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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 02/12/2019

[CBD] 4bb3y

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
[CBD] 4bb3yGritNov 6

A comment from [CBD] 4bb3y:

Metaphys still relevant to this meta. Easily remove problematic (mostly untargetable) cards with Daedalus. 3 Dimensions are important because many opponent main decked cyclones.

MoC Neos


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Zero_LexusMaster of RitesNov 5

A comment from Zero_Lexus:

The goal is that if you start with magician of chaos in hand but no spell, let some damage be dealt with and switch like bacon or ad changer back to hand and then get spell. Ritual summon and then neos fusion for moc effect to activate. You will get the gist of it quickly. Cosmic cyclone saved me a lot of times and also power of guardians.

Red-Eyes Fusion


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Vastar25Sealed TombsNov 10

Ritual Beast


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Terra-XRestartNov 2


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AhmedHelmyDraw Sense: High-LevelNov 11

A comment from AhmedHelmy:

A small note to show how to use your deck or how you reach KOG (if necessary) :-Standard Ritual Beast Build.It requires some practice to run the Cannahawk Combo Correctly.The deck is so annoying in mirror matches.

Six Samurai


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YamiNoGameThe Tie That BindsNov 9


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FluxBalanceNov 12

A comment from Flux:

Im surprised that people stopped playing six samurai.They are still top tier and great in current meta.I decided to use balance version,for more consistency.Also,i use the axe equip card because i dont have third guardian equip :/ (f2p i am xd) So basically,the goal is to get shi en and enishi.Perfect combo.

HOWEVER! You should know first who you dealing with and what deck does your opponent use.Depending on his deck and skill,play carefully.Either go OTK,or slow,but safe play.Anyway,who am i to explain six sams,im pretty sure majority already knows all the tips and tricks :)

I hope i helped.Enjoy! Good luck and have fun!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
divaThe Tie That BindsNov 12


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GhostThe Tie That BindsNov 17

A comment from Ghost:

I’m so stoked to have finally got Six Sam’s to KOG. Return of the Six is easily the most underrated card in this deck. Just try to abuse Kizaru’s effect to after Fuma is destroyed to thin your deck. Both wall’s helped a lot because not many people expect them in a Six Sam deck. Dual wield helped me keep the field clear on my final duel before reaching KOG so don’t forget to keep that in as well. Kiteroid was a late add and wasnt used so it can be left out.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AksaThe Tie That BindsNov 29



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BakurosoOne-Card WonderNov 11

A comment from Bakuroso:

My KOG with Stall 30 cards Cosmic Cyclone is Very good against Darklords to eliminate the Trap Darklords and eliminate Necrovale to Prevent deck out. Start the duel with Winged Kuriboh is almost certain a victory.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Jay_Destiny DrawNov 18

A comment from Jay__:

Deck note: Destiny Draw came in clutch quite a few times in duels where I would've otherwise lost without it. Since I only have two Glifes, I'm using a couple of sangans as well as the skill to compensate but you can use demise of the land too if you have it and don't have 3 birds like me. You want to open stromberg with this deck but if you don't, just play defense until you either draw into it or a glife, or your opponent does enough damage to you to allow you to destiny draw into it.

From there, summon prinzessin and pumkin carriage and equip glass slippers so you can poke your opponent for 1300 or force them to use backrow on your prinzessin. They can't attack into you unless their monster has an effect like armades or is protected from destruction effects, due to stromberg's effect. But sometimes people just don't read cards and they lose their monsters by ignorantly attacking into your stromberg lol.

Lava golem is self-explanatory. Eiza goes all the way up to 4k atk/def once you've paid the cost to keep stromberg on the field so you can use it to beat down your opponent once you've removed their backrow with a bird or a cosmic cyclone. Eiza is also your only real out to Cocytus so try to get rid of backrow before you summon it so you don't get floodgated.

You want to use psychic wheeleder once you have pumpkin carriage on the field special summoned by prinzessins effect, then you can go into either a lvl 6 or 7 and potentially pop one of your opponents monsters. If you get lava golemed, you can use it with psychic wheeleder to summon stareater. A spicy play I like to make with this deck is, once I've paid the cost to maintain sttomberg, I go into black rose using psychic wheeleder and prinzessin and then proceed to nuke the field. Then I normal summon Eiza with 4000 atk and attack for game.

Hope this deck works out for anybody who decides to give it a shot, have fun! (Oh and this is my first time reaching KOG btw so yay for me! Haha.)



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
[DLPH]BL☆CKLabyrinth BuilderNov 11


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
pasqLabyrinth BuilderNov 18

A comment from pasq:

I'm not sure that this is the best build for this deck but works quite good. Flip flop frog might be better than des lacooda but lacooda drawing effect is very useful to make the deck quickier (and in 60 booster no flip flop frog!).

Anyway Flip flop frog, like munia madens, is level 2 so with nemesis warrior is not enough to summon Umastryx. Got 3 floodgate with the 50% gem sale, are so good against many deck, have a good synergy with Stygokraken and may buy time for lacooda.

The skill is very useful when you start with nemesis warrior and final battle.

In my opinion the better thing in this deck is that when you have final battle with a behemoth you can attack directly without fear since you can boost attack for wall of d. or flip down to avoid drowning etc. With nemesis warrior if you have another monster you can chain the effect with opponents card to play around traps or monster effect.

