able to get rid of DMg but dark eradicator is the problem also I have dm on field so if I draw into a normal spell or a champions vigilance that's either 1,000 damage to you or a anti all card.
Obviously this is best possible hand imo it's the only way to get him out turn 1. So that's another pro for you.
2 legion
2 DMg
2 dark eradicator
3 dm
3 e con
2 sage stone
3 cup of ace
3 champ vigilance
Tech in hinotama instead of e con perhaps since goal isn't to attack but burn unless field is open.
That's 8 Normal spells
3 of which can potentially draw you 2 cards.
20 card deck
Start 5 cards leave 15 cards left
It's very possible to either kill you with burn or with assault
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Razaelriezen Reply
Or can go 3ds burn if you run 2 DMg 3 sage stone 3 dark magician 3 eradicator warlock 3 supremacy berry 3 champions vigilance Last 3 cards optionally Windstorm Mirror wall Sec orb for defense Or personally 3 soul exchange 3 Econ Or 3 hinotama
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Razaelriezen Reply
Best hand for this is obviously DM Dark eradicator Supremacy berry Hinotama Lose 3,000 to summon dm Summon dark Supremacy gain 2,000 deal 1,000 to opponent Hinotama for 1500 dealing 2,500 to opponents life points by turn 1 Another hand is DMg Sage stone x2 Dark eradicator Reason for this Just eradicator on field can be easily solved Having 3 big hitters on field is other
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Anonymous Reply
Is this better? (skill : tea's duel standby!) starting hand : Legion, DMG, Sage Stone, Ante, Warlock. - Summon Legion, Tribute Summon DMG & add DM to hand, activate Sage's Stone, SS DM, SS Warlock, activate Ante, then opponent will get 2k eff damage + discard 1 card from his/her hand because of Ante (if he didn't have level 7 or more monster in the hand)
Your Name(Option)
Note to GameA. Needs a small detail adjustment on pros. "Lock your opponent from playing any spell if their Life Points are under 1000." Needs to be most NORMAL spells. The exception is Supremacy Barry. Allows you to play another normal spell Please delete this comment after adjustment. The adjustment is NOT a demand, only a good idea and a suggestion.
<< Anonymous(Your Name(Option))
Realm Reply
Yep, only NORMAL spell lock down, continuous spell, quick-play spell, Ritual Spell unaffected. Just add "Normal" to your pros, gameA.
gonna be as game breaking as neo daedalus
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Probably less
New tea burn wit dark magic curtain???
<< Anonymous(Joker)
Anonymous Reply
Dark Magic Curtain is listed as an R in the files, so I highly doubt that it will be released to players
Dark Eradicator Warlock is a rel panty man yes.

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