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update 11/01/2017

Mistaken Accusation

Mistaken Accusation
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect / Condition


If your opponent has more total cards in their hand and their side of the field than you do: Target 1 face-up card on the field; neither player can activate cards with that name, or their effects, for the rest of this Duel, except that target. You can only activate 1 "Mistaken Accusation" per turn.

How to Get

PackClash of Wings [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Creates lockdown for your opponents on certain key cards.


  • Your opponent needs to have more cards in total (Hand and Field) compared to you, in order for you to activate.


  • If you use Mistaken Accusation on your opponent’s monster to disable the same Name and Type of that monster, you can still use cards like Tribute of the Doom, or Dark Core, to remove that monster from the Field to completely disable your opponent from using that monster throughout the Duel.
  • You can even use Mistaken Accusation on you opponent’s monster first, then return it to your opponent’s Hand or Deck. They cannot use that monster for the rest of the Duel.


These are some examples of key cards you can use Mistaken Accusation on. Since Mistaken Accusation is a Quick-Play Spell that can be set, you can use during your opponent’s turn when they use any of Amazoness Onslaught, Mask Change, Spellbook of Fate, Spellbook of Eternity (They are considered face-up cards once your opponent activates it) As for Wiz, Sage Fur Hire and Mayhem Fur Hire, you may face some challenge as Wiz can negate your Mistaken Arrest for one time, so you need to bait them to use their negation before you use Mistaken Accusation.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of Effect Monsters / Prevents activation of Spell Cards / Prevents activation of Trap Cards


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Anonymous 31days ago
So if use use it on any amazoness Card will it disable all Amazoness Card that opponent control
So, if activated on Amazoness Queen, would this also inactivate Amazoness Princess' effects bc name changes to Amazoness Queen on the field? Same for "Umi" field cards too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, it works that way for both. It'd be different (and more complicated) if it stopped more than just activated effects, but since it does, it works fine.
Kills spellbook, amazoness, and possibly masked hero.

Just need to find the right deck for this
Considering you must have less cards (in hand / field) than your opponent + a first copy of the card you want to shut down is already active on the field... This Spell is crap.
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
I actually find myself unable to use this card, because I never seem to be at a card disadvantage during the right moment. But this card has the potential of ruining someone's deck completely, it might work better if you're using a deck that often puts you at card disadvantage.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i once kill spellbook by targetting fate. it's actually good in discarding-based deck.
Wait, "neither player can activate cards with that name, or their effects, for the rest of this Duel"
Does that mean we can't use the effect of an already face up card on the field?
Example : I target an onslaught on the field, can that already face up onslaught be used to banish my monsters?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am also confused,neither players can activate this card for the rest of the duel, except the target??If no one can activate it ,how can it has a target? Self-activate traps?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
I hope this clears things up.

Let's say you are against amazoness. Then, when your opponent has more cards than you, you activate this card and target his already face up onslaught. By doing this, your opponent cannot activate another copy of onslaught that he has, but his ALREADY face up onslaught still function like usual (Can still banish monsters, can still SS an amazoness)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So what if the targeted onslaught gets destroyed, removed or banished, does it mean both side can't activate any other more onslaught on current duel.
Or the effects gone together with the absent or targeted onslaught?
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
Nobody can activate onslaught ever again in that duel.
I am afraid that this card could make pvp more unfun and coinflip based.

Especially in mirror.
Use it on your own card and your opponent is screwed if he didnt activate essential cards first in the duel.
As he cant anymore.

Gotta keep your hand and field more empty than the opponent i guess.

It does not prevent monster summons right? Only the effects of those monsters?
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
No, it doesn't prevent monster summoning, just the activation of their effects.
Use 3 of these in an Anki deck to get rid of fate.
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
There is more: this card works against trap and monsters as well, so it won't become a decoration when fighting decks that don't use spells that much. You don't even need to discard any cards. The only downside is it doesn't negate the first card, but them's the breaks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You don't need Cursed Seal in Masked Heroes to win against Spellbooks. It is already a bad match up for Spellbooks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's a good idea to rid mask change too! Thanks for the idea! Now real skill deck like sylvans can shine brighter!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sylvan can't afford running this card lmao

I find it hilarious how the dumb Sylvan players are scrambling around trying to find a way to salvage the dead deck, suggesting the use of Card Advance, Amarylease, and now this card as well, unaware that running more spell cards disrupt the deck's flow.
This might just be the ultimate counter card, and could probably even break mirror matches... After all, you can target your own card, and reap its benefit while denying your opponent from ever doing the same. Though targeting your own card won't be too great if you also run 3 copies of the said card. This makes running only 1 copy of a card much rewarding.
goodbye onslaught
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The Onslaught targeted by this card is still active, though. This card only prevents more copies from being activated.

You need to target the face-up Onslaught with Mistaken Accusation, then after Mistaken Accusation resolves, get rid of that face-up Onslaught with Cosmic Cyclone or something.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or can also destroy it with cards like double cyclone, wild tornado etc.

I believe the graveyard effects wont trigger as well after mistaken accuse have resolve.
since it is a quick play spell, can it be used to a non continuous/equip spell/trap (e.g. normal spell/trap or another quickplay) to prevent another activation?
<< Anonymous
Anoyingmous Reply
Yes it can
This is what happen when you fap to a lolis.

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