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update 21/06/2017

Strike Ninja

Strike Ninja
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeQuick Effect
Related to ArchetypesDragon Ninja


Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can banish 2 DARK monsters from your Graveyard; banish this face-up card until the End Phase.

How to Get

PackCrusaders Battleground [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can dodge opponent’s card effects


  • Leaves you open to attacks


Doomsday Horror

Banishing DARK monsters helps feed the Doomsday Horror’s stats. Use Mill cards like That Grass Looks Greener and Needlebug Nest to put enough DARK monsters in the graveyard to banish.

Different Dimension

Banish D.D. Scout Plane so that he can be special summoned. You can also special summon you banish with Strike Ninja’s effect with Different Dimension Reincarnation or Escape from the Dark Dimension. Trance Archfiend can fuel your graveyard with DARK monsters and also retrieved them from the banish zone when he is destroyed.




ActionsReturns itself from Banished Zone to field
Banished categoriesBanishes from Graveyard for cost / Banishes itself from field


In the anime, this card is supposed to activate any set magic/trap card on the field. I was hoping this can combo with a much underutilized skill Surprise Present.
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
Anonymous Reply
And it has been in TCG for 13 years.

But yeah, sometimes there are old cards that people didn't knew already exist in OCG/TCG for ages. Keith's "The Secret of the Bandit" and "Smoke Grenade of the Thief" are like that for me.
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
Anonymous Reply
It's a card they're familiar with to some extent, I find it hard to believe they never checked to see if it already existed.

And the only reason I mentioned its OCG release rather than its TCG one is because it's existed in the OCG slightly longer.
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
Anonymous Reply
On the other hand, the first anon mistook this card's effect in the anime as forcing the activation of a Set Spell/Trap.

It's not, that was this card's Deck Master ability, which this card has when Duke Devlin selected this card as his Deck Master.

Deck Master's ability is usually different than the effect of their card counterpart.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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Anone anone You can beat easy koaki with burn deck :3 kuriboh will be a mvp for defense and BU...
Lol What? Salt is an important spice and your sh!t is not edible at all
buster blader wins easily against that
Yeah this too! Too bad, Future Fusion is much slower now than what it used to be..
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