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Season 33 DurationOct 1 - Nov 1

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Number of users per deck

Cyber Stein OTK4
Dark Magician1
Dark World1
Fur Hire7
Hazy Flame3
Masked HERO10
Sea Stealth Attack1


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Mello YellowSwitcherooOct 15


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZaneEndless Trap HellOct 2
HeartfiliaParasite InfectionOct 3
AndalCyber StyleOct 5
BL☆CKParasite InfectionOct 7
闇のゲームEndless Trap HellOct 8
BlueMinotaurCyber StyleOct 9
SeafEndless Trap HellOct 16
♦ Zane:
Amazoness still the best due to banishing effect of onslaugh.. I also have tough times against vampires because they can pop the field and econ take. Just play your cards wisely specially using FTG, always use it n Vampire Queen to stop their combo and then banish it
♦ Andal:
I run 2 copies of Ready For Intercepting because I don't have Floodgate Trapholes or a 3rd Paleozoic Canadia. Ready For Intercepting is a trap version Book of Moon for the Amazoness.
♦ BL☆CK:
Use Sphere Kuriboh wisely for some OTKs. I ran 2 copies of Galaxy Cyclone for Amazoness deck and Vampire deck instead of Cosmic Cyclone, you can use galaxy's 2nd effect which saves you alot.
♦ BlueMinotaur:
Pretty versatile deck that can play backrow control with Amazoness cards and at the same time surprise opponents with the Witch Raider + Mask Change OTK. I did not have much trouble with Vampires, Mask Hero and Fur Hires, but struggled against an active SSA which my only out would be to OTK.

The Fire King + Nepthtys + Yubel deck can also counter it, provided they don't brick. Mirror Wall put in work especially against Trunade and unsuspecting players looking to attack a smaller Amazoness Monster. It is also a great way to trigger Cyber Style. This deck is quite good and I have managed to make it with only 2 Anki, which I think is enough, but adding 1 more Canadia would help more, if you have a 2nd copy.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RiyonaeReinforcementOct 11
♦ Riyonue:
Used Alexis’ skill reinforcement to pull Amazoness out of the deck when necessary (can also pull Vision HERO), cyber soldier counters most meta decks now and is capable of OHKO with spikeshield. Added Vision HERO Witch Raider to help clear the field and eventually reached KOG! :)


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HAPP¥-SAMABalanceOct 8
RytashBalanceOct 8


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CurraheeLast GambleOct 17
♦ Currahee:
I played in the last three month so many times and time with Batteryman's deck. I really love it. At the last sale I can get the 3rd copies from Industrial Strength and I could complete this deck.

Today 16 duels was enough to earn KoG from Legend 1. There was 10 wins in a row, then a defeat, then again 5 wins in a row.

Sphere Kuriboh is key because the most deck kills the backrow; if its stayed in my hand, I could use for the 'Last Gamble' skill.

But I'm not using Snipe Hunter because the success of his effect makes very poorly. Instead I have one Dark Core. It's much more useful against so many monsters ; for example Amazoness Queen or Swords Woman, Vampire Vamp, Blue-Eyes Dragons, Dyna, Yubels...which can be easily returned to the field.

Floodgate, Needle Ceiling is really important against "the multiple summons in one turn" decks.
For the new BANLIST makes just a little chages in this deck, I'll drop a econ and add a 'Dark Core' or a 'Snipe Hunter' instead.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
José-CRA Trick up the SleeveOct 17

Cyber Stein OTK

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LegendLife Cost 0Oct 8
BenLife Cost 0Oct 11
Yami PhoenixLife Cost 0Oct 11
BryanSoAlLife Cost 0Oct 17
♦ 决斗王:
60 games from giving up on yubel mill deck which dropped me to platinum 1.
I was mad so I thought if a tilter deck could get me to legend 1, I’ll use it throughout for KoG.
It did bring me there.

For suppressing Life points, you need them as much as you do need for getting stein. Because you wouldn’t want to depend on enemy to keep your hp low, that’s just risks you don’t have to take.
So here we have 3 Cosmic Cyclone.
2 cybernetic fusion support is amazing, they bring out otk potential. Alternatively you can use abyssal designator.

For monsters cards, you obviously need 3 cyber stein for tilting to the max.
Next, Sangan does have cyber stein searchability you definitely want them too for consistency.

You have your win condition in 10 cards, now all you have left is to stall.
Throw in some ebolas. It can sustain your lifepoint in critical condition and utilize your opponent’s attack for your life reduction. I pop 4 of those. And the rest is honestly up to you, go for deck thinning because consistency tilts them harder. i use the flute, and the flipper, if you have dark world dealing that’s something i would recommend because I haven’t got them.

