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update 01/12/2018
Season 34 DurationNov 1 - Dec 1

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Number of users per deck

Buster Blader DNA Surgery4
Cyber Angel1
Dark Magician1
Fur Hire9
Gladiator Beast2
Masked HERO17
Noble Knight2
Paleozoic Raider1
Sea Stealth Attack4
Silent Magician2
Silent Swordsman1
XYZ Ojama1


El Potro

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
El PotroMind ScanNov 14

A comment from El Potro:

Decided to ditch Mysterious Triangle for better protection with an EC, as well as adding Jinzo in there for backrow protection. This combination completely kills Cipher DNA Surgery, as well as the few Amazoness left, and can manage Masked Heroes pretty well (although for MH you might want to add another Brainwashing Beam to deal more easily with Anki).

Hardest matches were definitely against Spellbooks (no easy way to deal with the spells, Silent Magician immune to Recombination) and Blue Eyes/Cosmo Brain (more spells than traps, as well as the various tributing effects rendering A-Cell Recombination useless). Ananta was also useful as an emergency card for removal, didn't matter if I only used 1 monster to summon it.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BlueMinotaurEndless Trap HellNov 11

A comment from BlueMinotaur:
Despite the nerf, Amazoness is still a decent choice. The deck is not as consistent as before but it can still hold its own due to its versatility wherein it can play backrow control with Amazoness cards and defensive traps while at the same time surprise opponents with the Witch Raider + Mask Change OTK. I've got to admit there were a couple of times were I just bricked bad, but aside from that the deck is still pretty good. You don't need to always rely on Onslaught to win you games and it just makes gameplay less boring so I think Konami did a good job with the recent banlist.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DillaSenpaiEndless Trap HellNov 11

A comment from DillaSenpai:
Play conservative

  • Attack when the coast is clear
  • Dont be hesitant to use your traps or using them as tributes for witch raider, with Endless trap hell, you can always grab one of them back and the rest to your deck. Even though it's at random, all of them have value and can come in clutch.
  • Fetch for swords woman or tiger first, then queen.
  • Dont forget about onslaughts second effect: "during battle phase, special summon one amazoness from your hand"
  • Perfect scenario: onslaught, tiger, swords woman, and the queen on the field.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
immeHoly GuardNov 21

A comment from imme:
A bit of luck combo with Holy Guard skill you'll be able to complete your set up without doing any harm not mention it can counter Bujin Atk combo and some atk increases/decrease trap cards. I know many duelist is using Masked HERO and Blue Eyes deck is super op but its costly. I'm a F2P duelist so this deck is easy to farm just need some effort.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RivianBluff TrapNov 28

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BryanSoAlEndless Trap HellNov 13



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ValGraysonParasite InfectionNov 6

A comment from ValGrayson:
With the current meta this deck should be considered tier completely dominates blue eyes and hero decks and holds zombies off very well. This was my easiest climb to KOG yet.

I got a lot of one hit kills with the spike shield/Cipher soldier combo and even if they manage to survive, once that parasite hits they are done. Even if they play defensive with hero your cipher soldier is a 3350 beater against all of their monsters.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KingLaBaeParasite InfectionNov 13

A comment from KingLaBae:
I began the season using mermails and quickly got tired of facing the same 4 decks every single game so I made this deck to counter the "entire" meta.

The deck easily handles Blue Eyes and Mask hero. Decider stalls the entire Blue Eyes deck and also Anki, while Cipher Soldier most of the time will hit Hero decks for 2600 if they attack into it face down.

Parasite Infestation is mainly for spellbooks and it also puts a second monster onto the field to Lava Golem if the opponent does not put another monster.

Against Vampires all the deck has to do is get 1 good Lava Golem after they have paid all their lifepoints and its over for them. Yubel is easily the worst matchup the deck has for there is almost nothing this deck can do to beat it unless they misplay and get out Ultimate Nightmare too early.

Vision Hero Witch Raider is only in the deck because it loses to stall decks and it needs something to blow up their backrow and it also helps surprise Gladiator Beast decks.

Swords Woman is just to finish the rest of the damage for game and standard backrow to help stall while waiting for Lava Golem.

