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update 27/10/2016

Gogiga Gagagigo

Gogiga Gagagigo
Monster TypeReptile
Card typeNormal


His soul long since collapsed, his body recklessly continues onward, driven by a lust for more power. He no longer resembles his former self....

How to get / rarity

PackServants of Kings [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--









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Freed Matchless
Who's here after guns made-up gagagigo story?
Gogiga gagagigo. Wtf konmai. Haha...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Still not one of the dumbest TCG name out there, though.

That honor belongs to anything the dumbass monkey Kevin Tewart touched from Xyz era onward.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know lots of people still hate the TCG "Number" monster names, or even the fact that they needlessly use "Number" instead of "No." for no real reason.

Also, some people still hate the TCG name for the loli handtraps, although for me the only one needs change is Ghost Ogre, should be Ghost Priestess.

And more recently, the fanbase is divided by the "Skyfang Brigade" becoming "Fur Hire" in TCG.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I personally like the "Fur Hire" joke, but hates with a passion the TCG name for "No." monsters.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And now "Fur Hire" data is in the game XD
helpppppp !!!
Hello everyone, something terrible happened to me and I would be happy if someone could help me.
I did not have a space on my phone so I deleted a few things (I have galaxy s6) and mistakenly I deleted one of Google's apps and now I can not log in to YUGIOH and I have my duelist ID and my google play remembers all my data. But for some reason the YUGIOH app does not let me in the game and I'm really afraid I will not be able to play agin.
So if anyone has any idea what Supposed to do plesa send me an email (my email thank
<< Anonymous(SGA)
Anonymous Reply
Contacting Konami is a better idea, I think.

Besides, I don't think you can delete Google apps in the first place.....
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe gogigagagagigo ossas
Honestly bummed out that they skipped Giga Gagagigo. I really want him because he's a lvl 5 water type you can drop with "A Legendary Ocean", but he gets skipped, why. D:
<< Anonymous(Regarel)
Anonymous Reply
Its in the shop
<< Anonymous(Regarel)
Anonymous Reply
Check generation next box dude..
Now to wait about a year and a half for Gagagigo the Risen
Wtfff /next giga card--lady gagaa
"Generation Next"

someone here is drunk
female version= lady gaga-gigo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I lol ed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Later becomes giga lady gagagigo
Uvwrwrwdesresdgiga gagigouvwewewrsdeewewe gagawewewveveve osas
gagong-gago ang pota
Where is gagigagogo giga gogigagagagigago gigo gigegogagege gagagigo??
<< Anonymous
n00b Reply
Card Name or some kind of Language XD
<< Anonymous(n00b)
Anonymous Reply

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don't accept people spitting on you, get up, buy a gun, put on 1 badass sunglass and a jacke...
don't accept people spitting on you, get up, buy a gun, put on 1 badass sunglass and a jacke...
don't accept people spitting on you, get up, buy a gun, put on 1 badass sunglass and a jacke...
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