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update 04/07/2017


Strengthened decks
  • Spellcasters
  • Handless deck
Low - Mid
May 12, 2017 ~

One of the first two structure decks to be released in Duel Links. This structure deck contains Spellcaster-Type monsters and Spellcaster support cards. This deck is built in a way that encourages you to Special Summon Spellcaster-Type monsters from your Deck and Graveyard.

Who should buy this deck?

It is recommended for all people who just started playing duel links to buy at least one structure deck. But aside from that, people who want to build Spellcaster themed decks are recommended to buy this.

Notable Cards

[R] Magical Undertaker

Magical Undertaker
ATK 400/DEF 400
FLIP: You can target 1 Level 4 or lower Spellcaster-Type monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.

[SR] Trance the Magic Swordsman

Trance the Magic Swordsman
ATK 2600/DEF 800
A peculiar magician with considerable abilities. Supposedly, he's just returned from a trip to outer space.

[R] Neo the Magic Swordsman

Neo the Magic Swordsman
ATK 1700/DEF 1000
A dimensional drifter who not only practices sorcery, but is also a sword and martial arts master.

[R] Rope of Life

Rope of Life
Normal Trap Card
When a monster(s) is destroyed by battle and sent to your Graveyard: Discard your entire hand (min.1), then target 1 of those monsters; Special Summon it, and if you do, it gains 800 ATK.

[R] Soul Rope

Soul Rope
Normal Trap Card
When a monster you control is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard (except during the Damage Step): Pay 1000 LP; Special Summon 1 Level 4 monster from your Deck.

New Cards

A Man with Wdjat
A Man with Wdjat
Has pretty decent balance stats and it can give you knowledge of your opponent's set cards.
Magical Undertaker
Magical Undertaker
Very useful on Spellcaster decks. It can even revive high level Spellcaster-Type monsters from your Graveyard.
Trance the Magic Swordsman
Trance the Magic Swordsman
Currently has the highest raw attack out of all monsters that requires 1 tribute.
Neo the Magic Swordsman
Neo the Magic Swordsman
Attack is quite decent. A 1900 beater along with the Field Spell Yami
The Illusory Gentleman
The Illusory Gentleman
A normal Spellcaster-Type monster with balance stats.
Spell Wall
Spell Wall
A Spellcaster support card that can make your opponent's monster defenseless against attacks.
Book of Secret Arts
Book of Secret Arts
Good for Spellcaster-Type monster with balance stats.
Destructive Draw
Destructive Draw
Can be used along with Rope of Life to quickly replace those cards that you discarded.
Soul Rope
Soul Rope
One of the few cards that can Special Summon a monster from your deck.
Ready for Intercepting
Ready for Intercepting
It lets you re-use the Flip Effect of Warrior and Spellcaster-Type monsters.
Rope of Life
Rope of Life
A unique card that can revive and give attack to a monster. Very useful on Handless decks.


Monster Card [Rarity]QTYRating
A Man with WdjatA Man with Wdjat [R]24/10
Magical UndertakerMagical Undertaker [R]28/10
Trance the Magic SwordsmanTrance the Magic Swordsman [SR]16.5/10
Neo the Magic SwordsmanNeo the Magic Swordsman [R]36.5/10
The Illusory GentlemanThe Illusory Gentleman
Spell Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Spell WallSpell Wall [R]24/10
Book of Secret ArtsBook of Secret Arts [R]23/10
Trap Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Destructive DrawDestructive Draw [R]13/10
Soul RopeSoul Rope [R]15/10
Ready for InterceptingReady for Intercepting[R]13/10
Rope of LifeRope of Life [R]27/10


Hot New Top
Anonymous 5days ago
Here´s a better structure deck for you
Anonymous 5days ago
The worst structure deck in the game, to be honest.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Kaiba's is quite bad as well but at least had Exploder Dragon. Joey's had DD warrior; Jaden's had Blazeman; Chazz had Arkbrave and Paladin. The Destiny Hero deck is filled with all stars like Vyon, Celestial, Dangerous. This deck has nothing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Kaiba's deck also has Tyrant Wing, Felgrand Dragon, and Advance Zone, all good cards as well.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Joe's deck also has Assault Armor and Marmiting Captain.

Jaden's deck also has Heated Heart, E-Hero Lady Heat, and E-Hero Heat.

But this spellcaster deck....only one card is kinda good, A Man with Wdjat.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Trance and Rope of Life aren't terrible, either. (And they're certainly better than Heat and Lady Heat.)
sigh, there's no 'secret village of the spellcasters' card..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
They consider Secret Village as still too OP for DL, I guess.
I'll finally get this pack for Magical Undertaker and Wjat, if the new Chazz pack turns out to be crap. Since the leaks are saying it doesn't have Ojamas, it's likely gonna be the case.
I want structure deck another. Warrior, fairy, and Insect
<< Anonymous(Bambang)
Anonymous Reply
Me too
Works also well with gravekeepers
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The magical undertaker
This pack is seriously "under-balanced" compared to Dragonic force. You'd think they'd be equally good/bad in some ways, but this is seriously inferior to DF. If you compare the cards and effects of the cards from both decks, you'll know that DF's cards and effects are better. The only and ONLY decent card in this pack is: "A Man with Wdjat"
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
vyq Reply
I find "Rope of life" pretty nice as well
So wich one is better for a biguinner
<< Anonymous(FreeStratos)
Maverick_CA Reply
Dragonic Force for sure
Did anyone make modifications to this deck? the dragon structure deck I made no changes but this one I'm not too happy about.
<< Anonymous(Maverick_CA)
Anonymous Reply
This is the only structure deck to make modifications to, it feels more like a pack to support Spellcasters
How do you use Destructive Draw effectively?
<< Anonymous
'k Reply
You don't.

<< Anonymous('k)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, I took the card out of the deck and replace with Metalmorph...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Destructive Draw is there to use for cards like Rope of Life, it is helpful and useful but the odds and chances aren't in its favor so it outweights those uses
wtf the loaner deck duel for this one is so f**king hard. Damn Kaiba and his exploder dragon and tyrant wing. -_-
Magical Undertaker and Rope of Life are great additions to Gravekeeper Deck
<< Anonymous(bermudez)
Zekiii Reply
Can I use the cards on other decks? Or just on the structured one?
<< Anonymous(Zekiii)
Chris Reply
Yeah, it's essentially like buying card packs but you can 100% guarantee what you're gonna get, the only debate is whether spending the 500 gems is worth it for all those cards. :)
<< Anonymous(bermudez)
Gravekeeper's Ace Reply
As new GK player I would ask your opinion (and anyone's who would like to answer)- will GK fall behind by little in new meta since 3DS is nerfed who's weak vs GK and Toons are here now who are good vs GK

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Seriously? You've spent $100 on a single and duel links players are the idiots?
I really do like the old school monsters.
Even nicer, especially if their ace cards are also likely to only be attainable from boxes. Look at what's in the sample deck for ...
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