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EC| Cloud

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
EC| CloudA Trick Up the SleevesNov 7

A comment from EC| Cloud:
This deck have a lot of variables, Luster Dragon and Aqua Spirit were the tech, both of them can be searched with Cosmic Brain, LD because Decider and AS for Syncros. Lyla and Destructotron were the back row cleaners, and later used with Cosmic Brain.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FeliciaA Trick Up the SleevesNov 8

A comment from Felicia:
This is back row control. When in mirror match or you go first turn. Play nothing and use kuribohs or set a monster so you don’t get OTK. Obviously summon lyla or destruct and activate there effects first always before special summoning.

Bingo your way through to get a normal monster to your hand as possible. Have an extra deck to mess with your opponent strategy. I would have made it with 3 silvers cry and take out one bingo.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ZacA Trick Up the SleevesNov 10

A comment from Zac:

I ran standard Blue-Eyes from Platinum 4-Legend 2, switched to this list and won 10 in a row to get KOG. I found it a little more fun than the standard list. It gives you more opening plays than just summon Cosmo and hope for the best. MVP is Fates of course since it allows not-targeted removal, and Spellbook of power ensures that your Cosmo Brain beats the other in a mirror match which is very useful.

Extra deck is irrelevant since I didn’t run Protector/other tuners. I did brick a couple of times (no Blue-Eyes to summon cosmo and Spellbook cards without prophecy), but luckily the opponent played it safe/bricked since they expected standard Blue-Eyes.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
dracofireA Trick Up the SleevesNov 16


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
UBetterBeRunA Trick Up the SleevesNov 21

A comment from UBetterBeRun:
So basically Blue-Eyes is a glass cannon deck. You stop the Cosmo Brain and chances are they will lose unless they have drawn the nuts and get through your defences. Which can happen sometimes but not all the time. Thats where spellbooks come in, they provide the extra push on attack and the best removal tool in the game, basically answering all of Blue-Eyes problems.

Power helps Cosmo Brain get over other Brains and also provides a clean 4000+ swing for game after using Blue Eyes to remove a defense monster. The hardest counter to Blue Eyes in my opinion is Destiny Hero Decider, Fate nicely deals with him . Vampires also lose clean to a well placed Fate, thats not to say always use the banish effect because DONT.

That separates the good players from the bad, resource management is your most important tool in this deck. Its not all summon big stompy dragon and swing. Some games are like that but on high legend it rarely goes like that.. The best thing for fate going first is unless you need to remove a problematic monster end phase banish 1 to bounce a backrow, this puts 3 in your grave for another fate next turn, which you should have if you havent botched the order of Cosmo Brain and Organization.

The match-ups are solid for this deck. you run over spellbook as you're able to force their fate with yours. Then do 6k damage. Vampire are hurt by Dragon Spirit of White and Fate on their Kingdom and Grace. Masked Hero are fine because in this circumstance you always need to fate the Decider and then clean up backrow with Dragon Spirit of White.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
stralisA Trick Up the SleevesNov 30

A comment from stralis:

The deck is simply phenomenal, the multiple possibilities of combinations make it very competitive.

All this is combined with the ability of Arkana ace up the sleeve, dragon spirit of the white you already know it, the new entry hieratic eset dragon allows you to do that evocation that brings you closer to victory

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AndalA Trick Up the SleevesNov 6
DREAM420A Trick Up the SleevesNov 10
charlesbmA Trick Up the SleevesNov 11
YashaA Trick Up the SleevesNov 11
Vertrðfurr+A Trick Up the SleevesNov 13
SaturdayA Trick Up the SleevesNov 29



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
StuSpell SpecialistNov 11

A comment from Stu:
The secret is the skill spell specialist. Way more better than balance because you have always a spell in your opening hand and more of the times grass.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FelixKyokoroDestiny DrawNov 14


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
longkonLP Boost αNov 14

A comment from longkon:

Thanks to the new blackwing rising box. Buijin deck get a lot more consistent and better with buijin crane . U don’t really need grass spell cuz it gambling. Any cards you send to graveyard you only need 1 copy . 2 bujin trap to cycle them back to graveyard . I am using only 20 cards so most of the time i have yamato or mikazuchi on hand ( no need other beast warrior bujin)


