Stage 1-10: Tips and FAQ

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Recommended deck

For Stage 1-10, I recommend you to use LIGHT monsters, high level monsters, and trap cards to get Mako Tsunami, Ishizu Ishtar, Odion to appear at the Gate earlier. You can easily win victories using such cards since Standard Duelists uses very weak decks at Stage 1-10.

NameTrigger event
Defeat Legendary Duelists 50 time(s).
→ Tips for unlocking Keith
Successfully perform 150 Tribute Summons.
Summon LIGHT Monster(s) 200 time(s) in total.
→ Tips for unlocking Ishizu
Use Trap Cards 300 times.
→ Tips for unlocking Odion


What is "Duel World Duel"?

Duel World Duel is duels against Standard Duelists, Legendary Duelists, and the Vagabond. PVP duels do not count.

Which pack should I opne?

"The Ultimate Rising" will be the best one currently due to the versatility of cards contained.

Which card should I trade to complete one of Stage 7 missions?

Just trade cheap card that you can trade spending only Gold and save trader items for getting good cards near future. I strongly recommend you to trade Mythical Beast Cerberus, but you will not have enough trader items at this points.

Should I save Gate Keys?

It depends. Basically there are the two most efficient ways to spend Gate Key:

  • To have duels against Legendary Duelists Lvl 40 to get duel reward cards

  • To have duels against Legendary Duelists Lvl 10 to earn Gold or complete stage missions

Stage 1-10 missions/rewards

Stage #
Unlocked Facility/Feature
  • None.
  • (Standard Duelists' Level is 1).
Win 1 Duel World Duel(s).Gem x50
  • The shop is availalbe.
Visit the Shop.Gate Key x30
Complete all Stage Missions[2].Red Gate Key x14
  • Joey Wheeler appears at the gate.
  • Joe Wheeler unlock mission is available.
  • Gifts will occasionally appear in Duel World.
Win 1 Duel(s) against Joey Wheeler.Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Mission[3].Gem x50
  • PvP (Player versus Player duel) Arena is available.
Clear Duel School Duel Quizzes up to: Level 1-5.Blue Gate Key x50
Win a Duel World Duel with at least 500 LP remaining.Gate Key x20
Win 1 Duel World Duel(s).Blue Gate Key x14
Complete all Stage Mission[4].Gem x50
  • Tea Gardner appears at the gate.
Win 1 Duel(s) against Tea Gardner.Blue Gate Key x10
Win 1 Duel World Duel(s).Gate Key x30
Complete all Stage Missions[5].Gem x50
  • The Level of the Duelists that you can challenge in the Gate has been increased to Level 20.
  • The Auto-Duel function is available when challenging a Standard Duelist.
  • Tea Gardner Unlock missions are available.
Successfully perform 1 Tribute Summons.Gate Key x12
Win 3 Duel World Duel(s).20000 Gold
Play 1 Duel(s) using Joey Wheeler.Blue Gate Key x16
Complete all Stage Missions[6].Gem x50
  • The Card Trader is unlocked.
  • (Standard Duelists become Level 5).
Make a trade with the Card Trader 1 time(s).R Jewel x2
Win 1 Duel(s) against Tea GardnerRed Gate Key x16
Win 5 Duel World Duel(s).Gate Key x12
Complete all Stage Missions[7].Gem x50
  • Level 2 Duel Quiz is unlocked.
Successfully perform 3 Tribute Summons.Gate Key x12
Win 6 Duel World Duel(s).Red Gate Key x16
Complete all Stage Missions[8].Gem x50
  • The Vegabond is available.
Use Spell Cards 3 times.SR Jewel x1
Destroy 3 monster(s) in one Duel.20,000 Gold
Win 6 Duel World Duel(s).Green Gate Key x24
Play 1 Duel(s) against the Vegabond.Green Gate Key x24
Complete all Stage Missions[9].Gem x50
  • Mai Valentine appears in the Gate.
Successfully perform 3 Normal Summon(s) in one Duel.R Jewel x2
Win a Duel World Duel with at least 2000 LP remaining.Red Gate Key x16
Win 1 Duel(s) against Mai Valentine at Level 20 in Duel World.Gem x40
Win 7 Duel World Duel(s).Yellow Gate Key x16
Complete all Stage Missions[10].Gem x100


Hot New Top
yami moto
Please help me I in stage 10 and the mission said that Win a Duel World Duel with at least 2000 LP remaining. And I do what it said but in vain what I should do
Please help me, i'm stuck in stage 9 - Use Spell Cards 3 times. How can i do? I created a full Spell Cards deck and the game don't take me the reward
<< Anonymous(Closh)
Anonymous Reply
I am stage 60 so exscuse me if I am wrong but I think it might want you to use the same spell card 3x so use a spell you have 3 copies of and see if that works.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How can I clear the stage 6 please
So, I got bored of playing this game in the higher ranks and decided to start over with a challenge. My data has been saved, so why not.

The challenge, grind your way up asap. You can hang at whatever stage you like it to be. Just don't buy any packs until your at 9.999 gems. The sr and urs you get won't be used and that free mokuba econ stays where it is, because you have to buy 4 packs to get it. Cards will be grinded from events, trader, leveling up and potential farms. After you reach the 9.999 goal, go nuts and build yourself a kog worthy deck, just don't follow the mass. Be creative and different. I'm doing this to show new players you can make it without netdecking.

I'm currently at stage 4 in GX. 4K deep. Running Judai's fusion time skill. I've almost unlocked yugi, next stop is going for those unions. If you got any questions, shoot.
I'll try to answer them, however, i'm only playing a few hours a day (if I already reach that amount).
Why I'm the Only One have (DM) in my Mission task ??
Whats that DM mean ?
<< Anonymous(Gilgamesh )
Anonymous Reply
DM means Duel Monsters. It means you must clear missions in the original Yu-Gi-Oh world. Whenever it says GX in the missions, it means GX world. Hope that helps.
I'm Stuck on Stage 10 Mission for 1 week now!
( Win a Duel World(DM) Duel with at least 2000 LP remaining.)
I Always Make the Goal But it Won't Level me Up to Stage 11 ??
is this Game Glitch Or Something ??
<< Anonymous(GILGAMESH)
Anonymous Reply
Any mission stil left? It not maybe it bug
<< Anonymous
Gilgamesh Reply
I Actually did all the Stage missions .. and everytime I do the Last mission it give me Notice that I did it on mssion list Icon .. but when I Open the list mission .. Nothing changed in it !
Ultimate Rising is now gone, so what now?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No its back
How do I get to duel world?
I'm in stage 9 and i lost with vegabond, what deck can use ?
<< Anonymous(Pau)
Helping hand Reply
Bro u can see on the top left corner Stage Mission . Press that and u will se the missions u have to do
I'm literally stuck on stage 2, all it says is complete all stage missions
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
Same! What exactly does it mean?
<< Anonymous
Helping hand Reply
Bro u can see on the top left corner Stage Mission . Press that and u will se the missions u have to do
<< Anonymous
Empyreal Reply
I didn't realise till a second ago you have to press on the actual key to "pass" the stage.
What level do you unlock pvp
What level do you unlock pvp
Seth Elliott
Hi, please help me. Im still stuck at stage 3, I already beat the Joey Wheeler both at the gate & duel world. And the mission said, complete all the stage misson, what does it means?
<< Anonymous(Seth Elliott )
lagos Reply
I have the same issue
<< Anonymous(Seth Elliott )
Anonymous Reply
Try collecting the items at the mission box. If it says cleared or completed tap on the price so collect.

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they keep splashing E heroes in every box.. i pity the poor souls who want to have fun with this...
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