Decider is easily the best card in the game right now completely countering probably 75% of cards in the meta right now, and Cipher Soldier doing the rest. Fun deck that is pretty consistent and has good matchups against almost all the meta decks.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AritacusHoly GuardNov 15

A comment from Aritacus:
Used it from Legend 1 after dropping from Legend 3 using Geargia. Was clapping decks all the way to the top. Banish Control basically, just threw in some replacement cards/techs. Lava Golem is nice vs Stall/Burn, breaking boards, alternate win condition with Queen on the field/Swords Woman.

Holy Guard lets you poke with Onslaught if you don't have Swords Woman, also, you can freely attack into big monsters like Blue-Eyes with Juggler/D.D duo. 1x Magical Deflector since it's a versatile option; good against Spellbook of Fate/Mask Change/Silver's Cry, etc.

Kinetic Soldier for the obvious reason. Xin aided in me out-stalling stall/burn, other decks that locked themselves out of their backrow with a bunch of battle traps (not attacking on purpose). Staple traps are self-explanatory. Shout-outs to Greg, Shane, and Sabo for their pettiness. Catie for being my Amazoness Queen.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SHIVAParasite InfectionNov 26

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YamiNoGameParasite InfectionNov 12
OverhauledHoly GuardNov 27



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YT | AM LTrap SearchNov 7

A comment from YT | AM L:
Wildheart and Shin alone was not enough this season. With many old decks slowly making a return with all the new meta decks too, I felt Wildheart and Shien would not of made this seasons King of Games..

However! I was proven wrong with how simple it actually was! All I did this season was add Jinzo, take out few trap cards and add in more Quick Play answers.Along with the skill “Trap Search” made this climb easy!

Please bare in mind, that the Wildheart deck is all about making changings to the deck. Your goal is to hard counter the top Three decks you are going against!



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RadamanthysLP Boost αNov 23

A comment from Radamanthys:
I decided to build a archfiend deck because is different ( no common) of all the decks around the PvP duel, the clever way to speed up the deck is start with neddlebug nest and archfiend roar or call of archfiend is not always like that but you have a high probability to star with those, I recommend use the archfiend empress because every player stop and think how to battle her because you can special summons any others level 5 or higher fiend type if the card is destroyed.

Chaos Hunter sometimes is clever because you can send 1 archfiend lvl5+ to the graveyard so avoid bashing movement. When archfiend Calvary and needlebug nest is a good combo when your opponent active an effect to destroy a monster you can activate needlebug nest to revive a stronger monster ( arfiend empress).


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
starryskiesLP Boost αNov 30

A comment from starryskies:
I've been testing different versions of archfiend for almost half year,from grass to dark world,i found out that life points version is the best for this meta,its quite consistant and can win against almost any deck(aside buster DNA),there tones of moves you can do and i even lost games cuz of 1 mistake.

The main combo is to search archfiend emperor with card of the soul and then tribute it with advance draw,there are much more ways but i don't have endless space, match ups, heroes are easy,the main problem is spellbooks silent,and vampires and blue eyes cosmo is quite tricky,other then that,burn and yubel and such are nothing if you play smart(eg.the extra deck is to confuse).



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
-Cartman-Last GambleNov 12



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
VklasbBeatdownNov 3

A comment from Vklasb:
Deck Notes: This is my blue-eyes grass deck I made that just got to king of games(KOG) with. This deck relies on using the graveyard effects of arkbrave, kidmodo, dragon of ice, and dragon knight of creation to constantly ss your big dragons.

Combined with the excellent recovery effects of spirit of white, and blue-eyes solid with their backrow removal and monster negation, one can overcome the common tier 1 decks with high sucess rate.

As long as you start with either grass, needlebug nest, merchant, or kidmodo your in good shape and usually won't brick while dumping your deck. The only deck that hard counters this one is silent magician spellbooks. While not impossible to beat, silent magician can negate grass and silent magician lvl 8 is stronger then all your dragons. This is why beatdown and skill successor are so important.

In most cases though you will win against any other deck, even spellbooks and yubel(thanks to blue-eyes solid dragon). Just hope you do not face another grass deck as that messes with your ability to use grass.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ShakaA Trick Up the SleevesNov 6

A comment from Shaka:
Blue Eyes decks are naturally bricky (almost similar to U.A.) but a "A Trick up the Sleeve" helps a lot with that so that's why that's the skill for this one. I've removed all backrow clearing cards from my initial build and abused Dragon Spirit of White for that, simply because those just made the deck even more prone to brick (I've lost a KoG rank up match at about 30 victories and then all the pain was unleashed due to that). I preferred to run just 2 Psychic Ace's instead of 3 because of the same reason (prevent bricks) and him over Lyla because I find it more flexible than Lyla (which is just for backrow whereas Psychic Ace can deal with both monsters and Spell/Traps).

