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update 24/10/2018
IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Black♡BulletThe Tie that BindsOct 3
[SEM] WFThe Tie that BindsOct 5
ハイゼンベルク@風見鶏′The Tie that BindsOct 7
KortezzyThe Tie that BindsOct 9
gAbri6The Tie that BindsOct 10
wayone09The Tie that BindsOct 14
TheoBeatdownOct 14
Mr.CThe Tie that BindsOct 17
SHIVAThe Tie that BindsOct 17
Iliyan98The Tie that BindsOct 19
LeskoPLAYThe Tie that BindsOct 20
WaldtierThe Tie that BindsOct 20
SuareztwBeatdownOct 21
SephirothThe Tie that BindsOct 22
♦ Theo:
This deck is the surrender button for amazoness and SSA as well as Anti meta. The only struggle is U.A. in most cases and Vampires. M. Hero is an easy win. Slightly bricky so play with strategy and tactics. Plan ahead.
♦ gAbri6:
Memory Loss and Paleozoic Canadia are great against other Fur Hires, with Wiz on the field you can easily defeat Spellbooks, Amazoness and Destiny Heroes and with The Tie That Binds you can OTK practically every opponent.
♦ Suareztw:
Allector is a very good card against Amazoness ( negate effects of Amazoness Swordswomen , Onslaught etc ) , SSA and the most popular deck right now - DRAGONs ( Negate the effects of the BRAIN ) and is very good with the BEATDOWN skill.Always open with cyclone or trunade if able.
♦ Black♡Bullet:
Sphere Kuriboh is great card vs U.A and Silent Magician, and sure if your opponent wanna make his OTK on you. 1 copy is enough, if you have TTH.

Cosmic Cyclone is better than Galaxy Cyclone against Amazoness and U.A, because if you destroed his continuous trap, he will use it's second effect.
♦ Iliyan98:
I prefer to destroy the set cards of my opponents so that's why I run the cyclones instead of Hey, trunade. I also don't run TTH to be able to run other powerful traps.

I would've run Canadia instead of Floodgate but I don't have one. From legend 3 to KOG I've faced mainly blue-eyes players and I beat them mostly because of the backrow and wiz negating their search (bingo machine) or silver's cry.

♦ wayone09:
2x Jinzo copies run great at this deck without losing his essence, the mainly idea is start with Jinzo at your hand and summon he to block traps over set along turns passed. Works a lot against Amazoness, Treachrous, canadias, floodgates that are present in every single meta like Heroes, U.A and his suprise trap, against some geminis and anti trap decks I got good results too before reaching KOG.

For mirror matches Jinzo sometimes seems to be useless but it's not since you have Dyna and Jinzo or both Wiz and Jinzo most users focus to destroy Jinzo when donpa comes to field to has acess to their traps again. With Jinzo in this deck you don't need to use lot of trap supports, I put 2x Mayhen Fur Hire precisely against Heroes and mirror matches.

My few bad plays was against low trap decks like new blue eyes, vamps that has low trap volume (still good if you lock one of his only resurrection resource), spellbook maybe? Didn't found one, most of time the deck worked very well, summoning quick a Jinzo sometimes surprises trap users in a meta that trap support are frequently use on every deck. Also The Tie that Binds helped a lot.
♦ Kortezzy:
Backup rider is to help beat over big monsters.
My bad matcups were UAs,amazoness, and mirror.

For mirror try to get your opponent to fill front row. Then bait them to get a donpa destroy to treacherous trap hole monster when they don't have wiz or jinzo.

Finally, for UAs and amazoness out resource them both can miss a monster.
Also negate spell/traps with wiz but be wise since they may bait you. You will lose if they canadia or trap hole you so don't fall for it.

Other info:
I did not face many heros or skillbooks but those matchups are tough too.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
M.S.563BalanceOct 9
♦ M.S.563:
3 Ties of Brethren with Balance Skill make the deck very consistent. I hope Pulse mines becomes unlimited again as it is very good especially in Geargia decks. I almost had a win streak with this deck against current meta decks like vampires , U.A. and Amazoness and I am so happy that I could reach KOG early this season. Good Luck for all of you !!!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RodarkBalanceOct 6

