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KC Cup 2018 Nov season!
update 17/11/2018
IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
StuSpell SpecialistNov 11

A comment from Stu:
The secret is the skill spell specialist. Way more better than balance because you have always a spell in your opening hand and more of the times grass.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FelixKyokoroDestiny DrawNov 14


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
longkonLP Boost αNov 14

A comment from longkon:

Thanks to the new blackwing rising box. Buijin deck get a lot more consistent and better with buijin crane . U don’t really need grass spell cuz it gambling. Any cards you send to graveyard you only need 1 copy . 2 bujin trap to cycle them back to graveyard . I am using only 20 cards so most of the time i have yamato or mikazuchi on hand ( no need other beast warrior bujin)



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YairChain ReactionNov 12

A comment from Yair:
This is the burn deck I used to get to KOG this season. I got 10 straight wins from legend 2 to king. Feel bad for using somewhat cancer deck but it was kind of fun. I prefer chain reaction over parasite infestation seeing that sometimes the opponent may never draw it and that if they do it changes the typing so cyber soldier won't work. The hero of multiple matches was horseytail.

Most people will almost realize you run a stall deck when they go against weevil or odion so they don't summon a 2nd monster in fear of lava golem. So your answer is that horseytail. It creates a useless token that takes up a slot in their arsenal and you can use it as the 2nd monster for your lava golem.

Added a doom dog instead of 3rd lava golem because it's monster you can use as defense in turn 1 or 2 instead of having a dead card waiting for your opponent tu summon something. Does pretty good against most decks but I did lose some matches in legend 1 vs mill or other burn decks that run endless trap hell.

Buster Blader DNA Surgery


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WickedBalanceNov 8

A comment from Wicked:

I find that the ideal opening hand with this deck contains one each of Whelp, Emblem, and DNA Surgery. My list runs 1x Buster Blader and 3x Emblem along with the balance skill in order to make this combination as likely as possible. There are enough ways to retrieve BB from the deck or graveyard that one copy is enough, and getting it removed from play rarely happens in the current meta.

Utilizing DNA Surgery to fuse opposing monsters is the greatest strength of this deck. As a rule of thumb, only fuse two of your own cards when you’re forced to, you need paladin, or you see lethal. In situations where you have a good board but are at a standstill due to traps, Anti-Magic Arrows is in the deck so that you can stall out with Dragon Destroyer Swordsman and then end it in one turn. Karma can be useful against Vampires and Yubel, but I removed it because it ends up as a brick too often.

Other than the 3x DNA Surgery, the traps in this deck are very flexible. Replace them with whatever seems fit as long as the six needed for balance to activate are maintained. Stardust is included for when destruction effects are a concern. Goyo is included because I don’t have enough gems for another fusion.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RubiiCyberdark StyleNov 10

A comment from Rubii:

How to use: Use Cannon to search Edge. Use Traps to stall. I always send Bacon Saver to grave first, unless I am 100% sure I can OTK next turn by sending Leng Ling to grave. Cosmo Cyclon to destroy important Spells/Traps (Against Yubel the field spell) or to ensure OTK. Floodgate works extremely well against Cosmo Brain (Blue-Eyes).

You can also search for Canon or Edge with Zanes Skill once your LP fell for 1800. Draining Shield allows you to search more often if needed as you gain LP back.
Hard Matchups are Anti-Trap, Anti-Meta,Busterblader and everything with Jinzo, Masked Heroes, Spellbook, Blue-Eyes and Vampire are usually pretty easy.

Take care while playing against Vampires. Dont send anything to the grave while the field spell is active. You'll kill yourself.

Also be carefull when playing against Masked Heroes. If he attacks with Celestial he can destroy your equipped Canon or Leng Ling.

Dark Magician


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LightRevenanMaster of MagiciansNov 8

A comment LightRevenan:
Here my 2 times kog deck. I used dark magician deck revised. This my version it's very good for pvp. I win all matches with this deck (30).

I lost only 2 match: 1 crash of connexion and 1 for a shit draw in the beginning. You can use this deck with specialist in spells, ace in the sleeves or master of magician. Bads deck for dark magician are fur hire, masked hero and spellbook.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DENOQuick as WindNov 14

A comment from DENO:

  • My goal is always to have a stardust out and a Dragunity Synchro Monster equipped with Dragunity Divine Lance or, if not possible Dragunity Arma Mystletainn or Dragunity Dux will do it to.

  • Stardust is important against destruction such as Yubel or Fure Hire.