3 Sylver's Cry is a most (actually my KoG match got decided by top decking one of those) and I felt and I needed some more revival power so I've added a Birthright, which in turn made me to remove TTH (if Birthright gets early destroyed TTH becomes a dead card in the deck). Relinkuriboh is both for some extra draw power and battle destruction protection (the latter coming very handy against Anki attacks for Mask Change searches). 2 Bingo's are both for draw power/consistency (3 is way too much and again the deck bricks as hell) and situational bluffing when no longer needed (actually more than 1 player spent a Cosmic/Galaxy Cyclone on my useless Bingo). 1 Chalice + 2 Enemy Controller to have extra options to deal with against common problems like "Amazoness Swords Woman", "Wiz, Sage Fur Hire" (yes, people are simply not giving up on Fur Hires); obviously Cosmo Brain in mirror matches; and the new cancer after the ban list, which is Destiny Hero Decider on the Masked Heroes deck.

The extra deck is 2 Azure Eyes, 2 Giganticastle and 1 Stardust Dragon (Azure is great against Vampires, Stardust Dragon is the perfect counter against Yubel decks, and Giganticastle is there for extra raw power and putting Spirit on the graveyard). The 1 tuner is because these Synchros are quite situational in the deck so I don't really them that hard. Protector over Aqua Spirit because it opens more plays for this deck and also serves as bait for the backrow. All in all, the main goal of this deck is to have a strong presence on the field (i.e. powerful monsters) and constantly clear backrow until your opponents run out of resources and then launch lethal attacks.


Hot New Top
Reached easy KING of GAMES Rank and also easy DLV MAX at last KC CUP with Buster Blader deck !

Lots of victories against Masked Heroes, Vampires, Blue-Eyes and even against Silent Magician.

I built my deck with Gems ! (and I actually show my purchase history in the vid !). Hope you enjoy !

【 LINK 】
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I’ve won against buster blader as well, and plenty of times actually. So that’s why I’m pretty surprised when I read so much hateful comments about such deck. Pretty Weird.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The deck is Tier 3 for a reason: it bricks a lot and sometimes your hand will be pretty much unplayable. I don’t think this deck is a threat for the game at all !
<< Anonymous
Midori Reply
This deck is pretty cool, Im just missing 1 buster whelp and I have the full build !
(´・ω・`)/ !
<< Anonymous(Midori)
Vermillion0283 Reply
This deck seems fun, I might build it soon since I already have 3 Swordsman of Destruction and paladin, I'm just missing 2 buster whelp and 2 fusions.
Avant Garde
You should be able to stay in the TOP tier list FOREVER just with 1000 miserable gems.

Otherwise, it’s pay-to-win
<< Anonymous
LavaBiscuit Reply
It's amusing how the worst players ever start calling liar, cheater, etc etc to anyone who builds decks for free or becomes relevant in the kc cup, etc. I believe not everyone is a real duelist here.
<< Anonymous(LavaBiscuit)
Anonymous Reply
that includes u. its obvious that u didnt see the complete chat and only saw the last messages.
<< Anonymous
LOL Reply
Your "original deck" actually means some deck with very random cards in it. If you keep losing = blame the meta LOL
<< Anonymous(LOL)
Anonymous Reply
wht that means ??
Some guys made it to DLV MAX with aliens and buster "brick" blader.
Both decks are like tier 20 lol, I guess what matters is the skills of the player. No joke.
<< Anonymous(Dinasty)
FrogFoot Reply
I don't think that's a problem at all, because kc cup 1st stage gets relatively easy after so many days. I believe some guys have sumbited cool decks as Madolche and Acuactress to KC CUP deck list by now.
<< Anonymous(BeaverWarriorMVP)
Anonymous Reply
Every deck can reach kog, it's just the luck of the draw :P
<< Anonymous
CK15 Reply
ANY deck? Do it with Lavals then.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Every deck, you say?