Gladiator Beast

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
chazzedBalanceOct 21

Hazy Flame

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Parra2BeatdownOct 7
LeetBeatdownOct 7
TTJ09BeatdownOct 14
♦ TTJ09:
2 Jinzos in DL it's very GG. Depending on the starting hand and if you play second the current goals cry. I rode one day and picked up KOG the same day.
♦ Parra2:
Easy start, either by discarding amar or Rose Lover by Berlineth, or just setting amar or Komush (depending if you face vamp-UA deck)
The rest is pretty done. Main function of Hermitree is milling him to organize your next draw, and also is a good beater if you full swarm your lines (3600 to beat even Silent Magician 8)
♦ Leet:
Reached KoG when Fur Hire was most popular, still effective against them. Most traps they run target, which won't work against Hazy. Can OTK most meta decks, just got to be smart with your plays

Tech cards include Chaos Hunter against Amazoness, Cipher Soldier against Meta Warrior. X-saber for negate and synchro

Weak against Wall and Floodgate, and also prefer to go first, depending on your hand. Also Sphynx's effect might fail.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Actnshj200LP Boost αOct 6
Georgey BoyLP Boost αOct 22
♦ Georgey Boy:
Note: I thought the deck bricked a lot at first but I was just playing it wrong. Remembering that you can equip bugs from the graveyard, that you don't need to OTK to win, and don't be afraid to to use other monsters than Centipede to attack.

I plug in one Golden Coccoon t dodge traps like Treacherous and it's acted like a mini mask change for me as well. You can also chain it off of Double Cyclone and still get both effects! Fun deck, not SUPER reliable, but fun and unexpected and pretty good!
♦ Actnshj200:
2nd Consecutive KOG with this deck. S/t Destruction is Important to allow summoning getting over Onslaught, Kingdom, Treach, Canadia, U.A. Stadium etc...

This deck is a very clean 2 turn OTK, Can get over anki fairly easy with running Kuriboh as well. I have stopped my opponent from using Cosmic Cyclone a few times. Centipede works well with galaxy and double cyclone for adds and sphere for protection against bigger beater or Yubel Nightmare...

Koa’ki Meiru

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Markov krauzDraw Sense: WindOct 22
♦ Markov krauz:
Amazoness and UAs are slowly disappearing so using 3 boulders is viable now as it adds insane consistency to the deck.

Always check for kuriboh ( if possible) before you OTK. The build I reached kog with had 2 Treacherous Trapholes instead of 2 drownings but this build is post banlist friendly, I tested it in KOG rank and it did similar if not better.

You can add 1 cosmic/ galaxy cyclone instead of 1 drowning if you are facing heavy backrow decks. You can replace the 2 kuribohs and the flute of summoning kuriboh with 3 sphere kuribohs (if possible). Sometimes summoning boulder in ATK position is better than setting it face down! but only sometimes.

Kuriboh is a core card in this build to dodge possible otks but feel free to replace the 2 drowning mirrors with WOD or any generic backrow as backrows generally aren't safe anymore with all the backrows removal cards around. Draw sense wind to constantly draw your only one maximus when you need it for the OTK.

Masked HERO

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DREAM420SwitcherooOct 3
PitufoThe Tie that BindsOct 4
GohjiraBeatdownOct 4
齵啦地啵SwitcherooOct 4
iBakuraAllured by DarknessOct 5
HagoromoThe Tie that BindsOct 6
GNcellBeatdownOct 8
BlinkdeathLP Boost αOct 9
JaviDentDark as NightOct 14
JhkksCyber StyleOct 16
ChaozsTitan ShowdownOct 20
MutSiwtcherooOct 21
♦ Blinkdeath:
I used this with lp boost alpha because i didnt have titan showdown. This is the proof that u can hit kog with only 2 anki. Use offering to the doomed carefully else you will fail your drawing engine. Just believe in your heroes.

♦ Jhkks:
I tried a new take on Masked HEROs, with no mali, no vyon, and no celestial. I didn't know how it would turn out, but it ended up great.

Three cyclones is great backrow removal to trigger Cyber Style. Witch Raider gets easy otks. And then there's an SRH just because. Cycloned my own TTH to pop Cyber Style in my rank-up match, so enjoy!
♦ DREAM420:
The hard part of this deck is going 2nd lol. The ideal move is poly for dangerous in defense mode with a card in hand and send celestial to draw the next turn. If not the ideal first move decider face up. Hes ideal to stop otk’s.

Dreamer is great as well to give u an extra monster and saving another as well. Switcheroo is necessary. I prefered 2 cosmic cyclones and 1 galaxy which works as a 2 for 1. No trunade. Not effective against amazon.
♦ GNcell:
Note: it is standard build for mask hero except i replace offering to the doom.This card save me a few time when plan for otk in amazon matchup.

