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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 02/12/2019
IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
pharmacistMaster of Rites IINov 14

A comment from pharmacist:

I have spent a lot of gems to build this deck but didn't play it that much, so at the start of this season, I decided to climb with it. It was not easy but very fun.

I played it in a control style using my monsters' effects to drain opponents' resources through banishing special summoned monsters or spells or traps, and preventing opponents from using their cards through battlelord effect then pushing for lethal.

The worst enemy for this deck is its own brick.
Interestingly this deck has a good invoked match up, not only they cannot OTK us while having ritual monster due to the skill (whom many opponents foolishly tried that using concentrated current ending in immediate scoop)but also due to battlelord effect that prevent aleister effect activation from the hand.

Six Sams can give a lot of trouble to this deck but now there are not many of them on the ladder.

Fortune ladies are relatively easy if you can banish every before it banishes you.

Surprisingly there was a lot of legend 3 Sylvan players on the ladder but again battlelord shines in this match up to prevent komushroom effect.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
darkchip86Duel, standby!Nov 20

A comment from darkchip86:

Climbed from Platinum 7 to KoG with Yosenju, only losing 3 duels and the deck is still missing a 3rd Sword Sting.

The idea is to summon 1 Yosenju on your 1st turn and it won't return to hand due to the Duel, Standby! skill then you can use World Legacy Clash and Yosenju's Secret Move (to negate anything because you have that monster on field). If they attack and you have Tsujik in hand, it will help protect your monster.

Oyam and Kiteroid have been life savers in a lot of duels. Kiteroid being able to stop 2 direct attacks in total. And when Oyam summons itself to field, it can make it's Atk match the opponent's original attack which most people try to suicide into which is a good opportunity to discard Tsujik and beat their monster.
Just be careful against Gravekeeper's as if they have a Necrovalley 500atk boost, your Oyam won't get this and will be weaker.

A nice trick with the traps is to use Sword Sting to return an opponent's card then if they activate anything in response, you can negate with Secret Move because your Sword Sting is still face-up on field ready to resolve so you have a face up Yosenju card to meet the criteria for using Secret Move.

Keep getting those direct attacks with Kama 2 and wearing them down and if attacking directly, use the monster's effects to summon Tsujik and boost Kama 2 Atk by 1000 so direct attacks do 1400LP instead of just 900LP.

The main challenges were Ancient Gear (as Drowning, Kiteroid and Oyam were useless against Reactor Dragon and Sword Sting can't target Reactor when Fortress has been used) and decks using Rebirth of Parshath were tough in general (especially Amano Stun)

The deck was fun, I will be adding a 3rd Sword Sting when I get one.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
razaelriezenGritNov 21

A comment from razaelriezen:

  • The main combos of this deck
  • Izna with kama 2 or 3
  • It’s a free draw each turn if it isn’t negated.
  • Add in yosen training ground and you plus 3 each turn
  • If you feel flood gate Canadia or some other spell or trap is on field and you have Kama 2 and tsuk or Kama 3 also discard izna so opponent can not play any spell or traps other then counter traps against your summons.

Lava golem is used only if it meets one of these requirements
1 kiteroid in hand/gy
2.drowning mirror force is on field
3.yosenju sting sword is on field
4. Oyam is in hand preferably with yosenju tsuk

Primarily your goal is to use yosenju Kama 2 to direct attack over defensive monsters
Or bigger monsters sure it’s attack is halved but
In a game with 4,000 l if e points 900 attack to 1400 attack if combined with yosenju tsuk adds up.

