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Inglorius Bastion Lvl 40!
update 21/04/2018


TypeQuick Spell


Send 1 "Ojama" card from your hand or face-up from your field to the GY; add to your hand 1 "Ojama" monster with a different name and 1 "Armed Dragon" monster from your Deck and/or GY , then, immediately after this effect resolves, you can Normal Summon 1 of those monsters. During your Main Phase: You can banish this card from your GY, then target 3 of your banished "Ojama" monsters; shuffle them into the Deck, then draw 1 card.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
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  • Searches 2 cards from your deck.
  • Allows you to normal summon a monster you searched.
  • Retrieves banished Ojamas and draw a card.


  • Requires you to use Ojamas and Armed Dragons in a deck which have no synergy with each other aside from this card.



Ojamas are the fuel to Ojamatch which means you are required to run them, because you will need to discard one of these monsters to activate Ojamatch. Ojamatch can be searched by Ojama Blue, and conversely you can also add Ojama Blue to your hand with Ojamatch.
A combo you can do to search lots of cards out of your deck is set Ojama Blue and wait for your opponent to destroy it to search out any 2 of Ojama Yellow/Black/Green. During the End Phase activate Ojamatch to discard an Ojama monster to search out Ojama Blue and Armed Dragon LV3. Summon the Armed Dragon LV3 During your opponent's End Phase so that you can summon Armed Dragon LV5 out of your deck during your standby phase. The Ojama Blue you searched can then be set again to repeat this combo.

Armed Dragon

Ojamatch can be used to search and then immediately normal summon Armed Dragon LV3 and LV5. But Armed Dragon LV7 would be the most useless to search with Ojamatch since he cannot be normal summoned and has no use in your hand. However, if you already have Armed Dragon LV7 on your field, you can search Armed Dragon LV10 and normal summon the Ojama you searched, then tribute Armed Dragon LV7 to special summon Armed Dragon LV10

Banished Ojamas

Ojamatch has an effect that lets you recycle banished Ojama monsters and draw a card, so here are the most common ways how your Ojamas will be banished.
Using Fusion Gate to summon a monster banishes the fusion materials you used. Summoning 1 Ojama King or at least 2 Ojama Knights will let you have enough Banished Ojamas to use Ojamatch's recovery effect.
Ojamassimilation banishes multiple Ojama monsters (up to 3 because of monster zone limitations.) so that you can special summon as many LIGHT Machine-type monsters listed as fusion materials from your deck. You can then use Ojamatch to recover these Ojama monsters. However this might be redundant as Ojamassimilation already has a similar recovery effect.


Anonymous 6days ago
how do you get this card???????
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Card catalog >> how to obtain
I’ve tried using this card with Ojama blue but it won’t use it as a cost for some reason. This needs to be fixed.
How can something be so good yet so trash...
Tips for those who don't know:

This card can also be used during your turn draw/standby phase. so that you can immediately search and normal summon armed dragon lv3 and then you can special summon lv5 on the same turn since that you have armed dragon lv3 during your standby phase.

Turn toggle button to "ON" to use this card during draw/standby phase.
<< Anonymous
Makkau Reply
My toggle button is AUTO.. usually I can't chain during stand by when going AUTO. But I think Konami purposely let this Ojamatch able to activate during stand by phase when Toggle Button is AUtO
Konami forgot to register this card as an "Ojama" card so right not it is currently unsearchable by ojama blue
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
u can search it using ujama blue
They should have Ojama Trio.
1 ... 10 ... 100 ... 1000
Chazz it up
I want it!!
konami hate chazz

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This. It's way better than Reload simply for the fact that you don't go -1.
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