  • The only thing we have to worry about are spell cards, this is why we run Double Cyclone and Parallel Twister to destroy the equipped Dragunity Alklys.

  • If you start second and you know that your opponent has a floodgate Traphole try to destroy any spell card to get rid of it first, or if you have Alkys in your hand play it and special summon any other Dragunity Monster with its effect, cause it will not be triggered.

  • Destroy your field spell if needed!!

  • Be carefully of BusterBlader DNA decks, try to destroy DNA surgery and don’t snychrosummom, try to stay with Dux cause it’s not a dragon type.

『 』

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
『 』BeatdownNov 16

A comment from 『 』:
Deck is optimized to turn 2. There are way too many combos, but always keep in mine that the equip spell card makes its target inmune to traps once its effect goes on. You may need to decided wether you will use it to bring a tuner from the deck or for the trap inmunity.

Basic combo is Trunade into Aklys, special Militum from hand, use Militum effect to synchro into Vajrayana. Remember to use the skill and pop aklys equiped to Vajrayana to destroy enemy monster. Hit face for 4400. This deck big problem (at least for these build) is turn one. Against BEWD always make Gae Bulg turn one or is insta lose. If you only have one tuner in hand don't use Cards of consonance you may make your hand brick hard.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DaokoPeak PerformanceNov 17

A comment from Daoko:

The deck focuses on Dragunity's ability to OTK using many of its available 2 card OTK combos with Mountain Field Spell:

  • Dragunity Militum + Aklys
  • Dragunity Militum + Divine Lance
  • Dragunity Dux + Divine Lance

Often times, the combo not only sets you up with a 4200 ATK Vajrayana but also allows you to destroy a card on the field with you use Vajrayana effect on Aklys. The rest of the deck focuses heavily on backrow removal with to ensure your OTK goes through.

Double Cyclone is MVP in the deck as Mountain can offer as additional target for cyclone's effect and if played properly, double cyclone can result in plus plays with other removal cards such as Cosmic Cyclone, Treacherous Trap Hole, and Aklys. I am only playing 1 Card of Consonance as I found that any more causes the deck to brick more often.

Extra deck is pretty standard with 2x Vajrayana, 1x Gae Dearg, 1x Stardust. The last slot is flexible. I had Black-winged dragon in there because I hate playing against burn, but Gae Buld works as a good replacement that allows the deck to perform better mid-late game.

Overall this was an extremely fun deck to play as there is nothing more satisfying than you getting through 2 set backrow and 1 monster and still manage to pull off the OTK. I have been testing another variant of the deck that runs Grass is Greener to more value to Dragunity Dux by setting up the grave.

Fur Hire


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BksOnlyHopeThe Ties that BindsNov 7

A comment from BksOnlyHope:

With the nerf to Fur Hire I wanted to show that this deck was still viable as it is my favorite archetype. It is absolutely impossible to run Treacherous Trap Hole or Hey, Trunade in this deck post ban-list so I supplemented them with Canadia, and Widespread Ruin. Hallucinogenia is there as both an offensive and defensive tool. It can help swarm the field and allows you to get over things like Blue Eyes and Anki (without having to trade).

The wildcard (and MVP) of this deck is Destiny HERO-Plasma. While his cost of 3 monsters can sometimes lead to bricks, the beauty of Fur Hires is that they can swarm the field without ever having to use their normal summon. He completely shuts down Zombies, Fur Hire, and has an even better matchup against Amazoness now that their star trap has been limited to 1. He also runs over more obscure decks like Gladiator Beasts and Geargia granted you have things to deal with their heavy back-row, Jinzo anyone?


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WanhedaThe Ties that BindsNov 10

A comment from Wanheda:
Note: With the nerf of the fur hire has more chances of the hand coming bad, but still the deck is very strong. Wiz, Recon and Jinzo serve to deal with the defenses of the adversaries.

Although the strongest monster, Dyna, is only 2800 atk this deck can handle very well against white dragon, because who plays with white dragon will always want to attack you and that is why I put three walls of disruption and the super impulse. Canadia goes well on any deck. This deck massacre masked hero.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ManepThe Tie that BindsNov 16


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WaldtierThe Ties that BindsNov 17

A comment from Waldtier:
The deck has the same logic as the standard fur hire before the ban, but uses the big cattle drive to get back row support using the spamming fur hire effects and the amount of beast and beast warrior.

