Soldier Dragons

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update 27/04/2018

Soldier Dragons

Soldier Dragons
TypeDragon, Effect


Once per turn, when your opponent activates a card or effect (Quick Effect): You can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower Dragon monster from your Deck.

How to Get

PackVisions of Ice [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Special Summons a monster from the deck.


  • Requires it to be face-up making it very vulnerable because of low stats.
  • Requires your opponent to activate a card effect to activate own effect.
  • Monsters that it can special summon are not very powerful.

Special Summonable Monsters

Here is a list of monsters you can special summon with Soldier Dragon’s effect. If Black Dragon’s Chick or Totem Dragon survives until your next turn, you can use them to summon stronger monsters. You can special summon Troop Dragon to take all your opponent’s attack and maybe give you tribute fodder during your next turn.


Wow this card is pretty new IRL. Wish they’d add links.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, like I said before somewhere else in this site, I'm puzzled why the anime promotes Speed Duel with Skills in MR4 format alongside Link monsters, yet this game, outright called "Duel Links", doesn't use MR4 format with Link monsters.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Seriously Konami, why?

I thought the anime is supposed to be promoting the card game.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because they know a lot of people would up and quit if they added stuff that far ahead, especially people who were attracted back to Yugioh because this game was in a familiar format?

We haven't even gotten to Syncros yet, so why would they add their newest summoning gimmick? Cool your jets.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There's no reason to add Links until there's Synchros and Xyz to actually have a purpose for the bottleneck mechanic of Links. Fusion monsters are rarely ever used in a regular enough consistency or high enough quantity to bother having a bottleneck just for them.
Makes me want to build a deck around soldier dragon and troop dragon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and POKI

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