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KaldurAhmRestartNov 28

A comment from KaldurAhm:
It's all due to the release of Bujingi Crane. With Crane, this deck becomes a powerhouse against the current meta. Having a crane or two in the hand means that Anki, Cosmo Brain, Blue Eyes and Silent Magician LV 8 can't swing over Bujin Yamato or Bujin Mikazuchi. I chose the "Restart" skill because this deck really gets going with Yamato in the starting hand to put Bujingi Hare or Turtle in the grave to prevent an econ take, a treacherous trap hole, or vampire grace play. Having a Hare in the grave with two cranes in the hand mean you can not only survive but potentially turn the tables on a player that goes in with a full blue-eyes board.

The only decks I really struggled with were Yubel and Silent Spellbooks when your opponent has a perfect hand (Blue Boi, Silent Magician, Secrets, and a fate combo on turn one). Yubel Incarnate's card effect limits Yamato's potential and Silent Magician on turn one could combo right into LV 8 if you destroy it with crane. To combat those decks I put in Super Rush (x2), Dark Core, and TTH to banish or destroy those monsters. Dark Core also helps to put a Bujingi monster in the grave.

Fire Formation- Gyokkou shuts down back row and boosts your Bujin Monsters, which are beast warriors. Canadia is a good way to stall if you don't have Yamato or Mikazuchi. You could include a Bujin Hirume instead of the third Mikazuchi and you could substitute Bujingi Sinyou if you are missing a crane or two but it makes the deck slower and less consistent.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YairChain ReactionNov 12

A comment from Yair:
This is the burn deck I used to get to KOG this season. I got 10 straight wins from legend 2 to king. Feel bad for using somewhat cancer deck but it was kind of fun. I prefer chain reaction over parasite infestation seeing that sometimes the opponent may never draw it and that if they do it changes the typing so cyber soldier won't work. The hero of multiple matches was horseytail.

Most people will almost realize you run a stall deck when they go against weevil or odion so they don't summon a 2nd monster in fear of lava golem. So your answer is that horseytail. It creates a useless token that takes up a slot in their arsenal and you can use it as the 2nd monster for your lava golem.

Added a doom dog instead of 3rd lava golem because it's monster you can use as defense in turn 1 or 2 instead of having a dead card waiting for your opponent tu summon something. Does pretty good against most decks but I did lose some matches in legend 1 vs mill or other burn decks that run endless trap hell.

Buster Blader DNA Surgery


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WickedBalanceNov 8

A comment from Wicked:

I find that the ideal opening hand with this deck contains one each of Whelp, Emblem, and DNA Surgery. My list runs 1x Buster Blader and 3x Emblem along with the balance skill in order to make this combination as likely as possible. There are enough ways to retrieve BB from the deck or graveyard that one copy is enough, and getting it removed from play rarely happens in the current meta.

Utilizing DNA Surgery to fuse opposing monsters is the greatest strength of this deck. As a rule of thumb, only fuse two of your own cards when you’re forced to, you need paladin, or you see lethal. In situations where you have a good board but are at a standstill due to traps, Anti-Magic Arrows is in the deck so that you can stall out with Dragon Destroyer Swordsman and then end it in one turn. Karma can be useful against Vampires and Yubel, but I removed it because it ends up as a brick too often.

Other than the 3x DNA Surgery, the traps in this deck are very flexible. Replace them with whatever seems fit as long as the six needed for balance to activate are maintained. Stardust is included for when destruction effects are a concern. Goyo is included because I don’t have enough gems for another fusion.

Gaia Dragon !

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Gaia Dragon!Mind ScanNov 18


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HeisenbergRestartNov 22

A comment from Heisenberg:
I use the Deck Buster Blader (3 dragon destroyer, 1 paladin, 1 stardust) with Restart. Use the set skill to have at least 2 cards :

  • 1 buster whelp or its fusion card
  • 1 buster blader or its search spell or fusion substitute.

