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update 17/05/2017


TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeContinuous-like Effect


If you have only 1 original Type of monster in your Graveyard, all monsters you control with the same Type gain 800 ATK.









How to Get

Under construction.


Stat changesYour monsters gain ATK

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This is a stupid OP card should never be released ingame. Playing against AI using the card is annoying AF.
So many cards in YuGiOh that absolutely bust/destroy/implode the game on itself. This card should be banned.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nice use of the mexicanism in that phrase, dumb...
Thats its a clearly example of when the ego beats the intelligence
<< Anonymous
Mexican Reply
I like tacos and burritos jajajajaja
<< Anonymous
Furry taco Reply
It only sucks cause you can't use it
<< Anonymous(Furry taco)
Lifeless Reply
You can still use this card by using the card "Exchange".
Wait,the atk gain only once?gravity blaster is better than this
<< Anonymous(Ibnulfaiq)
Pro among pros Reply
Hahahaha TCG/OCG players laugh on your ignorance.
Finally ishizus "no mortal can resist" skill will have use
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But they only get the buff if they're also Fiends (or whatever type that skull servant is)
<< Anonymous
Zeratul Reply
Similar to "United We Stand" card.
<< Anonymous(Komoney)
Anonymous Reply
united we stand more broken than this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and mage power with 5 slots
You can use this card in deck like: 3 satr demotion dark magician, beast, red-eyes, dinosaur, victory viper, machine, fairy smile, gravekeeper, magnet warrior.
Did i forget any deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fusion Dragon, zombie/vampire decks (that we know will come if the info about the new card pack is true) and fiend decks(my fiend deck is already quite strong). I think if you make the deck carefully then also Levia dragon - Daedalus or other ocean deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Insect rising? ._.
make dino meta great again!
This would be awesome for Hunder family. You just run thunder dragon and discard it and you already have a thunder and you can spam mahunder and pahunder with 2300 and 2200 atk
Gravekeepers will be much stronger if this gets out.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unfortunately if this leak is legit, zombie world and mask of restrict in the pack will severely nerf tribute summon deck like gravekeeper.
For the current format, I call it BROKENNNN
huge for dragon decks

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but even if you manage to kill Wiz they will probably summon Wiz again in the GY with spell card ...
I've seen that thing in action from an NPC's deck. It would be really helpful for my deck!
Haha it's pretty nasty going second when going against fur hire deck. In case of keeping ...
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