King of Game decks [Feb 2020]

I reached kog last night with blue eyes and I confirm they are t1. In fact, after the banlist applies I dare to say they are going to be the only t1 deck. I encountered a few DM but I easily stomped them, my main threats were other blue-eyes users. I also encountered a few lightsworns and now I don't know if it's because the deck is new and people are still learning to use it but they were not impressive at all and they tended to accidentally discard judgement dragon to the graveyard. They don't seem tiered to me, wait before spending all your gems for them.
GRG Sean
Not Tier 1
<< Anonymous(GRG Sean)
Time will tell. Unless you're one of those who say "trash" of every new deck, then it's pointless to discuss.
However, remember that the next banlist will weaken Shiranui, annihilate Darklord and slow down Aleister. They will likely drop to t2 or lower.
DM are the only ones who are untouched and likely to stay t1, however blue eyes seem to do good against them.
<< Anonymous
It is pointless to discuss with people who are just seeking of attention


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I wanna ban(g) your mother too
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