Afterwards you'll need DNA to troll any effect (yubel, geargia, zombie, fur hire, spellbook,...) and Anki direct attack.
For OTK you should wait that your dragon destroyer gets +4800atk with stardust or trunade as support.
Cosmic cyclone is useful for opponent's DNA or zombie spell cards.
Treacherous trap is to save time before drawing DNA surgery.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
rocco69Last GambleNov 30

Cyber Angel


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Gowtu99Destiny DrawNov 20

A comment from Gowtu99:
Just a little experiment and it worked. The new ritual support monster Djinn Presider of Rituals helps a lot so you can draw extra cards you need and can even be used for a ritual summon when it's in the graveyard. Destiny Draw is a must or else you brick.

This deck has no backrow removal because there is no space for it so play carefully when dakini is ritual summoned without Djinn Dissere of Rituals. Paleozoic is good for defence and can be used as a tribute for your ritual summon. I lost only 3 times with this deck against a burn deck, an Yubel deck and Vamps.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RubiiCyberdark StyleNov 10

A comment from Rubii:

How to use: Use Cannon to search Edge. Use Traps to stall. I always send Bacon Saver to grave first, unless I am 100% sure I can OTK next turn by sending Leng Ling to grave. Cosmo Cyclon to destroy important Spells/Traps (Against Yubel the field spell) or to ensure OTK. Floodgate works extremely well against Cosmo Brain (Blue-Eyes).

You can also search for Canon or Edge with Zanes Skill once your LP fell for 1800. Draining Shield allows you to search more often if needed as you gain LP back.
Hard Matchups are Anti-Trap, Anti-Meta,Busterblader and everything with Jinzo, Masked Heroes, Spellbook, Blue-Eyes and Vampire are usually pretty easy.

Take care while playing against Vampires. Dont send anything to the grave while the field spell is active. You'll kill yourself.

Also be carefull when playing against Masked Heroes. If he attacks with Celestial he can destroy your equipped Canon or Leng Ling.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
darkchip86Cyberdark StyleNov 30

A comment from darkchip86:
Quite a simple Cyberdark build just using Edge and Cannon.
I usually always throw Bacon Saver to the grave first with Cannon unless I have Sphere Kuriboh and/or Pulse Mines to stop those otk's, then I may dump Leng Ling first ready for my 2nd Edge to be summoned and a double direct attack.

Before I amended the deck to this build, I found it difficult against backrow like Widespread Ruin, Canadia and Floodgate so went for 4 back row destruction cards which seem to work really well.
If against Vamps, I try to save Cosmic Cyclone (keep it set) until Kingdom is played. And against dragunity, keep it set until Aklas is in the spell/trap zone.
And running Cosmic Cyclone helps to get Cyberdark Style skill active which is great if they've taken out 1 Edge and you are after a 2nd as you will either get Edge or Cannon (which you can discard for Edge).

Just keep bashing away at those life points (2 attacks per monster that has Leng Ling equipped!) and using your traps, sphere Kuriboh and Bacon Saver wisely and you usually end up with a win! Haven't really had much trouble, I only lost one game to Mind Scan Masked Hero as he knew what card to Cyclone to OTK me.

Dark Magician


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LightRevenanMaster of MagiciansNov 8

A comment LightRevenan:
Here my 2 times kog deck. I used dark magician deck revised. This my version it's very good for pvp. I win all matches with this deck (30).

I lost only 2 match: 1 crash of connexion and 1 for a shit draw in the beginning. You can use this deck with specialist in spells, ace in the sleeves or master of magician. Bads deck for dark magician are fur hire, masked hero and spellbook.



Hot New Top
Avant Garde
You should be able to stay in the TOP tier list FOREVER just with 1000 miserable gems.