Amazon can special summon amazon tiger and make our otk plan divert to this monster. In this scenario, we can destroy tiger and still go for otk. The cost for next turn doesn't affect too much ascwe are going to win this turn. Use wisely with this card or else we will be at disadvantage in drawing.
♦ JaviDent:
This deck has ridiculous consistency. Going 2nd ROCKS. Having 3 Deciders saved my life countless times against decks that rely on high-level monsters (Yubel, UA, Cyber-Stein, Blue-Eyes Synchro, etc). Having 2 Cosmic Cyclones and no Trunades was all the backrow destruction I needed because I would usually win VERY early.

You can feel safe ramming most of the time when you have a Mask Change in your hand to bail you out. Bastion’s skill requires you to be at 2000 LP or lower (which is pretty low) but if you get hit first, early, then use a cyclone, Mystic Plasma Zone will get you 500ATK for all DARK monsters which gives you a 2100ATK Decider that can be very challenging to deal with.

Trinity is also a major star here. If you run into mindless Fur Hire players who flood the field first turn, or Vampire or Amazoness, you’re almost guaranteed a win on turn 2 if 3/5 of your cards are Heros, which they usually will be. Rarely used Witch Raider. Malicious is not needed at all, but Dreamer is very important! Always tech one in.
♦ Pitufo:
I used the tie that binds to defeat decks such as fur hire that have 2800 def. Also the mask change quick play spell card helped me combat the dreaded treacherous trap hole as it wouldn't destroy the new Anki monster I would summon.

Also make sure to activate mask change only after the opponent uses the disruption wall because if you link the activation then you need to put Anki in defense or it's atk gets reduced as well. I used decider to bring back heroes for fusion, I used dangerous to put celestial on the grave and use his effect, and used vyon to either put celestial or malicious on the graveyard and then use the fusion to get Trinity or dangerous in the field. Used Galaxy cyclone and cosmic cyclone to get rid of dangerous cards in amazoness, yubel and vampires decks.
♦ Gohjira:
I use Beatdown instead of Switcheroo and Ties.
Beatdown allows me to 1 shot Amazoness Princess as well as going over the likes of Wiz and UAs because Wiz has a fat 2.8k defense and UAs can easily reach 3k attack so without Trinity I can never get over them.

Also it allows you to get over Anki without sacrificing your own. You can argue that ties can do the same thing but I say they are less consistent because you can't 1 shot Amazoness and also you need 3 monsters on board to get over the fat UA's 3k attack.

Other than that, I have to use Cosmic Cyclone instead of Hej Monika in order to trigger my skill and it only remove 1 spell/trap, also there's a sense of luck to switcheroo's skill and I don't like that.

9 monster are just not enough mainly because my strategy is to have more chances to summon Trinity. Beatdown+Hej Monika+Trinity wins you most games. Also, 11 monsters lowers the probability to draw too many Hej Monika.

Sea Stealth Attack

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MooDyMythic DepthsOct 5
♦ MooDy:
Undine is usually used to send fishborg or infantry to the gy, send dragon ice if you have SSA or infantry in hand, pike is used to trigger atlanteans and search undine, hydro genex is a secondary boss monster,you can also synchro into stardust with dragon ice+controller.

Silent Swordsman

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GARUNIXFields of WarriorsOct 20
The most important thing is that you use Silent sword slash desensive or if you are sure that you'll win the game.

Use bushi for divine. Banish the oppenents monsters with d.d savager Assailant. After this direct attack for win wit Silent sword slash. Don't orienentate on kog decks. Every deck could reach KOG like my outsider Classic Silent swordsman deck.

Be creative!
I wish you all good luck:) . If you play this deck smart it will be OP!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YamiAquaSwitcherooOct 3
D-JOMind ScanOct 14
RespectraMind ScanOct 20
GutoNMind ScanOct 22
WavenationMind ScanOct 22
♦ YamiAqua:
Try setting up a Spellbook of fate to lock your opponent out of the game.
♦ Respectra:
Spellbook... Nothing more, nothing less, is just ultracompetitive in that new meta... The only thing that you must do is know what kind of deck your opponent play, that's why i play with Pegasus with mind vision, if you know what the enemy place you know what to use and what to remove.
♦ GutoN:
Deck uses only two silent magician’s copy for more consistency, giving the chance you start with two or more spellbooks cards and one monster to set in your first hand. You didn’t need the lvl 8 into the deck because she will only increase the brick’s chance.

Three Library gives a great opportunity to start the duel with it and the Secrets or Magician, providing a insane drawing power. Strength, in my opinion, is the most underrate card of the deck, with it you can recycle your cards, combined with your drawing power.

