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update 02/08/2017


While lacking in terms of attack, this deck offers many forms of card removal through the effects of it's fusion monsters. Monsters in this deck can also protect and give additional effects to each other by union equip.

Skill Restart
Essential cards
CostLow - Mid
(Box reset)
Electric Overload

Example deck

Heavy Mech Support ArmorMachina PeacekeeperMachina PeacekeeperY-Dragon HeadY-Dragon HeadY-Dragon Head
Z-Metal TankZ-Metal TankZ-Metal TankX-Head CannonX-Head CannonX-Head Cannon
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerMachine Assembly LineFrontline BaseFrontline BaseFrontline Base
Roll Out!Roll Out!XYZ-Dragon CannonXY-Dragon CannonXZ-Tank CannonYZ-Tank Dragon

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
Check here!

How to use

Special summon XYZ machines

Union monsters in this deck, like Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank, can easily be special summoned, use cards to help you get them on the field to use as fusion materials.

Attach union monsters

Equipping union monsters is a big part of this deck's strategy. The monster that is equipped with a union monster gains protection from being destroyed, by destroying the union monster instead, and also gains additional effects based on the union monster equipped. Use Roll Out! to equip a union monster from your graveyard to an appropriate monster on the field.(Take note that a monster can only equip one union monster at a time.)

Boost attack

The monsters in this deck don't offer much in terms of attack, even the fusion monsters have comparatively low attack. To make up for this we need to use attack boosting cards.

  • Machine Assembly Line boost all machine-type monsters by 200 attack and can be use as revival for machine-type monsters. Which is perfect since this deck mostly consists of low leveled machine-types.
  • Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank also boosts the attack of the monster they are equipped to.

Contact Fusion

Contact fusion is this deck's specialty, by removing materials on your side of the field from play you can fusion summon without using polymerization.

  • XY-Dragon Cannon destroys a face-up spell/trap card at the cost of discarding one card.
  • XZ-Tank Cannon destroys a face-down spell/trap card at the cost of discarding one card.
  • YZ-Tank Dragon tank destroys a face-down monster card at the cost of discarding one card.
  • XYZ-Dragon Cannon is your strongest monster and can destroy any card at the cost of discarding one card.

Other useful cards

For cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Time Machine
Time Machine
Revive a monster that was just destroyed. Use to revive the XYZ monsters.
Regretful Rebirth
Regretful Rebirth
Helpful since you're going to remove the materials from play to fusion summon anyway.


Hot New Top
Use Luminois Spark instead of Machine Assembly Line to free up Spell/Trap card space for Union purposes.
<< Anonymous(Specter)
Specter Reply
<< Anonymous(Specter)
Specter Reply
<< Anonymous(Specter)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
I usually run just one Luminous Spark and one Machine Assembly Line while I run 3 Frontline Bases. Having extra Continuous spells is good ammo for the fusions and with Roll Out!, if I sent B-Buster Drake as ammo for an effect, I can chain it to bring Drake back as a Spell protection shield
What to change:
Max out Extra Deck
-2 Peace
+2 B-Buster Drake
<< Anonymous(KnowsBest!)
Anonymous Reply
plus add union scramble
<< Anonymous(KnowsBest!)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
I recommend running 3 Buster Drakes and at least two Roll Out! and two Union Scrambles. I've gotten so many swarming OTKs from those two cards alone. Plus Union Scramble's graveyard effect can replenish any XYZ fusions' effects for one extra measure
Man, wish we had ABC instead. Banishing stuff is way better.
<< Anonymous
Beta Reply
ABC is a copy of XYZ and would be completely broken. It's a poorly balanced archetype and I'm glad this format is still fairly old school.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No way dude, then that will cause a new Cyber Angel 2.0 but better. ABC Dragon is too powerful for this format.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
and its this kind of braindead mentality that konami follows and inevitably hurts its game with.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Its coming soon though :/
cry havoc :^O
<< Anonymous
Godhand Reply
that card is bad and you should feel bad
I've been toying with this deck a lot recently. I think Heavy Mech Support Armor is not that good, and instead I use Heavy Mech Support Platform. This is because this deck generally lacks in the ATK stat. For this reason, I'm using only 2 Frontline Bases and 3 Roll Outs, since reviving Union monsters that buff the ATK of your monsters is so valuable. Roll out is the real MVP of this deck imo.
Also, I use Sleight of Hand as a skill, since it helps you get that much needed ATK, plus it gives something to discard if you have something to target with your fusions.
Also, no Enemy Controllers, use Sphere Kuribohs instead if you have them.
<< Anonymous(Jackbot)
Beta Reply
This seems to be out of date; I doubt Platform was around when this list was made.
<< Anonymous(Beta)
Anonymous Reply
platform has been around since the game started.
curious george
can someone explain what the XYZ theory is?? It is talked a lot on this site, I wanna know about it.
<< Anonymous(curious george)
Anonymous Reply
XYZ summons applies to VWXYZ monsters, as per listed above, those monsters can be Special summoned from your extra deck without using polymerization (very similar to Contact Fusion except the monster stays on field), that is why this is commonly referred to as XYZ summons.
<< Anonymous
curious george Reply
thank you sir, but I was referring to the xyz theory not xyz summon, two quite different topics...
<< Anonymous(curious george)
Anonymous Reply
you need two or more monsters of the same level. then you just have to overlay them and you can use their effects up to the number of xyz materials xxx
are the xyz special summons considered fusion summons?
<< Anonymous(laperen)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(laperen)
Anonymous Reply
No. But you can use de-fusion against it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't they banish themselves upon contact fusion, thus materials used for fusion are not in the graveyard to use de-fusion?
<< Anonymous
Fyudo Yuusei Reply
De-Fusion can be activated targeting a fusion monster on the field. So if all fusion material monsters from that targeted fusion monster are in the GY from De-Fusion's owner, all of them can be special summoned. This second part of the effect is an optional effect, so you can activate a De-Fusion targeting a Fusion Monster even if its materials aren't in your GY.
I added gravity blaster and got my z metal tank to 10000 damage
<< Anonymous(Seastra)
Edboy Reply
<< Anonymous(Seastra)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Seastra)
Anonymous Reply
How did you get z metal tank
No one want to put inside sergeant electro and rare metal morph?
<< Anonymous(Piè)
Lady_Nicol Reply
yep totally this is my deck is slow in unions in comparation but more defensive with sergeant, mirror walls and rare metalmorph
<< Anonymous(Piè)
Player K Reply
Considering XZ is able to remove face-down backrow card, and another union monster adds 500 ATK DEF and extra life for the tanks, I guess sergeant electro and RMM are not that significant changes... if consider union interactability, I'd prefer the machines
Ectoplasmer destroys both monster and union... Is this a glitch?
<< Anonymous(J)
Anonymous Reply
Ectoplasmer tributes not destroy
I am a fan of the principle of the union deck. You'll find that your backrow is always clogged. Without having 5 zones, this deck is weakened severely. With 5 zones, you could keep each monster protected from destruction 2-3 times a turn. With just 3, it becomes tough to not have a full backrow. Great draw speed. Great revival. Great card removal. Solid Attack. (X-canon plus union can get you a 2200-2400 monster turn 1) The only downside is a clogged field. Which always happens since you don't win in a couple turns.
<< Anonymous(AsceBlaze)
Anonymous Reply
for this reason I would limit the number of continuous spells in this deck from 4 to 2, and include a sphere kuriboh (or two) for defense. also, roll out seems decent but there are probably better cards for defending your union monsters (windstorm, mirror wall, enemy controller)

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