Otherwise, it’s pay-to-win
<< Anonymous
LavaBiscuit Reply
It's amusing how the worst players ever start calling liar, cheater, etc etc to anyone who builds decks for free or becomes relevant in the kc cup, etc. I believe not everyone is a real duelist here.
<< Anonymous(LavaBiscuit)
Anonymous Reply
that includes u. its obvious that u didnt see the complete chat and only saw the last messages.
<< Anonymous
LOL Reply
Your "original deck" actually means some deck with very random cards in it. If you keep losing = blame the meta LOL
<< Anonymous(LOL)
Anonymous Reply
wht that means ??
Deepsea Shark
I believe they are not interested in updating tier lists anymore or give the best deck examples because they actually prefer people to build their own decks.
Last KC cup was a clear proof of this, there are plenty of ways to play a BANISH CONTROL deck and there is not really a mandatory version of it and 24-22 card decks proved to be way better than expected.
is this card ready for the meta?
<< Anonymous(carl238)
Anonymous Reply
Ehh tbh it’s not meta breaking. The special summon restriction is irrelevant since hardly any card does that in DL and the floating effect only applies to Azure eyes and Stardust. Hell most blue eyes deck doesn’t even bother with synchro. The main tactic is to turbo out cosmo brain, get spirit out banish back row and try to pummel your opponent. So it’d be a neat option but probably not a hot pick
<< Anonymous(carl238)
Anonymous Reply
Everyone play with shitty cosmo brain blue-eyes deck and you want another blue-eyes card... This is weird man.
<< Anonymous
Brick Eyes? Reply
Comment section often reminds me of the ´´I am Legend movie``, because the ones commenting are always pissed and quite often vent the most random complains I’ve read lol. That being said, NOT everyone plays Blue Eyes man, that’s a given and the deck is just OK, it’s not really broken at all.
Reached easy KING of GAMES Rank and also easy DLV MAX at last KC CUP with Buster Blader deck !

Lots of victories against Masked Heroes, Vampires, Blue-Eyes and even against Silent Magician.

I built my deck with Gems ! (and I actually show my purchase history in the vid !). Hope you enjoy !

【 LINK 】
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I’ve won against buster blader as well, and plenty of times actually. So that’s why I’m pretty surprised when I read so much hateful comments about such deck. Pretty Weird.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The deck is Tier 3 for a reason: it bricks a lot and sometimes your hand will be pretty much unplayable. I don’t think this deck is a threat for the game at all !
<< Anonymous
Midori Reply
This deck is pretty cool, Im just missing 1 buster whelp and I have the full build !
(´・ω・`)/ !
<< Anonymous(Midori)
Vermillion0283 Reply
This deck seems fun, I might build it soon since I already have 3 Swordsman of Destruction and paladin, I'm just missing 2 buster whelp and 2 fusions.
right now Duel Links sucks.
crap meta, crap events, crap new boxes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I agree :(
What is wrong with people? They always press the "Nice" button when you surrender and lose due to bricked starting hand or etc

Can i have a "kill yourself" button please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or if you lost your rank- up/down match lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, these people are abusing the "like" for annoying people instead. They better take down this function , creating problems instead of helping.
They said 5D is coming soon save up your gems.
They said synchro is too broken and meta defining in duelink.
And when 5D was introduced, I had no one left to speak anymore.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This synchro shit killing the game. I'm tired of new meta decks.
this game is so random

you going first? good luck gg
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
duel links is simple, buy random packs then if you keep losing simply blame the meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All you, playing the mainstream decks(yubel, masked, UA, vamipers, etc..)- you are unskilled nabs. You gonna suck whole life, cuz you will never come up with something on your own.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you right im with you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
gotta learn 2 adapt, can be unga bunga warrior forever
Yubel doesnt deserve to reach kog. Its the most autopilot troll meme deck to date. Like, its either brick or win. Nobody wants to include a stardust or chalice , divine wrath etc for this crap deck so you basically just auto lose if and when they get yubel off. Seriously needs a ban.
<< Anonymous(Shutyourbutt)
Anonymous Reply
Yubel bricks? With "my name is yubel"? You are out of your mind
<< Anonymous(Shutyourbutt)
Anonymous Reply
Run Canadia and you will win easily against Yubel. Canadia is also better against every single meta deck.
<< Anonymous(Shutyourbutt)
YourMom Reply
100% agreed, yubel, buster blader dna, stall are real cancer no competitive and brainless shit as hell
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it bricks hella often, you're just unlucky in yubel match ups or bad at predicting yubel moves.
Gem-Knight was short-lived, it appears? >:/
I hope next set involves artifacts.

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man when u reached top in SD (Special duels) i thought you gonna see some odds deck but u'll...
good choice better play other game than this facked up trash piece of garbage money grabblers dis...
Can you unlock skills by playing special duels or it is ranked only(besides gate)?
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