Also it supplies Library’s weakness, and gives the chance to use a second Library in a duel. Mind Scan provides you to encounter enemy back row, which is the most weakness of the deck, and playing around the enemy defenses.
♦ Wavenation:
With a “Point and Click” banish in Spellbook of Fate, you have the ability to lock your opponent out of Normal Summoning all game. Silent Magicians allow you to play without worrying about game changing spells like Silver’s Cry or Mask Change. Running Mind Scan also allows you to prepare for Backrow and any possible trap set-ups your opponent may have. This deck can handle front row and back row very well.

I took out Treacherous because, believe it or not, it actually felt bricky in this deck, every card in your hand is an important piece to make your plays work and having a dead card that you need to set felt almost as bad as drawing Silent Magician Lv8 in my opening hand. The Spellbook of Fate Control is plenty and destroys blue-eyes decks.

In place of treacherous I teched in “The Tricky”. It’s a decent 2k body to sit on and a nice OTK combo piece, but most importantly it allows you to get more spellbooks into the GY to let Fate make more plays.

With the new ban list coming, I think this deck will take off big time, back row took a huge hit with this last list and Amazoness getting decimated means less Odions.

All in all this deck has a good matchup against Blue-eyes which is a huge Force right now, the rest of the Meta game will evolve from the next month or so of play. Don’t sleep on Spellbooks.



Hot New Top
Bruh! That one GB deck...I wanna see it! @_@
for the guy who said you don't need skills to play yu-gi-oh.
I'm glad I still have this link, ( the guy destroys all KoG players at the last KC cup with his TIER 3 deck )
<< Anonymous(Meadow)
Xanonz Reply

but with some luck
<< Anonymous(Meadow)
Anonymous Reply
yea i know, dude says its luck but kinda hard 2 believe since some replays are actually really good, i liked the one in which some fur hire user filled the field with monsters twice and both times he got wiped out lmao crazy
<< Anonymous(Meadow)
Douglas Boyd Reply
I have watched this multiple times and i love it. I run Noble Knights as well and have run into literally no one that uses them besides me and Gaia Dragon
Buster Blade with DNA Surgery is now tier 1 :v
<< Anonymous(Anti-dragon!)
Anonymous Reply
Lmao, it's barely tier 2/3
Makrov krauzer
reached KOG 2 times (this season and the one before) using koa'ki meiru!


The deck list is on page 2 / koa'ki meiru / Makrov Krauz
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauzer )
Anonymous Reply
Congratz bro !!!!!! (y) !
but gotta admit I still don't know what koa'ki meiru means lol :)
<< Anonymous
Makrov krauz Reply
Me neither LoL
Thanks dude
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
OldtimerOCG Reply
Congrats with that Kog mate!
<< Anonymous(OldtimerOCG)
Anonymous Reply
Thanks dude thanks a lot
Hit KoG with Grass Bujins with Restart. The guy I fought before ranking up gave me the win. Quite generous of him.
Blue-Eyes in the Meta!! Peep my deck profile featuring Burst Stream! Must have for Buster Blader and Hero matchups. Searchable with Bingo!
So cyber style is nerfed whats best for vampires? tie that binds , beatdown, lp boost?
<< Anonymous(Mert1337)
Anonymous Reply
Fairy smile with heart of underdog
<< Anonymous
Mert1337 Reply
Leems segit
<< Anonymous(Mert1337)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Mert1337)
Anonymous Reply
Probably Sealed tombs
They should really remove the 5 wins a row condition and implement a meter or something. Tired of losing because of a coin flip or a bricked hand when I'm about to hit KoG.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I thought about it but the thing is if they do that everyone will reach KOG even if they keep losing, I think the best way is :in legend 3 if you lose your kog promotion match you need 2 wins to have another chance just like legend 1 and 2.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And if you get depromoted you need 2 or 3 wins to reclaim ur rank again instead of 5 wins
Hit KOG yesterday with this
<< Anonymous(GleamTheFox)
GleamTheFox Reply
uh this deck lol
<< Anonymous(GleamTheFox)
Anonymous Reply
however, this is not a burn deck... it's a Spikeshield otk
Spellbooks is decent tier 3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude spellbooks is a sold tier 2
Anyone reach KoG with cyberdark ? Maybe by chance but reach it anyway ? xd
Anonymous No. 2
Blue-Eyes and Spellbooks on the rise.
Will the new mini box offer any competition (Vylons, Busted Blader, Scraps, Morphtronics)?

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