King of Game decks [Nov 2018]

Avant Garde 14days ago
You should be able to stay in the TOP tier list FOREVER just with 1000 miserable gems. Otherwise, it’s pay-to-win LMAO
AJ Bricks 14days ago
ikr, meanwhile some other dudes reach kog in the first day even with their ULTIMATE OJAMA DECK lol ! that guy deserves a medal. So cool !
Anoymous 14days ago
ahah XD IKR some dudes should be put in jail because their stupidity is a serious threat to society.
Frisky 14days ago
Quite a serious threat actually.
Anoymous 14days ago
Poor idiots 13days ago
XD ! yeah and if you don't agree, then it's "YOU" the stupid person around.
Nimbus 12days ago
Thats another great excuse for someone who is a real sucker and if i remember correclty even a dude with ojamas made it to kog in 1st-2nd day of the new season
David Lynch 11days ago
@Avant Garde
Tell me about it lmao
Anoymous 10days ago
with only 1000 gems forever? that s imposible, but i admit this season is the most difficult for the new f2p players. All the meta is dominated with expensive decks that new players cant form so i only recomend you spend your gems in good staples and save the rest for future boxes.
=/ 9days ago
Difficult for f2p?
But I already built Blue eyes with gems.
<< Anonymous(=/)
Anoymous 9days ago
you had luck. silver s cry is a necesary card in blue eyes and many players sometimes expends a complete box for obtain one copy.
<< Anonymous
__Bakugan 5days ago
That's the way of thinking of some commenters here, jeez! I mean, u really need to be a very mediocre player to think like that. (and also very bad, since it's obvious you don't know how to farm gems). =/
Rinnengan 5days ago
@Avant Garde
That's pretty much the mentality of a loser, my friend.
<< Anonymous(__Bakugan)
Anoymous 5days ago
If your are going to play all day of course u can farm that gems u need, but for the people that have a life it take many days to collect gems.
<< Anonymous
Sandstorm 4days ago
I built Buster Blader with gems alone, and I only play like 3-4 hours a day, because I have to work lol, stop giving excuses dudes... u sound way too lame lol !
<< Anonymous(Sandstorm )
Anoymous 4days ago
stop lying, this is definitely not true
<< Anonymous(Sandstorm )
Anoymous 4days ago
sandstorm said they play only 4h per day but dont say how many days he need for complete his deck xd, good joke.. wht is the next? you complete your deck in one week? haha
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 2days ago
i built a full spellbooks and furhire deck, both in a week max without spending more the $5 box just for a 3rd copy
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago
u say u built a spell book and fh deck spending dollars in a box, i built my old furhire deck in less a month with no credit card... what of both decks do u think is a true f2p?



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seriously though.. i wish they would make tag duels a game mode in pvp or have some kinda online ...
Really komoney??
this deck needs Legionnaire to make it truly competitive or Ravine
Lol, you are the one that got it reversed. XYZ is the monster and xyz is the summoning mechanic.
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