With these I usually get a +2. Alector helps to get a +3 against heroes, geargia and other monotype decks. He also helps to end effects of Cosmo Brain and Equip Cards.The rest is fur hire as usual

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KareemThe Ties that BindsNov 11
ManepThe Ties that BindsNov 11



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BroimattiBalanceNov 3

A comment from Broimatti:

My earliest kog ever. Same build as last month. The meta is very diverse atm, i hardly ever faced the same deck two times in a row (except bewd). My geargia has answers to all of them.

Balance is crucial for geargia because you need monster + spell + trap everytime, ideally ties which is a must at 3.

Strategy is simple: swarm, protect and destroy. Always clear the whole field before attacking, better stall a turn if there is one face down card left because a drowning mirror force or similar can be devastating.

Hard matchups were bewd (srh is problematic here and ties leaves you with just 2000 lp facing a full field of 3k beaters), noble knights and everything that uses TTH. Oh and don‘t forget the mirror - who goes first wins, who goes second loses.

Heroes (which i faced the most) were pretty easy but probably because the users couldn‘t handle my geargia. If i use attckers effect they have to use mask change before i select it and if i use anchors effect and they use mask change in the same chain i can just pop anki. Also most people still seem to have forgotten how pulse mines work.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
EmperorBalanceNov 6
emaraquinoBalanceNov 9
NEO-BRUNO MSBalanceNov 11

Gemini Beat

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RodarkBalanceNov 9

Gladiator Beast


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
✮Heartfilia✮Holy GuardNov 3

A comment from ✮Heartfilia✮:

  • Gladiator Beast Darius, this monster can help you easier to summon fusion summon GB Nerokius & GB Essedarii.
  • GB Equeste just for Recycle your GB.
  • GB Reatiari, for me this is the best card in this current meta, if you against user Blue Eyes Deck banish the Blue Eyes Spirit on their GY. and if you against Spellbook Banish the SB Eternity, so the can't recycle all the another books.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MutHoly GuardNov 12

A comment from Mut:

  • Regular Gladiator Beast combo.
  • Gladiator Beast Retiari is very useful to destroy some META Decks combo, like banish some Blue-Eyes monsters in their Graveyard, banish Destiny HERO Celestial in their Graveyard, banish Yubel - Terror Incarnate from their Graveyard, etc.
  • Use Gladiator Beast Darius effect and Gladiator Beast Equeste effect for emergency. I usually use them if opponents don't have Spell/Trap cards and their face-up monsters on their field and some cards for META Combo in their GY while you have Gladiator Beast monster in your GY.
  • Thanks to Gladiator Beast Hoplomus, my Gladiator Beast Deck becomes stronger.
  • Paleozoic Canadian, Impenetrable Attack, and Floodgate Trap Hole is very effective to protect your Gladiator Beast monsters.
  • Cosmic Cyclones usually save your life from your opponents annoying Spell/Trap cards.
  • I mostly use those Gladiator Beast monsters from Extra Deck to not make your deck run out, especially if you duel some opponents with their Mill deck.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 8hour ago
the worst season ever!!! konami finally puts the game in the point he wants. there isnt a budget-f2p deck in the top meta like amazones, fh, hazy... only p2w decks (silent m and bewd). Beware my vammpires and maskedHero friends: your nerf will com soon... save ur gems.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
There is some f2p deck there , take that grass spellbook for example
BeaverWarriorMVP 8hour ago
Some guys made it to DLV MAX with aliens and buster "brick" blader.
Both decks are like tier 20 lol, I guess what matters is the skills of the player. No joke.
<< Anonymous(BeaverWarriorMVP)
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
really? where can i see that info?
<< Anonymous(BeaverWarriorMVP)
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
Tell us more about the skill in the card game
where almost every thing is random
<< Anonymous(BeaverWarriorMVP)
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
If two players are equally skilled, then what decides who wins?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2hour ago Reply
The one with a bigger dick
Lovely Aster 3days ago
There was some cool spam here last night about one of those fake doctors who said that he could turn you into a vampire if you emailed him. They deleted it in the blink of an eye and yet there is still all of the porn shit from days ago on other pages. Why can't they get rid of the porn as fast?
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Oh don’t worry they deleted the comments on them.
Anonymous 17hour ago
This meta is by far the worst; even though its diverse; going 2nd = you won. I never lost any duel up till kog when i went 2nd. Am mainly talking for BEWD and Hero decks that stomps all with backrow removal when they go 2nd and they can straightly atk and kill you. The only deck that can do well going first is Spellbook, and good luck on your opening hand.
Avant Garde 14days ago
You should be able to stay in the TOP tier list FOREVER just with 1000 miserable gems.