Sometimes is very easy to fill the board, so pay attention to black rose dragon! Very strong deck if you have all the pieces of the combo and difficult to play if you have not. I think that the chain lock of the behemoths with the warrior in the grave is too strong to be legal.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Terra-XGritNov 8



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
gAbri6BalanceNov 4


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
OJT2The Tie that BindsNov 28

A comment from OJT2:

The key to this deck is speed. Victory depends a lot on the opening hand

Hunter is a very important card as it allows you to lay down an additional monster. As long as a Triamids field spell is played

Opening hand :
Cruiser, Kingolem, hunter, Treacherous

  • Start by playing a Cruiser onto the field, follow by a hunter
  • Due to the cruiser's effect, u can draw a card and must discard a card.
  • The best scenario would be to draw a master
    Discard all others
  • If you draw a trap, do not Discard as treacherous will not be able to take effect if there is a trap card in your graveyard

Due to the hunter's effect, you can play an additional triamid monster into the field. Play Kingolem in to force Cruiser into the graveyard. Cycle through your deck to search for a master. Play master and treacherous into the field

You need to play them face up so that you can cycle through cruiser-kingolem during the opponent's turn. Then search for a dancer. An ideal combination on the field next turn will be dancer/hunter/master

Pay attention to your graveyard and hand. If there is a triamid monster, sending a pyramid in will return that triamid monster back to your hands

If you have a triamid monster in your hand,
Sending a Kingolem into the graveyard will allow you to special summon it. During the attack phase, tri-golem will protect your Triamid monster from any card effects including trap.

That's the secret to victory as most opponents do not realize this. If there is a set card on the opponent's field, make use of this, do your maths and remove that set card before you proceed to attack undeterred to guarantee swift victory. The pyramid will protect your triamid monsters from card effects. If the opponent has only one monster on his field and your treacherous takes effect, you can target his monster and your triamid. His monster will be sent to his graveyard while your triamid monster is protected by the Pyramid

I added Shiryu into the deck to deal with Decks like Darklord Deck, Blue-Eyes Deck where they have powerful monsters with Yugi Muto's Tie that binds and the Triamid's fast playing of monsters onto the field mechanisms, Shiryu can become a 3200 Attack creature coupled With triamid pulse, Blueyes will be easily dealt with as it has no protection from effects ability

For Darklord Deck, you need to destroy Darklord Superbia as a priority as it allows the opponent to special summon a fairy type monster from the graveyard. Again Triamid pulse and Shiryu combo is crucial here


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GiulioBalanceDec 1



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FeuliDestiny DrawNov 16

A comment from Feuli:

Paleozoic engine was too slow for me this season (hi Blackwings & Invokhers) so i chose consistency over ideal hands & ultra brick.

  • Keeper: send Aleister (if you have spell in hand), PenaltyBox (to +1 fieldspell) or any UA monster if you can summon Rebounder.

  • Concentrating Current on Dunker or Slugger to surprise lethal.

  • Perfect Ace, PenaltyBox and Cocytus are your main tools to defend/stall. Midfielder quick effect came clutch (Rebounder to resurrect, Perfect Ace to negate and fieldspell ATK boost).




Hot New Top
f2p never left
Free to Play Blackwings reach the 2nd place of the KC CUP.

Amazing deck.

Ritual Beasts top 3 or 5 if I remember correctly. Everyone underestimated that deck because it was cute, it clapped everyone.
<< Anonymous(f2p never left)
Anonymous Reply
Blackwings are awesome dude.
<< Anonymous(f2p never left)
Anonymous Reply
Elementsabers TOP 1 WOOOO!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I always thought elementsabers had a lot of potential. However, their playing style was always a bit weird to me lol
<< Anonymous
SCUD Reply
Damn .. i loved that deck ..
Subterror keeps climbing :0
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And they are strong, this month kog and dlv max form me and it is the first time I play subterrors. Unfortunately I didn't had masked tribute in the golden age of this deck!
samurais are epic
Samurais never died.
Tiered until 2020
<< Anonymous(samurais are epic)
Anonymous Reply
But I'm lying
<< Anonymous
Eww... the guy above Reply
I guess this kind of people give GameA the worst reputation ever. Ughh man, glad this web is dead already. No one likes mentally DISABLED folks.
<< Anonymous(samurais are epic)
Anonymous Reply
Samurais OTK are still a thing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If this web is dead then why are you here lmao

Also, banlist has killed decks before.
Damn duuuude, sure thing spellbooks are ever lasting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So where are its users?

Deck isn't even meta relevant anymore, it's getting powercreeped sometime ago.
Emporio Armani
Damn, I reached 46k with my Ritual Beasts and I actually misplayed a lot lol
<< Anonymous(Emporio Armani)
Anonymous Reply
They are awesome
<< Anonymous(Emporio Armani)
Anonymous Reply
I dunno my current rank, but I probably reached top 40-50 with Elementsabers and I only played 2 days in the 2nd stage. Not that I played the whole day tho
<< Anonymous(Emporio Armani)
Anonymous Reply
But I'm lying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
why? is he lying? Ritual Beasts are amazing. I reached exactly 51k DP with them.
Yami Aaron
The meta has a lot of variety at the moment: Invokeds, elementsabers, darklords, ritual beasts, triamids, fortune ladies, vendreads, ancient gears, desperado, neos fusion. Whew... the list continues.
<< Anonymous(Yami Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
Love the variety man
<< Anonymous(Yami Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
And you forgot like some other 6 decks.
love them.
I reached 48k with my BLACKWINGS.
Quite a solid deck, I bet they will be tiered for a long time.
<< Anonymous(love them.)
>Ethan Reply
They are crazy consistent. Awesome archetype, congrats.
<< Anonymous(love them.)
Anonymous Reply
I play them and no regrets so far. They are super strong but not overpowered at all.
<< Anonymous(love them.)
Anonymous Reply
Same here. I guess I reached top 50 with deck and I'm actually a careless duelist lel
:POGGERS: Love that silent swordsman deck
Damn, the ban list did NOTHING to Darklords. Solid tier 1
Blackwings tier 1
6 sams = best deck of 2019

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