Good luck reaching KOG with 30 random cards deck you often see in Rookie/Bronze, or skill farming suicide deck.
Super early blue eyes kog deck? kaiba would be proud.
<< Anonymous
joey Reply
im a blue eye meta kog we can beat silent spellbook even they summon silent magician early with our users always direct atk after using fate bcoz they only banish monsters and ignoring traps so they are all doomed by widespread ruins and drowning mirror of the reasons why i became kog while beating sb decks and mostly fall down to champion vigilance
<< Anonymous(joey)
mickey Reply
i think that anon is a low rank silent sb user that can only beat weak bewd eyes users dont afraid to atk silent magician to summon lv8 and surprise them with traps backrows.some blue eyes have 3 floodgate or paleo cards like hallucigenia just to beat any kind of decks
<< Anonymous(joey)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah good luck teching all those widespread, drowning and brick like no tomorrow lol. Mind posting your decklist?
<< Anonymous(joey)
Anonymous Reply
Also smart SB users won't banish your blue eyes and banish your backrow instead since you have no way to get over SM lv 8.
AJ Mixon
Meta is pretty well balance right now, no wonder why some dudes keep raging and posting weird pics to scare players away. When someone succeeds, feelings of hatred and envy awake in those who are weak of heart lol
<< Anonymous(AJ Mixon)
Anonymous Reply
and this comment right here got all its replies deleted, because well. The people who "Loves the comments" are very "seasoned" participants in this section.
<< Anonymous
[AJ] Maxwell Reply
Look how much this guy above cares.
<< Anonymous(AJ Mixon)
Anonymous Reply
By balance you mean the skill currently used by mh?
Not raging about meta, by the way, it's just not so balanced as you say. In my opinion, at least
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
NERF D.HERO Drilldark.
wow it seems that Luxun is quite a great player, he always reaches kog 1st day in the season.
<< Anonymous(What a retard)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(What a retard)
This is the best read I have had all day (nearly lost my cup of tea)
<< Anonymous(YT I AM L GAMES)
Xenon Reply
Congrats Luxun !

PS : If someone uses hacks , it's his own thing since he uses sometimes as the 'Aroma strategy' skill from Mai Valentine .
<< Anonymous
n.n Reply
I learn a lot from guys who share their decks in this section as well. However I must admit I often get distracted by meme decks lol
If you look the meta decks, most decks don’t have enough cards to remove yubel. And if they takes those cards they would loose more against other decks.
And people don’t know yet how to chain traps/fast effect toblock yubel from spawning.
And all the other decks that could win against yubel;
Gladiator beast, silent spellbooks are week to sacred Phoenix.
And there isn’t that much brick in the game with 3 island and 3 yakshas. You have tons of way to destroying your owns monsters if you play them in the right orders. But you need to play this deck a little to understand it.

Against yubel.
Yubel got 0 attack and will kill his own monsters. So if you just play 1 monster/1 trap each turn. Or use kuriboh in your deck. You can stall the game until yubel deck run out of cards.
If you prevent the fire Kings and Phoenix cards to do direct attacks, then the yubel deck cannot harm you. In mirror comp I win because other Yubel run out of cards with too many planet pathfinder and sangan.
And don’t kill yakshas. It help the yubel player when you kill his monster. Just force him to kill his own monsters and keep your strength.