Otherwise, it’s pay-to-win
<< Anonymous(Sandstorm )
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
stop lying, this is definitely not true
<< Anonymous(Sandstorm )
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
sandstorm said they play only 4h per day but dont say how many days he need for complete his deck xd, good joke.. wht is the next? you complete your deck in one week? haha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
i built a full spellbooks and furhire deck, both in a week max without spending more the $5 box just for a 3rd copy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
u say u built a spell book and fh deck spending dollars in a box, i built my old furhire deck in less a month with no credit card... what of both decks do u think is a true f2p?
Robinson 1days ago
Oh man I want to be featured here so hard. Please upload my dragunity deck (L) already sent the decklist and proof to the email.
<< Anonymous(Robinson)
Lovely Aster 1days ago Reply
Depending on when they are online, it could take about a day.
Sandstorm 5days ago
They shouldn't delete pics for no reason, I was serious when I said I built blue eyes for free. But well, it was an old pic... today I was opening more packs with some other old account I have and I managed to build BUSTER BLADER deck (for free as well) *.*/
<< Anonymous(Sandstorm)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Did you get all ur spirits with gems ?
If not then get lost
I don't remember optimal blue eyes deck being F2P friendly
<< Anonymous
Sandstorm 5days ago Reply
I'm out of home right now lol, but I'll upload my full deck l8r, yes, I got the full blue eyes deck with gems alone ^^, maybe I should record some fights as I reach kog with it, not that difficult.
<< Anonymous(Sandstorm)
Lipoe 4days ago Reply
Congrats buddy!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
get a job noob, u conplain about everything. bewd deck is under $10 max with gems.
Jericho 2days ago
I am so f***ing unlucky at drawing 50% of the matches I draw like sh*t... Freaking rng
Mr. Bricky 3days ago
Does this still count as lucky as someone who win a lottery?
<< Anonymous(Mr. Bricky)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I guess xp
<< Anonymous
Mr. Bricky 2days ago Reply
Guys you should check my gem and gold number ;)
<< Anonymous(Mr. Bricky)
infinite8inertia 2days ago Reply
its really low?
<< Anonymous(Mr. Bricky)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Dam u lucky *astard :)
Desolate 4days ago
If you use cheesy sh*t like trick up the sleeve to win game. You should immediately hang yourself.....
<< Anonymous(Desolate)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Legend rank 5? There is no such thing.
<< Anonymous(Desolate)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Lol legend ranks are from 1 to 3, then there is Kog, you never even reached legend in you life
<< Anonymous(Desolate)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
salty?? So basicly you are trying to say to konami that they should have no top meta deck f2p in the game?? also why are you saying this, do want it to be more expensive??
<< Anonymous(Desolate)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
This baggio was trying to trigger everyone and he actually succeeded XD
Anonymous 5days ago
Konami wants me to play Gem Knight:
1. Gem Knight-Fusion with 5 packs (Reset)
2. Gem Knight-Fusion with 25 packs
3. Gem Knight-Fusion with 10 packs
(No reset)
Lady Brilliant Diamond with 16 packs
(No reset)
4. Gem Knight-Fusion with 7 packs XD

I also got the Thunder Sea Horse and
the Magician of Faith.
<< Anonymous(=/)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Gem Knights without grass is weaker than ojamas and dark magician, are you serious? Gemini is one of the best kog worthy deck, it's very competitive control deck, it's even stronger than grass gem nights, exodia guy was either extremely lucky or his deck is a fake, stop fooling ppl to think that every deck can EASILY reach KOG
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
yeah, i think that too. many ppl are liars, they dont post their decks and want to show that they use an original deck... c'mon, im sure all of them use vampires, spellbooks or blueeyes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
I was tired off playing Vampire so I play Gem Knight. By the way: I only have 2 Samurai Skulls, 1 Grace and 1 Gozuki and I haven't luck with them. But I was very lucky with Burning Nova.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
if u was playing with only samurai skull gozuki and grace u never was playing a vampire deck. You was dueling with a regular zombie deck.
Anonymous 4days ago
Blue eyes + spellbooks seems pretty decent wow, I guess cosmo brain being a spellcaster helped a lot

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Why doesn't Divine Punishment destroy Galaxy Cyclone? My opponent activated it and I got no ...
There is some f2p deck there , take that grass spellbook for example
I have 30 packs left and silvers cry is last remaining UR as well, I just gave up building blue eyes
seriously though.. i wish they would make tag duels a game mode in pvp or have some kinda online ...
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