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Season 33 DurationOct 1 - Nov 1

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Number of users per deck

Cyber Stein OTK6
Dark Magician1
Dark World1
Fur Hire14
Gladiator Beast1
Hazy Flame3
Koa'ki Meiru1
Masked HERO11
Sea Stealth Attack1
Silent Swordsman1
XYZ Ojama1


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Mello YellowSwitcherooOct 15



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZaneEndless Trap HellOct 2

A comment from Zane:
Amazoness still the best due to banishing effect of onslaugh.. I also have tough times against vampires because they can pop the field and econ take. Just play your cards wisely specially using FTG, always use it n Vampire Queen to stop their combo and then banish it

Other KOG players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZaneEndless Trap HellOct 2
HeartfiliaParasite InfectionOct 3
AndalCyber StyleOct 5
BL☆CKParasite InfectionOct 7
闇のゲームEndless Trap HellOct 8
BlueMinotaurCyber StyleOct 9
SeafEndless Trap HellOct 16
ElisonEndless Trap HellOct 18
¥.Peralta™Holy GuardOct 18
JeditachiEndless Trap HellOct 18
GanzoryDestiny DrawOct 19
DarkMagicianCyber StyleOct 19
gozaloEndless Trap HellOct 22
Intercept0rEndless Trap HellOct 22
ViveshenHoly GuardOct 22
♦ Andal:
I run 2 copies of Ready For Intercepting because I don't have Floodgate Trapholes or a 3rd Paleozoic Canadia. Ready For Intercepting is a trap version Book of Moon for the Amazoness.
♦ BL☆CK:
Use Sphere Kuriboh wisely for some OTKs. I ran 2 copies of Galaxy Cyclone for Amazoness deck and Vampire deck instead of Cosmic Cyclone, you can use galaxy's 2nd effect which saves you alot.
♦ BlueMinotaur:
Pretty versatile deck that can play backrow control with Amazoness cards and at the same time surprise opponents with the Witch Raider + Mask Change OTK. I did not have much trouble with Vampires, Mask Hero and Fur Hires, but struggled against an active SSA which my only out would be to OTK.

The Fire King + Nepthtys + Yubel deck can also counter it, provided they don't brick. Mirror Wall put in work especially against Trunade and unsuspecting players looking to attack a smaller Amazoness Monster. It is also a great way to trigger Cyber Style. This deck is quite good and I have managed to make it with only 2 Anki, which I think is enough, but adding 1 more Canadia would help more, if you have a 2nd copy.
♦ Ganzory:
It’s the usual Amazoness deck with a few changes to counter specific decks. I use it with Yami Yugi’s Destiny Draw to make sure i draw the card i need to get the win. Jinzo and Cyber Soldier help me defeat other Amazoness decks and Trap decks as well as Anti-Meta decks.

Cyber Soldier and Amazoness Sword Woman get me the win against Masked HERO decks, U.A. decks and other Warrior decks. Amazoness Onslaught and Amazoness Queen ensure the victory against Fur Hire decks. The trap cards i have ensure i can deal with other decks. Only real challenge is Vampire decks and new Blue Eyes deck.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RiyonaeReinforcementOct 11
♦ Riyonue:
Used Alexis’ skill reinforcement to pull Amazoness out of the deck when necessary (can also pull Vision HERO), cyber soldier counters most meta decks now and is capable of OHKO with spikeshield. Added Vision HERO Witch Raider to help clear the field and eventually reached KOG! :)


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HAPP¥-SAMABalanceOct 8
RytashBalanceOct 8
YT I AM LWhere the Heroes DwellOct 21


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CurraheeLast GambleOct 17
♦ Currahee:
I played in the last three month so many times and time with Batteryman's deck. I really love it. At the last sale I can get the 3rd copies from Industrial Strength and I could complete this deck.

Today 16 duels was enough to earn KoG from Legend 1. There was 10 wins in a row, then a defeat, then again 5 wins in a row.

Sphere Kuriboh is key because the most deck kills the backrow; if its stayed in my hand, I could use for the 'Last Gamble' skill.

But I'm not using Snipe Hunter because the success of his effect makes very poorly. Instead I have one Dark Core. It's much more useful against so many monsters ; for example Amazoness Queen or Swords Woman, Vampire Vamp, Blue-Eyes Dragons, Dyna, Yubels...which can be easily returned to the field.