Dark Magician

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ありよこMaster of MagicianOct 4

Dark World

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
UltimaGritOct 17
♦ Ultima:
- Treacherous Trap Hole is the best Trap in any deck which 0 def cards.

- I take 1 Hey, Trunade!, becoz this deck can draw 4-5 card's for 1 turn(Gates + Dark World Dealing + Snoww + Broww = it's supports card's for emptying the deck), and 2 Trunade is so much for this deck, and if enemy have 1 Spell/Trap face down card on the Field, we can use Dark world Lighting instead Trunade for start combo Ceruli + Reign-beaux.

- Kahhki is a very useful card, if enemy have 3 monsters on the field and i can't use my mass-destroy combo. 2 Kahhki must have in this deck.

- skill : Grit

Thanks amazoness and blue-eyes for my first KOG on the DARK WORLD!=)


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
D-D-D-D-DuelGrandpa's CardsOct 6

Fur Hire

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Black♡BulletThe Tie that BindsOct 3
[SEM] WFThe Tie that BindsOct 5
ハイゼンベルク@風見鶏′The Tie that BindsOct 7
KortezzyThe Tie that BindsOct 9
gAbri6The Tie that BindsOct 10
wayone09The Tie that BindsOct 14
TheoBeatdownOct 14
♦ Theo:
This deck is the surrender button for amazoness and SSA as well as Anti meta. The only struggle is U.A. in most cases and Vampires. M. Hero is an easy win. Slightly bricky so play with strategy and tactics. Plan ahead.
♦ gAbri6:
Memory Loss and Paleozoic Canadia are great against other Fur Hires, with Wiz on the field you can easily defeat Spellbooks, Amazoness and Destiny Heroes and with The Tie That Binds you can OTK practically every opponent.
♦ Black♡Bullet:
Sphere Kuriboh is great card vs U.A and Silent Magician, and sure if your opponent wanna make his OTK on you. 1 copy is enough, if you have TTH.

Cosmic Cyclone is better than Galaxy Cyclone against Amazoness and U.A, because if you destroed his continuous trap, he will use it's second effect.
♦ wayone09:
2x Jinzo copies run great at this deck without losing his essence, the mainly idea is start with Jinzo at your hand and summon he to block traps over set along turns passed. Works a lot against Amazoness, Treachrous, canadias, floodgates that are present in every single meta like Heroes, U.A and his suprise trap, against some geminis and anti trap decks I got good results too before reaching KOG.

For mirror matches Jinzo sometimes seems to be useless but it's not since you have Dyna and Jinzo or both Wiz and Jinzo most users focus to destroy Jinzo when donpa comes to field to has acess to their traps again. With Jinzo in this deck you don't need to use lot of trap supports, I put 2x Mayhen Fur Hire precisely against Heroes and mirror matches.

My few bad plays was against low trap decks like new blue eyes, vamps that has low trap volume (still good if you lock one of his only resurrection resource), spellbook maybe? Didn't found one, most of time the deck worked very well, summoning quick a Jinzo sometimes surprises trap users in a meta that trap support are frequently use on every deck. Also The Tie that Binds helped a lot.
♦ Kortezzy:
Backup rider is to help beat over big monsters.
My bad matcups were UAs,amazoness, and mirror.

For mirror try to get your opponent to fill front row. Then bait them to get a donpa destroy to treacherous trap hole monster when they don't have wiz or jinzo.

Finally, for UAs and amazoness out resource them both can miss a monster.
Also negate spell/traps with wiz but be wise since they may bait you. You will lose if they canadia or trap hole you so don't fall for it.

Other info:
I did not face many heros or skillbooks but those matchups are tough too.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
M.S.563BalanceOct 9
♦ M.S.563:
3 Ties of Brethren with Balance Skill make the deck very consistent. I hope Pulse mines becomes unlimited again as it is very good especially in Geargia decks. I almost had a win streak with this deck against current meta decks like vampires , U.A. and Amazoness and I am so happy that I could reach KOG early this season. Good Luck for all of you !!!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RodarkBalanceOct 6

