Event Details

PeriodJuly 20 - July 26
  • For a limited time, Arkana will appear in Duel World! Duel him to obtain exclusive Reward cards!

  • Arkana drops rarer cards at higher levels!

  • Raise your stage to duel Arkana at a high level!


  • Arkana will not appear at the Gate.
  • The chance of Arkana appearing is not related to the chance of other Standard or Legendary Duelists appearing.
  • The chance of Arkana appearing is affected bu the use of Duel Orbs/Boosted Duel Orbs.
  • There can only be one Arkana in Duel World at a time.

Arkana Exclusive Rewards

Complete Event Missions to obtain cards!

Duel or Win with certain number of times against Arkana to complete Event Missions.

Card [Rarity]Required
Chosen OneChosen One [N]1
The Stern MysticThe Stern Mystic [R]3
Anti-Magic ArrowsAnti-Magic Arrows [SR]15

Recommended Event Rewards

Dark Eradicator Warlock
Dark Eradicator Warlock
This card delivers 1,000 damage each time a Normal Spell Card is activated.
Add this card along with many Normal Spell Cards to strengthen your Dark Magician deck
Anti-Magic Arrows
Anti-Magic Arrows
With this card, either you nor youyr opponent can activate Spell or Trap Cards until the end of the turn. Activating this card's effect stops the activation of any Spell, Trap,or Monsters effects, use it to avoid strong Trap Cards.

Dark Magician Exclusive Animation

A new animation can be viewed once Arkana summoned his own Dark Magician.

Dark Magician
Dark Magician


Hot New Top
Anonymous 26days ago

Bye Arcana
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Bye Arkana im a lucky ass bitch thanks for giving me a 3 of each card and giving thousand knifes to everyone else.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
I typed wrong *arkana
Anonymous 27days ago
Roaming LDs are the fucking worst. Still no magicians and there's only 2 more days left. But thanks for the Yugi drops Konami, really enjoyable
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Not all of us can farm him since most farming decks seem to rely on Union Attack.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Union Attack is entirely replacable with Gift to the Martyr, and Vassal is replacable with Piranha Army
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
not to mention that using piranha army is much easier than using vassal, with piranha you only need one beud and one gift of the martyr and you're ready to go.
<< Anonymous
Andrew 26days ago Reply
I've farmed with Unhappy Girl / Pirhanna deck ~15-20 wins on lvl40 with 6k+ scores. Only 3 SR's that whole time, 2 of them Yugi drops. I have a theory that Konami secretly increases drop rates for paying players. I bought some cards during all previous events, had fine drops, finally stopped buying and suddenly worst drop rates by far. Terrible drop rate, worst I've ever seen in an event.
Andrew 26days ago
Can anyone confirm -- do the duel orbs / boosted orbs affect Arkana's appearance rate, or is that just a typo from the Konami event description ?
Mentek44 26days ago
im having some good luck! prismatic Dark Magician and Destiny Draw skill for Yugi. FeelsGoodMan
<< Anonymous(Mentek44)
Mentek44 26days ago Reply
here the MVP
Realm 26days ago
Almost done.
<< Anonymous(Realm )
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Youre done... And your life should be
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
You want to?
<< Anonymous(Realm )
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
lol yeah ur done dude. last card is easily farmed from yugi at the gate
<< Anonymous
Realm 26days ago Reply
My black key is all for odion :(
Kyn 26days ago
Shitty drop rate, the event will end and I got no card with more than 40 battles
Anonymous 26days ago
I'm ticked off cause I got Dark Mag. 3 times in the first 10 battles but nothing else good from
Daemon Blitzkrieg 26days ago
A Greek tragedy that's not really Greek if I ever saw one. D:
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg )
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
that's painful, hurts me just to see that.
yami 26days ago
how the hell you farm these idiots for thes drops?
<< Anonymous(yami)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
yami 26days ago Reply
im trying hard to figure out the best strategies to farm for these rare drops and i cant seem to get it
<< Anonymous(yami)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
You farm, by dueling to get as many points as possible for the match. If you can get an 8000 score, you have 8 chances for SR/UR drops.(max of 8 rewards) So your odds should be 'better' with more chances, but to get 8k scores, you need to stall as much as possible, then make the kill when you have both low health, and no cards left in your deck.
Daemon Blitzkrieg 27days ago
Well, only tomorrow left to get some cards from Arkana, this conceded bastard. Only really managed 3 Eradicators, and I'm not even sure how that. Everything else is Yugi's old cards. (yay 1st Diffusion Wave Motion that I don't care about~~) -_-
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
i still didn't get anything good aside from the event missions, so i gave up farming him
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
TKSainto 26days ago Reply
Lucky guy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Never give up sir, especially in front of me. I will clown on you until you get back to it~ Besides, there's only one day left and I'm not doing much but getting everyone to lv31, so I'm like Wynaut?~ ;)
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg 26days ago Reply
Stupid site, this one be me btw. XC
Original Post 26days ago
Oh here we go again. I remember the times when everyone is hyped for Arkana (because of Dark Magician support) and now they talk shit about him just because of drop rates... Irony... Can't wait for the same fate for Yami Marik and his drop rewards.
<< Anonymous(Original Post)
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
hyped before and after.
<< Anonymous(Original Post)
Grim 26days ago Reply
Arkana is alright. I feel bad for him in the anime though
<< Anonymous(Original Post)
Grim 26days ago Reply
Plus I'll be happy with Yami Marik
<< Anonymous(Original Post)
... 26days ago Reply
Hype that someone is coming and drop rates are 2 different things... If you get everytime 7-8k and not a single SR/ur Drop then something is wrong and has nothing to do with the hype of him. People like you are only talking this kind of shit because they already have everything what they needed.
KONAMI 26days ago
This event sucks and pisses me off.

1st I got 2 days only level 30 spawns Konami you kidding me right I'm fucking maxed level and I get fucking level 30s remove those stupid piece of shit level 30s for high lvl or maxed mission level players !!?

Then I get only those SR drops WHaT I already have xx copies of from yugi .

These stupid spawn bullshit events needs a fucking big change and remove those stupid SR cards what we already can farm from the gates this is a special event that means only exclusive cards and not available cards what you can get from the gates.

One of the best games but Konami is to stupid to make these game even better

No we releasing new packs to get more money and make this game more broken stupid mofu!

Damn im Pissed

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