Floodgate, Needle Ceiling is really important against "the multiple summons in one turn" decks.
For the new BANLIST makes just a little chages in this deck, I'll drop a econ and add a 'Dark Core' or a 'Snipe Hunter' instead.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
José-CRA Trick up the SleeveOct 17
jeryltohA Trick up the SleeveOct 17
VideyA Trick up the SleeveOct 19
ZacA Trick up the SleeveOct 19
Vertrðfurr+A Trick up the SleeveOct 21
♦ Videy:
Blue Eyes deck with new support from ex structure deck with a trick up the sleeve skill. Guaranteed cosmo brain to help you when brick and have a 3100 beatstick. Dragon spirit of white make this deck can easily deal with amazon onslaught, SSA or even Treacherous Traphole.

3000 attack power blue eyes making mask hero cant Otk you easily. A really powerfull deck that can deal with all the top tier deck. Silvers cry can be exchanged with birthright and i put in chalice to deal with amazon queen.
♦ Zac:
“A Trick up the Sleeve” offers a bit more consistency than “Beatdown.” Psychic Ace and Dragon Spirit give much needed removal. Gigantic Astor is great in the mirror match and is the only card Dragon Spirit can synchro. Stardust Dragon works very nicely against Yubel and Fur Hire.

Ideally, minus two Birthright and plus 2 Silver Cry would make the deck better. I don’t recommend White Stone of Legend or Ancient Rules in this version; they’re better for a version without Cosmo Brain.
♦ Vertrðfurr+:

This is a simple proof that you can reach KoG with just getting 1 copy of the deck with the 1k gems. You can surely be more consistent if you have more Silver's Cry instead of Birthright.
Psychic Ace is simply amazing in this deck due to its synergy with both Cosmo Brain and Enemy Controller. You can use your imagination to be creative and make amazing plays with those 3 cards alone, not even counting the Blue Eyes revival strategies.

Yubel and Mirror matches are the more annoying ones to deal with, both matchups heavily rely on snatching your opponent's key monsters with Enemy Controller to try gaining the upper hand on the field.

Azure-Eyes is your go-to Synchro if you have to go first, and if you can manage to bring it out, though more often than not you'll be more focused on non-synchro plays. This deck is a lot of fun and has endless potential for strategic plays, even if you get disrupted by trap cards, you will most likely still have a backup plan to turn things around. You'll obviously sometimes end up having bad RNG at times, but it's part of the experience.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DreadMasterXRestartOct 21
♦ DreadMasterX:

Raised to KoG thanks to the decrease on fur hire decks. dyna kills the deck by himself.
turtle's effect helps fight the common threats like E-con and trecherous trap hole.
grass accelerates the deck by dumping resourses and thinning the deck.

The skill restart is the pick for the deck for it helps to get combo cards like ties of the breathen, the grass looks greener and bujin yamato on your first hand, the secondary effect of not drawing a card on your first turn helps by dumping a extra card if you go second and use grass on your first move.

The deck by nature is slow, for you want to have enough resources on the GY to get rid of oponent backrow and get tools for when you go into assault.

Bujinunity is the only way of perfoming a comeback since it restores your beast warriors to the deck and let you add up to three monsters to your hand.Into the void is a nice draw that also helps sending bujins that you want on the GY and are dead on your hand, can be replaced with a second copy of ties of the breathen or even a copy of vivid knight

The deck fairs well agains the common and raising deck of this changing meta.The card destruction of quillin and centipide greatly help in the amazones match while bujingi shinjou and turtle helps on destroying more aggressive decks like blue eyes. the only card of backrow that is trecherous helps against swarm and the fact that the deck doesnt set spell or traps render useless your opponent backrow removal.

Cyber Stein OTK

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LegendLife Cost 0Oct 8
BenLife Cost 0Oct 11
Yami PhoenixLife Cost 0Oct 11
BryanSoAlLife Cost 0Oct 17
TonezLife Cost 0Oct 18
GhostLife Cost 0Oct 19
♦ 决斗王:
60 games from giving up on yubel mill deck which dropped me to platinum 1.
I was mad so I thought if a tilter deck could get me to legend 1, I’ll use it throughout for KoG.
It did bring me there.

For suppressing Life points, you need them as much as you do need for getting stein. Because you wouldn’t want to depend on enemy to keep your hp low, that’s just risks you don’t have to take.
So here we have 3 Cosmic Cyclone.
2 cybernetic fusion support is amazing, they bring out otk potential. Alternatively you can use abyssal designator.

