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update 03/03/2020
IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
akoYugiBalanceFeb 28

Six Samurai Synchro

Oni Chichi

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Oni ChichiSee You Later!Feb 2

A comment from Oni Chichi:

The skill is used as a fuel for the continuous spells.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YamiNoGameThe Tie that BindsFeb 22


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
shadowsdwsThe Tie that BindsFeb 22

A comment from shadowsdws:

After try to reach KOG with current top tier decks, i've decided to use Six Samurai, because Shien is a very good card to counter spells/traps of DM, Shiranui, Aleister and DarkLord decks. The skill "The Tie That Binds!" was useful to overcome the ATK of powerful monsters.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TukidoThe Tie that BindsFeb 27

A comment from Tukido:

Running Grandmaster is to help summon HTS in order to deal with Invoked Cocytus. The Vermillion is to mitigate Lava Golem decks + various other utilities. The Rihan is for mitigating floodgate.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
gebDestiny DrawFeb 18

A comment from geb:

Did surprisingly well against the meta: DM, Shira, Invoked, Cyber Dragons and Darklords. The ideal first turn is 'Ties + earth warrior' to summon Nemesis, Crusader, and Justice Bringer. Crusader destroys both monsters summoned by Navigation. Mid-Shield Gardna is there only because he's an LVL4 Earth warrior that can flip itself down (terrible card). Subterror Final Battle solves everything: Cocytus, Necrovalley, Floodgate... Stygo is not needed because of the Final Battle. Ties of the Brethren triggers Destiny Draw, to grab more copies of Final Battle.

[CBD] 4bb3y

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
[CBD] 4bb3yLabyrinth BuilderFeb 23

A comment from [CBD] 4bb3y:

Another KOG season with Subterror! Deck itself is very adaptable for this current meta: versatile quick effect and banishing are the strongest points. Bad Aim and Transmigration Prophecy undoubtedly did many important disruption to the opponents strategy. Cheers!

Superheavy Samurai Synchro


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
NowxdGritFeb 25

A comment from Nowxd:

Synchro summon level-7 guy with level 3 or 5 monster and bam attack directly with the help of two equip monsters.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
fdavidLevel AugmentationFeb 27

A comment from fdavid:

♦ Key cards:

  • soulpiercer: search cards
  • soulpacemaker and flutist: special summoning on field
  • gigagloves: order cards and prevent direct damage
  • trumpeter: tuner
  • stealth ninja: direct attack and summoning from gy
  • shutendoji: destroy traps and magic cards

Thunder Dragon


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
insertSealed TombsFeb 7

Yosenju Control


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FeliciaShadow GameFeb 5

A comment from Felicia:

Note: you thought Yosenju's wasn't going to make it. think again! summon your Yosenju's and lastly always keep and never activate the Izna effect in the hand. always use the Izna effect to draw cards. always use Kama 3 effect to grab Oyam to the hand, you can get your traps later. Necrovalley to negate graveyard effects is a bonus. The enemy controller is a lifesaver when you summon all your Yosenjus. obviously Drowning Mirror Force since you never ever will keep a monster of your side of the field. Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror for all other deck abuse with dark monsters.since you ban barely get off an OTK, I use the skill Shadow Game for those decks out there that burn a lot of cards to the graveyard while this deck burns only less than 4. you can input a few cards of your own if you don't have these exact cards.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
takiMy Name is YubelFeb 7

A comment from taki:

This deck can win against all meta decks except Shiranui and Ninja. My win % ratio against them is only 50%. You can also add Paleozoic Canadia.


Hot New Top
day 4 KOG (f2p)
Fear not my f2p brethens. Invest all your resources into miniboxes only. Time has prove this: Sylvan/Fur Hire/Vendread/Magnets/Triamids/Darklords/Ritual Beasts/Yosenju/Shiranui are all metas! You can reach KoG by day 4 playing this game just like me!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
zzzz... oops all your nagging made me sleep.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, the game is so boring right now. The same cards are being used everywhere.
Good job with the game balancing Konami.

zzzz... making me sleep.
<< Anonymous
MilkBone 31days ago Reply
Is sweet you think they balancing game, they do not care about the game they care about the bucks in your wallet....

the typical cards or skills used as not intended.....

as if they did not know how meta was with the TCG.. they just want you in the cycle

2) invest money
3) limit cards or skills due to ( not intended used or abused)
5) re-invest money
<< Anonymous(day 4 KOG (f2p))
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
......OP, you do know that Darklord only got to tier 1 after a support card is released in a MAIN box, right
Anonymous 31days ago
I reached kog last night with blue eyes and I confirm they are t1.
In fact, after the banlist applies I dare to say they are going to be the only t1 deck.
I encountered a few DM but I easily stomped them, my main threats were other blue-eyes users.
I also encountered a few lightsworns and now I don't know if it's because the deck is new and people are still learning to use it but they were not impressive at all and they tended to accidentally discard judgement dragon to the graveyard. They don't seem tiered to me, wait before spending all your gems for them.
<< Anonymous
GRG Sean 30days ago Reply
Not Tier 1
<< Anonymous(GRG Sean)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
Time will tell. Unless you're one of those who say "trash" of every new deck, then it's pointless to discuss.
However, remember that the next banlist will weaken Shiranui, annihilate Darklord and slow down Aleister. They will likely drop to t2 or lower.
DM are the only ones who are untouched and likely to stay t1, however blue eyes seem to do good against them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
It is pointless to discuss with people who are just seeking of attention
Anonymous 31days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
It's sunday. Let them have one day off.
Seem like less people KOG recently. The player drop? Or KOG getting harder?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Agreed, even gold player & below is using meta decks now. Fought vagabond using DM, Invoked ES, Shiranui for gold player and below.

