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This page notes Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links's news and rumors about pre-registration, closed beta test, APK, and release date.
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New sample decks added!
update 19/01/2017

Release Date (1/19 updated!)

Let me know once you confirm the app available in your country! Comment in a thread at the bottom of this page, and do not forget to read through Duel Links quick starter guide once you install the app!

Available Countries

AfricaNigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana, Tunisia, Algeria, Tanzania
AsiaJapan, Singapore, Nepal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Laos, Brunei, Macau, Mongolia, Bhutan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Qatar, India
EuropePortugal, Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, Austria, England, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova, Macedonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Ireland, Russia, Poland
North AmericaU.S.,Canada, Puerto Rico, Fiji, dominican republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador
South AmericaBolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela
OceaniaAustralia,New Zealand, Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea

[1/19 added] European countries, African countries, South American countries and Some countries.


Here is a list of languages already available in the game.

Available Languages
English, Francais, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, português do brasil, русский, 한글, 中文(繁體), 簡体中文, 日本語


The game has been released in North America and Asian regions on January 11th, 2017.

9/1/2016The deadline to apply for the closed beta test.
9/7/2016The beta version has become playable.
9/27/2016The test period has ended.
10/27/2016The game has been released in two countries: Australia and Singapore.
10/31/2016APK links has been confirmed.
11/14/2016Pre-registration has been ended.
1/11/2017The game has been released in North American and Asian regions.
1/18/2017The game has been released in European, South American and African regions.

Jump Festa 2017

Jump Festa 2017 revealed where Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links goes to near future! The annual exposition is held 16th and 17th in Tokyo, JAPAN, and there is a booth dedicated to the game.

Duel against Pegasus, Marik, and Bakura

Visitors could play duels against three characters, Pegasus, Yami Marik, and Yami Bakura, with using Weevil, Tea, Joey, or Mai. Decks those opponents use and are assigned to characters you use contain cards that are currently unavailable in the game. A list of those cars is below.

Three Villains
Yami Marik

New cards

New cards in Tea's deck
Sky Scourge Enrise
Sky Scourge Enrise
Mystical Shine Ball
Mystical Shine Ball
New cards in Weevil's deck
Insect Princess
Insect Princess
Pinch Hopper
Pinch Hopper
New cards in Joey's deck
All new cards in Joey's deck became available with the release of the "Neo-Impact" card box.
New cards in Mai's deck
Amazoness Fighting Spirit
Amazoness Fighting Spirit
New cards in Pegasus's deck
All new cards in Pegasus's deck became available with the release of the "Neo-Impact" card box.
New cards in Yami Bakura's deck
Dark Necrofear
Dark Necrofear
Malice Doll of Demise
Malice Doll of Demise
Shadow Delver
Shadow Delver
Infinity Dark
Infinity Dark
New cards in Yami Marik's deck
Gil Garth
Gil Garth
Black Pendant
Black Pendant
Dark Jeroid
Dark Jeroid
Shadow Delver
Shadow Delver
Dark Mirror Force
Dark Mirror Force

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

What is Duel Links?

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is newly released Yu-Gi-Oh game. It can be played on smartphone as well as Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation. The game applies Speed Duel ruling and is different from general general Yu-Gi-Oh playing.

Speed Duel

Speed DuelOCG/TCG
Deck size20-3040
Field size3 cards5 cards
Starting hand4 cards5 cards


Release dateNovember 17, 2016
PlatformiOS, Android
GenreTrading Card Game
Official Web SiteJapanese


Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links APK

Some APK files exist on the internet. Players may be able to play the game's closed beta version by installing it.


Over 700,000 registrations

There are 777,777 registration. Players can obtain some in-app items, such as gems and card sleeves, by pre-registrations reaching certain amounts.

Pre-registration(s) and rewards

10,000Gem x50
30,000Card sleeves
(Dark Magician)
50,000Gem x50
(Yami Yugi)
150,000Gem x50
200,000Card sleeves
(Blue-Eyes White Dragon)
250,000Gem x100
(Seto Kaiba)

Dark Magician card sleeve

You can put your cards into sleeves like you do in the real world.


anoymous 29days ago
Is Colombia, not Columbia.
herp 30days ago
Guys how to get bakura?
turble 5days ago
wait until the jump fiesta
Theo 20days ago
I guess he is currently unavailable, I just got lv50 and got some weird message from Kaiba I´m far off from becoming the King of Duel World. After he was speaking there were some shadows, shaped like Pegasus and Yami Marik...but not a single hint of Bakura.
Handler 1/1/1970
If trading becomes available. Be prepare for real-world trading :/
anoymous 4days ago
I think people would just start abusing that by creating a new account, buying packs with the starting gem and trading good cards to their main account, until they have everything set for their deck
anoymous 1/1/1970
I sure hope we are gonna be able to trade cards with other people. A lot more people will join up the game and buy packs for trading for sure.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Don't see a point for the company to do that, they will just earn much less with increased server burden, use your brain and think about the big picture
Handler 1/1/1970
If trading becomes available. Be prepare for real-world trading :/
Rahardian 1/1/1970
Asia in Indonesia not registered
anoymous 15days ago
mgkin indonesia masuk dlm micronesia gan, micronesia gabungan negara2 di asia tenggara.
Robert Osburn aka Dr 1/1/1970
I love the game seriously needs trade with other players and 8 or 16 round style tournament whit first and second-place win gems
aisen46s 1/1/1970
It has been available in Morocco too for a couple of days already
You-Know-Who 1/1/1970
The app already released in Indonesia, Asia Region
Jose 1/1/1970
Que aparezca eventos especiales dentro del juego
anoymous 1/1/1970
Out in Europe
7sn 1/1/1970
Asia in Saudi Arabia
7sn 1/1/1970
Asia In saudi arabia
anoymous 1/1/1970
When will it be realsed in Europe
JhonataLP 1/1/1970
The Brazilian Portuguese is running at 99%! Still 1of 10 news comes in english, still.
Aristoho 1/1/1970
Had relased in Indonesia's Android
yonas 1/1/1970
kapan masuk Indonesia?
anoymous 1/1/1970

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You need to adjust your thought. Because the AI seems to know what you wanted the most and decide...
i am so upset that yugi muto didn't drop even 1 union attack but i have been fighting lv.30 ...
I see this more of a Zombie type rather than Fiend type.

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