Stardust dragon is a common counter I have seen too. But people think 1 is enough. If this cards become too common or if the buster blader dna deck become common. Just use more forbidden chalice to counter them.
<< Anonymous(Luxum)
Luxun Reply
Magestik, sorry for the typo
<< Anonymous(Luxun)
Magestik Reply
Yes, I think spellbook would win 90% of the time against yubel if you play well. But it’s an expensive deck so few people play it.
<< Anonymous(Magestik)
Anonymous Reply
Please share your luck.
Most of my games with this deck are lost due to bad draws..
<< Anonymous(Magestik)
EvolutionBasto Reply
You guys are right about people not playing more than 1 stardust. Interesting, thanks for the tips :] !
the worst season ever!!! konami finally puts the game in the point he wants. there isnt a budget-f2p deck in the top meta like amazones, fh, hazy... only p2w decks (silent m and bewd). Beware my vammpires and maskedHero friends: your nerf will com soon... save ur gems.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fur was broken af prenerf, and u can still reach kog even after 2 fckng nerf. It show how OP they are. Konami did the right thing in limiting them. If not, all those meta will only be fur. Disgusting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There aren't any tier 1 F2P deck at the moment, but there are awesome tier 3/4 F2P decks, stop complaining and build decks to conter the meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
all think farming is the solution for f2p.. did u think in new ppl? do u calculate how much time they need for build a competitive deck? Unless they play allday, all week, they dont have option for a budget deck and need to wait the next season or spend money in a metaDeck. Its not disgusting critic a game that u know is worst now.
<< Anonymous
Yug Reply
Silent spellbook with mind scan and breaker is pretty cheap if you're willing to pay and i think it can deal with blue eyes and hero's
Kaiser lover
I feel like I won't reach to KOG once again except if I use this deck. I missed it so much...
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Kaiser lover Reply
Thank you! But really, I feel like I'm not so exciting like before to getting KOG. I need a rest lol. Xd
<< Anonymous(Kaiser lover)
Lovely Aster Reply
I feel like it was really more of the Hey Trunade and TTH that made things harder. No need to stress about KOG, though. I like to try to pace myself, and if I can't do it, oh well.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Kaiser lover Reply
You're right! Maybe I won't even try to reach KOG. There are many things I can lay my attention on them this month. Do you want to try to reach KOG, once again?
<< Anonymous(Kaiser lover)
Lovely Aster Reply
That is the plan. I get 5 wins each day and the UR ticket eventually by 100 wins (I keep Kaiba Cup and other pvp event wins separate from that count now) and just see if I can get KOG along the way.
Well the guy that said Luxun and other early KoG players use hacks must be one of those who lost to fur hires during 5 consecutive months
<< Anonymous(HaDes)
Let's be cruel.
Maybe we should share your pic until the guys collapse in frustration. Just an idea.
<< Anonymous(Seriously)
Deman Reply
Im sure he the same one said the link to my video have hack, and try to discredit me by imitated me and post porn. Let me tell you, I do meme but I do not troll.
<< Anonymous(HaDes)
Nimbus Reply
When someone is nothing more than a sore loser, then they just try to hide their failure as much as they can and bashing the ones who keep whining is their way to overcome their own lack of success. Its pretty sad actually.
<< Anonymous(HaDes)
Seriously Reply
Oh boi, those guys were the worst players I've seen in my life.
Vampires don’t need to be nerfed, they’re a fair tier 1 deck, not op, just fairly powerful.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Vamipres deck was tier 1 before Amazoness, heroes and furhire nerf, the deck used to beat the so called unbalanced decks.
It's a fair deck alright XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have all tier 1/2 decks, and let me say vampire are broken right now. If you lose against backrow then you don't know how to use vampire deck. I have nearly 100% win rate against any other deck apart mirror matches. In the current meta, vampire shit on everything and i do belive they need a nerf, with their core monsters semi limited.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Semi-limiting skull and grace is quite enough to balance vamipres
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck sucks without Enemy controller.
Limit anything and it will be balanced
Konami wants me to play Gem Knight:
1. Gem Knight-Fusion with 5 packs (Reset)
2. Gem Knight-Fusion with 25 packs
3. Gem Knight-Fusion with 10 packs
(No reset)
Lady Brilliant Diamond with 16 packs
(No reset)
4. Gem Knight-Fusion with 7 packs XD

I also got the Thunder Sea Horse and
the Magician of Faith.
<< Anonymous(=/)
Anonymous Reply
Gem Knights without grass is weaker than ojamas and dark magician, are you serious? Gemini is one of the best kog worthy deck, it's very competitive control deck, it's even stronger than grass gem nights, exodia guy was either extremely lucky or his deck is a fake, stop fooling ppl to think that every deck can EASILY reach KOG
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah, i think that too. many ppl are liars, they dont post their decks and want to show that they use an original deck... c'mon, im sure all of them use vampires, spellbooks or blueeyes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I was tired off playing Vampire so I play Gem Knight. By the way: I only have 2 Samurai Skulls, 1 Grace and 1 Gozuki and I haven't luck with them. But I was very lucky with Burning Nova.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
if u was playing with only samurai skull gozuki and grace u never was playing a vampire deck. You was dueling with a regular zombie deck.

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