And yeah, 5 legend levels just makes it require too much time & effort.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Totally agree. And will drop even already at legend 5.
<< Anonymous
MilkBone 31days ago Reply
Legend % is to much work just to hit KOG, To me it feels as i can invest 40 bucks and become kog, is not fun anymore....

to many whales and decks that literally rely on skill

90 percent of decks that hit kog early on use Sealed Tombs which is a skill or Sorcery which o wait is a skill....lets use a more skillfull deck...cyber dragons o wait it uses zane skill....skill...skill..skill...skill
<< Anonymous(MilkBone)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
You seem like you are playing the wrong game then. Skills are cool, in fact I wish more archetypes would rely on specific skills for them like in the real life speed duels. If you don't like them play a normal yugioh game.
yubel koging
talk about f2p

no need of new accounts
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unfortunately, many Blue Eyes decks tend nowadays to tech Stardust Dragon (Cosmo Brain + Lv 1 Tuner), which alone can easily counter an entire Yubel deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What does "tech" means ?

As for the Stardust part, it doesn't entirely counter Yubel 3rd form.
Yubel will still be dealing like 2500 damage before being destroyed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, Ultimate Nightmare cannot inflict damage against Stardust. Stardust will negate and destroy it instead. You need Cerulean Sacred Phoenix to take out Stardust. I am veteran Yubel player, got KOG multiple times with Yubel but I must say Yubel is trash in 2020
<< Anonymous
Milkbone 31days ago Reply
It does not counter Yubel Trust me
uncle martin
of course there is no ban list this month.
It's going to be applied in March.

wtf dudes, you guys have inferior intelligence? or do you just want to make fun of yourselves? what a bunch of filthy imbeciles.
<< Anonymous(uncle martin)
Anonymous Reply
they have the ultimate inferior intelligence.

Specially this guy: ’
I am so glad that I did not invest in Invoked, Darklords and Shiranui!

It was a misery to play the last few months but I still reached the King of games with my Subterror deck

I also have complete Cryston, Dark magician and Cyber dragon deck, none of this was limited
Yosenju actually can KOG.
and then people say the game is expensive, what a fail.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yosenju actually can KOG ... near the end of the season
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Check again dude.
If 5 Feb is considered late, then I guess we only have like 3-4 days max to be considered early KOG
I keep climbing with spellbooks
<< Anonymous(Greg)
Anonymous Reply
skill matters
I'm pretty sure anyone can KoG with a Numen Erat Tetsudo deck as long as you are skilled enough. I believe people can climb with Yosenju, Ojamas + Cyberstein and long etc, everything depends on the player.

Not so long ago, someone won the biggest dlm tournament with Darklords, clapping all invokeds, blackwings, shiranui and dark magician.
<< Anonymous(skill matters)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(skill matters)
tbh Reply
op is right, this game is dope
<< Anonymous(skill matters)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(skill matters)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, I think so. Chaining is dope btw

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It IS 100% Free-To-Play.
A game cannot be Pay-To-Win if it is not also Free-To-Play.
Notice that game normal games like starcraft 2 that cost $60 cannot be called Pay-To-Win.

Anyway, this deck cost a cheap $15 at most. It is basically free.

Decks from boxes cost around $60 which is okay since some people will buy 2-3 normal game each year which will cost more.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
with SR dream ticket ur dumbest?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I would say that the dream tickets are better spent for main/mini box cards.
According to people who spent cash, UR/SR from main boxes can cost around $15-20 each while cards from structure decks can cost around $1-2 each.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This depends if you are planning on being F2P forever however


step 1: reroll for 2 copies of Squire and 1 copy of Solitarie or 1 copy of Squire and 2 copy of Solitarie with only initial gems( reset box if you got one of these cards in first 20 packs)

step 2: use UR dream ticket for Gozuki

Step 3: go to Land of titans box and open it until obtain 3 Needlebug Nest( if u got it in first 8 packs reset box)

step 4: dont care and dont has mercy about ur useless spell cards, convert everything to buy That Grass Looks Greener

how obtain fast gems:
*play in auto duel, reach stage 17 from DM. *Reach stage mission 7 from DSOD. Reach stage mission 3 from GX.
*Reach stage mission 6 from 5Ds
make Yami Yugi, Joey, Mai, Tea, Jaden, Kaiba(DSOD) and Yusei reach Lv12
*clear duel quizz Lv1, 2 and Loaner deck quest from School duels
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
U can switch Ragike break by 1 Kiteroid
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Clearing those missions in day one play. You must be a rich a*s busy businessman, lad.

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I know that this deck looks weird but it works pretty well and it's very budget friendly (yo...
gameA budget version is the best list, just replace rose whisp by 3 angelica replace 1 cangnga by...
Yubel deck is really sad XD Poisoner break the 10k damage with Montage Dragon, lol !
This game is kinda crap tbh
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