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update 04/04/2017

Revoke Fusion

Revoke Fusion
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect / Lingering Effect


Discard 1 "Polymerization" to the Graveyard. Send 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck to your Graveyard and Special Summon 1 monster from your hand that is listed as a Fusion Material Monster on that card. The Special Summoned monster is sent to the Graveyard during the End Phase of this turn.

How to Get

PackBurning Nova [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can Special Summon the monster that was listed as one of the Fusion materials in the Fusion monster sent to the Graveyard.


  • You need to discard “Polymerization” in order to activate this card.
  • The Special Summoned monster will be sent to the Graveyard during the End Phase.


Recommended Monsters

You can send Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon to the Graveyard in order to Special Summon Blue Eyes White Dragon to the Field. You can use Birthright or Soul Resurrection to Special Summon Blue Eyes White Dragon after it was sent to the Graveyard. You can also use Dragon’s Rebirth after you attacked with Blue Eyes White Dragon, to banish the Blue Eyes White Dragon and Special Summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon from your Graveyard and continue your attack.




ActionsDiscards for cost / Sends from Extra Deck to Graveyard / Sends from your field to your Graveyard
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your hand


the only idea come to mind is e-hero shadow mist.

summon blazeman > add poly > Revoke Fusion > discard poly > s.s shadow mist > add quick-play > s.s monster from graveyard(?) > mask change > ? > ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Elemental Hero Shadow Shocker"

"Elemental HERO Shadow Mist" + 1 "HERO" Monster

When this card is Fusion Summoned: Send 1 Lv. 4 or Lower "HERO" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. When this card is sent to the Graveyard: Special Summon 1 Lv. 4 "HERO" monster from your
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
if "Elemental Hero Shadow Shocker" effect activated (idk the rule ok or not). you special summon a lvl 4 monster. (b/c i m not sure, i use > ? > ? on the 1st comment.)

if rule ok
rank 4 xyz with shadow mist + 1 hero > mask change another hero > xyz effect active... etc
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Discussing fake fanmade cards is pointless though, as they will never be actually usable outside maybe fanmade simulators that allows fanmade cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Although, if that fanmade card actually exist, then yeah, I can see it being used like that.
Maybe with fusion substitute to get a draw?
I'm not sure if this is a troll card or not. How many fusion monster exist, that would get a benefit from having to discard 1 Poly to get the fusion material out? Especially with losing 3/4 cards(1 Poly, this card, the material/fusion monster).
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
Only use I can think of, would be these:

- Send Neos Fusion to the Graveyard to SS Neos, then use it for a Neos Fusion
- Send Dark Flare Knight to the Graveyard to SS Dark Magician, then use it for....something

Either way, Neos Fusions and Dark Flare Knight are the only ones worth it, due to how Neos Fusions works, and due to Dark Flare Knight being so crap.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All the other Fusion monsters are better summoned than being sent away as a fodder, as they are always strictly better than their materials.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe you could send an Ultimate BWD and BWD to the Graveyard with this, they can both be special summoned from there.
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
Fusion monster send to the graveyard with this card CAN'T be SS as they weren't properly fusion summoned first. And for BWD you have way better methods to summon it(Kaibaman, Kidmodo etc.) that don't need as much cards as this.

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One big problem I haven't been able to solve: What if Into The Void sends your Exodia head t...
This pic should be in the dictionary under the word Crook
This pic should be in the dictionary under the word Crook
This pic should be in the dictionary under the word Crook
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