Unless opponents field is wide open your better off summoning only 2 yosenju at a time
Either the izna combo to gain hand dominance

Or Kama 2 tsuk for 1400-2800 attack pending on outcome.
Save your sting swords for cards that can swarm
Example six samurai if they summon fuma wait til legendary or kizan is summoned
This way you can stop shi en from hitting the field
If black wings make use of sting and flood gate on the first black wing that’s summoned unlike other synchro decks you want to stop the swarm as soon as it starts
Dark mirror force for problematic defensive cards like invoker cocytus

For kiteroid izna helps get to hand by draw power if you don’t start with it. But make sure you use kiteroid intelligently as you don’t wanna use it if you don’t have to.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BPhoenixRight Back at YouNov 24

A comment from BPhoenix:

My deck is all about careful timing of activations. Chalice and Kama 2 are the stars here. Chalice stops many cards like Six Sam, Darklord, and Invoker from getting off the ground. I originally ran 2 Izna and a counter gate but found that this deck doesn’t really need much draw and javelin works best with Right Back at You. This deck is most challenged by Elementsabers and Ancient Gears.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
PCW--VastardDraw Sense: FIRENov 27

A comment from PCW--Vastard:

KOG yosenju is not an expensive deck but it's a big brain deck. The play must be well designed not end up damaging the synergy of the deck.

It's good against almost any deck, but has difficulties with ancient gear, gravekeeper, but makes good match against almost everything deck, the ability to summon up to 3 monsters in one turn makes it perfect to play D. Hero Plasma.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CodeMy Name is YubelNov 21


Hot New Top
f2p never left
Free to Play Blackwings reach the 2nd place of the KC CUP.

Amazing deck.

Ritual Beasts top 3 or 5 if I remember correctly. Everyone underestimated that deck because it was cute, it clapped everyone.
<< Anonymous(f2p never left)
Anonymous Reply
Blackwings are awesome dude.
<< Anonymous(f2p never left)
Anonymous Reply
Elementsabers TOP 1 WOOOO!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I always thought elementsabers had a lot of potential. However, their playing style was always a bit weird to me lol
<< Anonymous
SCUD Reply
Damn .. i loved that deck ..
Subterror keeps climbing :0
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And they are strong, this month kog and dlv max form me and it is the first time I play subterrors. Unfortunately I didn't had masked tribute in the golden age of this deck!
samurais are epic
Samurais never died.
Tiered until 2020
<< Anonymous(samurais are epic)
Anonymous Reply
But I'm lying
<< Anonymous
Eww... the guy above Reply
I guess this kind of people give GameA the worst reputation ever. Ughh man, glad this web is dead already. No one likes mentally DISABLED folks.
<< Anonymous(samurais are epic)
Anonymous Reply
Samurais OTK are still a thing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If this web is dead then why are you here lmao

Also, banlist has killed decks before.
Damn duuuude, sure thing spellbooks are ever lasting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So where are its users?

Deck isn't even meta relevant anymore, it's getting powercreeped sometime ago.
Emporio Armani
Damn, I reached 46k with my Ritual Beasts and I actually misplayed a lot lol
<< Anonymous(Emporio Armani)
Anonymous Reply
They are awesome
<< Anonymous(Emporio Armani)
Anonymous Reply
I dunno my current rank, but I probably reached top 40-50 with Elementsabers and I only played 2 days in the 2nd stage. Not that I played the whole day tho
<< Anonymous(Emporio Armani)
Anonymous Reply
But I'm lying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
why? is he lying? Ritual Beasts are amazing. I reached exactly 51k DP with them.
Yami Aaron
The meta has a lot of variety at the moment: Invokeds, elementsabers, darklords, ritual beasts, triamids, fortune ladies, vendreads, ancient gears, desperado, neos fusion. Whew... the list continues.
<< Anonymous(Yami Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
Love the variety man
<< Anonymous(Yami Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
And you forgot like some other 6 decks.
love them.
I reached 48k with my BLACKWINGS.
Quite a solid deck, I bet they will be tiered for a long time.
<< Anonymous(love them.)
>Ethan Reply
They are crazy consistent. Awesome archetype, congrats.
<< Anonymous(love them.)
Anonymous Reply
I play them and no regrets so far. They are super strong but not overpowered at all.
<< Anonymous(love them.)
Anonymous Reply
Same here. I guess I reached top 50 with deck and I'm actually a careless duelist lel
:POGGERS: Love that silent swordsman deck
Damn, the ban list did NOTHING to Darklords. Solid tier 1
Blackwings tier 1
6 sams = best deck of 2019

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