Hazy Flame


Hot New Top
Anonymous 9days ago
The most played decks are D-hero and Vampires, and some folks keep crying a river about fur :v, lame.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
My thoughts exactly, it used to be the most popular deck, not the strongest. And now it's even lost some popularity, yet... some dudes keep hating. Weird.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 8days ago Reply
How are almost half of my opponents still Fur Hires then (average over last 2-3 seasons in Legend)?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
I think he means... most decks LISTED HERE AS KOG
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 6days ago Reply
He specifically said "most played decks".
I could agree on D-Heroes being very popular, but Vampires not as much.
Fur Hire, D-Heroes and Amazoness make up like 90% of all decks.
Anony+++ 6days ago
Maybe the truly dynamic decks that require you to "think" specific combos on different occasions, are CAffira, Noble Knights, and Glad Beasts. (and some outlier decks)

Too bad, no the meta looks like a robotic mess. Amazoness, Vampire, UA, Furhires, all the same setup and strategy. Game is still nice but its strategic value among players kinda "DEVOLVED". lol

Hope synchros will do something in the future.
Kalin Kessler 11days ago
In the right hands Vampires totally kick ass!

But in the wrong ones...
It's a total disaster... xD, I'd say don't play vampires if you LOSE TO FURRIES. ( IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ;D ;D ;D ).
<< Anonymous(Kalin Kessler )
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
IN THE WRONG HANDS MAN???, in the wrong hands you could have the most expensive deck out there but the guy still wouldn't be able to win.
<< Anonymous(Kalin Kessler )
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Hehe lolz, yep, I think I know what uyou mean, victory is not guaranteed just with an expensive / strong deck.
<< Anonymous(Kalin Kessler )
Y's 6days ago Reply
you are right, they are not that simple to play :v
<< Anonymous(Y's)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Lol. It's a brainless deck like all other Duel Links decks. Just as brainless as Spellbooks and Sylvans pre nerf
Anonymous 6days ago
D-Heroes 4life, they were such a nice investment ! I'm seeing a lot of heros in the meta right now !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
That's the deck I'm running because it's literally the only deck I get consistent hands with, no joking. I brick with every other deck listed on this page, it's not even funny. Maybe it's thanks to Aster.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
D-Heroes is a clear example that people must learn Not to shit on others. Some people asked a nerf for this deck or even for Anki, that's not good y'know... just because you lost to a deck you don't have to ask for nerfs. It's not nice... so, when people lose to furries or amazons, they should learn as well that you can negate the effect of the little cat just by stealing him to your field.
Anonymous 8days ago
I bet there will be blue-eyes kog deck, but, probably later because it's the most expensive deck (obviously) since it's the deck of Kaiba :D
And also you need to have your kaiba in Lv 45
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
It's still being TESTED, man.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Unga bunga player logic: high atk = kog potential
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 8days ago Reply
It has already been tested, and the conclusion was that the deck is horrible against most meta that use backrow (particularly Wall of Disruption, Treacherous Trap Hole and Drowning Mirror Force).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
I don't think so, also the new pack will make them wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stronger !
Anonymous 6days ago
Every time I see Aster Phoenix as a leader and a stack of cards on the right, I want to puke
Anonymous 7days ago
you want blue eyes meta?? just konami unlimit vigilance.
<< Anonymous
BigDaddy 7days ago Reply
I agree
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
cosmic cyclone, galaxy cyclone, and hey trunade say hi
QuickCheck 9days ago
All decks can be built for free, except silent magician (but they technically give away one with a dream ticket, and probably they will again in the future).
<< Anonymous(QuickCheck)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
This is a fact, and as soon as you have around 10k gems you can pretty much build whatever you want, if you get unlucky while pulling cards then it might take just a bit above those 10k.
<< Anonymous(QuickCheck)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Silent magician is mvp
<< Anonymous(QuickCheck)
Anonymous No. 2 8days ago Reply
That's true.
However, once you've built several of those gem-consuming decks, things start to get tougher for the F2P player.
Anonymous 8days ago
I love dark magician deck but im poor :’/
Anonymous 9days ago
Gemini and Inzektors made it to KOG? very interesting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
O_O! seriously, gemini kog d eck it's actually pretty awesome.
Sugar :3 11days ago
never struggled against amazoness
<< Anonymous(Sugar :3)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Neither did I
<< Anonymous(Sugar :3)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
I did at first, but with time and little patience I stopped removing onslaught on my opponent's battle phase :D lol
<< Anonymous(Sugar :3)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Meh, they are ok, not op at all since they lack atk power; I've won against them with my anki just dealing as much damage as possible
Anonymous 9days ago
UNDINE + SYNCHROS MADE IT TO KOG IN THE FIRST 5 days, that's crazy man !
So Cool ^^ /
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Unexpected, Inzektor kog deck is really cool, I might try to build one asap.

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