For monsters cards, you obviously need 3 cyber stein for tilting to the max.
Next, Sangan does have cyber stein searchability you definitely want them too for consistency.

You have your win condition in 10 cards, now all you have left is to stall.
Throw in some ebolas. It can sustain your lifepoint in critical condition and utilize your opponent’s attack for your life reduction. I pop 4 of those. And the rest is honestly up to you, go for deck thinning because consistency tilts them harder. i use the flute, and the flipper, if you have dark world dealing that’s something i would recommend because I haven’t got them.

Dark Magician

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ありよこMaster of MagicianOct 4

Dark World

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
UltimaGritOct 17
♦ Ultima:
- Treacherous Trap Hole is the best Trap in any deck which 0 def cards.

- I take 1 Hey, Trunade!, becoz this deck can draw 4-5 card's for 1 turn(Gates + Dark World Dealing + Snoww + Broww = it's supports card's for emptying the deck), and 2 Trunade is so much for this deck, and if enemy have 1 Spell/Trap face down card on the Field, we can use Dark world Lighting instead Trunade for start combo Ceruli + Reign-beaux.

- Kahhki is a very useful card, if enemy have 3 monsters on the field and i can't use my mass-destroy combo. 2 Kahhki must have in this deck.

- skill : Grit

Thanks amazoness and blue-eyes for my first KOG on the DARK WORLD!=)


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
D-D-D-D-DuelGrandpa's CardsOct 6

Fur Hire


Hot New Top
Bruh! That one GB deck...I wanna see it! @_@
Hit KoG with Grass Bujins with Restart. The guy I fought before ranking up gave me the win. Quite generous of him.
Blue-Eyes in the Meta!! Peep my deck profile featuring Burst Stream! Must have for Buster Blader and Hero matchups. Searchable with Bingo!
They should really remove the 5 wins a row condition and implement a meter or something. Tired of losing because of a coin flip or a bricked hand when I'm about to hit KoG.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I thought about it but the thing is if they do that everyone will reach KOG even if they keep losing, I think the best way is :in legend 3 if you lose your kog promotion match you need 2 wins to have another chance just like legend 1 and 2.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And if you get depromoted you need 2 or 3 wins to reclaim ur rank again instead of 5 wins
Spellbooks is decent tier 3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude spellbooks is a sold tier 2
Hit KOG yesterday with this
<< Anonymous(GleamTheFox)
GleamTheFox Reply
uh this deck lol
<< Anonymous(GleamTheFox)
Anonymous Reply
however, this is not a burn deck... it's a Spikeshield otk
Anyone reach KoG with cyberdark ? Maybe by chance but reach it anyway ? xd
Anonymous No. 2
Blue-Eyes and Spellbooks on the rise.
Will the new mini box offer any competition (Vylons, Busted Blader, Scraps, Morphtronics)?
Makrov krauzer
reached KOG 2 times (this season and the one before) using koa'ki meiru!


The deck list is on page 2 / koa'ki meiru / Makrov Krauz
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauzer )
Anonymous Reply
Congratz bro !!!!!! (y) !
but gotta admit I still don't know what koa'ki meiru means lol :)
<< Anonymous
Makrov krauz Reply
Me neither LoL
Thanks dude
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
OldtimerOCG Reply
Congrats with that Kog mate!
<< Anonymous(OldtimerOCG)
Anonymous Reply
Thanks dude thanks a lot
So cyber style is nerfed whats best for vampires? tie that binds , beatdown, lp boost?
<< Anonymous(Mert1337)
Anonymous Reply
Fairy smile with heart of underdog
<< Anonymous
Mert1337 Reply
Leems segit
<< Anonymous(Mert1337)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Mert1337)
Anonymous Reply
Probably Sealed tombs
Buster Blade with DNA Surgery is now tier 1 :v
<< Anonymous(Anti-dragon!)
Anonymous Reply
Lmao, it's barely tier 2/3
Someone have a good auto duel? because i can't use my furries auto duel lel.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I use sylvan and it's good, a little bit slower but I have 99% winrate against lvl 51 sd
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just put some bunch of generic backrows, preferably wod and mirror walls and play with one wiz and 1 donpa

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3 straight wins for me in Plat. I changed the Skull Meister to The Tricky, and Unknown Synchron. ...
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Seem like Konami want to promtoe old boxes xDD
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