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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 01/10/2019
IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
darkchip86Destiny DrawSept 28

A comment from darkchip86:

Climbed from Legend 1 to King of Games with Gravekeepers after a few hours over 2 nights.

Changed the deck around a few times through the climb as I had winning streak up to about 3 wins in legend 3 then lost 3 and dropped a rank and almost dropped again at one point.

Gave the deck more protection with Canadia x3 which helped a lot against pesky monsters like Reactor Dragon and Silent Magician and also against Blue-Eyes decks.

I run 2 Oracle because if Necrovalley hasn't come out the deck yet, I've still won games with just Oracle, his 2nd and 3rd effects are so good (another way Canadia has helped, I've won several duels by flipping their monsters down and destroying with Oracle's effect and it's great against Sub Terror too).

I only ran a Hey Trunade! at first but Shadow Imprisoning Mirror is being main-decked a lot now and I couldn't do a thing when my opponents used it so made room for 2 Cosmic Cyclone which helped against Shadow Mirror, Sub Terror Final Battle and also blind-banishing the odd Drowning Mirror Force.

Basically as soon as Necrovalley is in play, get Spiritualist on field and use effect to fusion to Supernaturalist asap. He is pretty insane, when using Oracle as the other fusion monster, he has 3400atk plus the Necrovalley boost for a 3900atk total.
As it's new, a lot of opponents don't realise his effects, they often use Blast Spider, Snipe Hunter, Treacherous etc to try and destroy him or Necrovalley but his continuous effect prevents this for no cost. And when his other effect is activated, you can get any gravekeeper monster or Necrovalley from deck in the end phase (even if he is removed from the field) so keeps you with the advantage.

Things to be aware of are Drowning, WoD, Rebirth of Parshath (as returns him to extra deck), D-Prison and the new UR Mahad (somebody attacked over my Supernaturalist with him for game, boosting his monster to 5000atk!

The deck is great fun and consistent, recycling with Stele to easily fusion and special summon to field with Spy and Rite for tribute fodder for Oracle.

I would think about using 1 Descendant too but for some reason haven't pulled one even after two-thirds of the box open. So that is another monster to consider using.

There may end up being a more consistent build but I've put this one together myself so we'll see how GK's progress in the meta.

Gren Maju Da Stromberg


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
hsacugoNo Mortal can ResistSept 26

A comment from hsacugo:

I’m using the castle archetype since its released and I love it because there’s so many ways to build it. Now with 3 Majus the deck can threat even later in the game, plus you can summum it from your deck thanks to the lvl 6 synchro. I haven’t play any of the other synchros, there are mostly here for E-con plays. You could play a lvl 10 sync to get rid of a lava golem.

I started to play Debunk around legend, it’s strong against lots of meta deck.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
C☭Y☭K☭ADraw PassSept 28

A comment from C☭Y☭K☭A:

I named the deck: Strong-Berg the Meta-Destroyer.
How to use: The general use for this deck is to prevent OTKs against you (Be it Stromberg itself or one of the Traps/Quickplay spells I run) and the
Ability Draw Pass prevents me from decking out for the grind games.

I reached KOG with this deck the entire season from Rookie1 to KOG by Resource management and A decent opening hand :)

My win rate with this deck this season is 73% Which is incredibly impressive. it’s very good against all matchups, Dark Lords are especially weak to this deck since If they negate Maju while it’s at 4k att they gain no life points because it negates it effects before it gains life points ;)



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LuxunLevel AugmentationAug 27

A comment from Luxun:

Even I'm surprised that I got to kog with karakuri on the first day, but it actually happened. I really love this deck and I always use it when I have the chance.

Basically, use cc to eliminate annoying backrow and offerings on things such as desperado. From l3 to kog I took away a tth and added the 2nd econ and it worked a lot better.

Magnet Warrior


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SpiidoRestartAug 31

A comment from Spiido:

I do not need to talk much about this deck, the differentials are the cards: Shrink and Concentrating Current that can surprise opponents in OTK, especially with Berserkion and Valkyrion. And talking about these two, try to use them wisely, especially against Desperado


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
zMutRestartSept 4

A comment from zMut:

  • Burial from a Different Dimension is used for Special Summon another Berserkion or as Berserkion's effect.
  • Use Delta's effect to send those Alpha, Beta, or Gamma to the Graveyard.
  • Paleozoic Canadia is much help for defeat mostly META Decks.
  • Cosmic Cyclone is used to remove some opponent's annoying Spell/Trap cards.
  • Use Restart because of often bad draw for the first draw.
  • Magnet Conversion is often helpful.

André Rafael

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
André RafaelAroma StrategySept 5

A comment from André Rafael:

Storms are very good against Triamids, because don't target the cards.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GTX23Destiny DrawSept 5


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KaibyugiDestiny DrawSept 13

Masked HERO


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
stegioDestiny CallingSept 23

A comment from stegio:

The old good destiny-masked hero deck with small changes like world legacy clash, which is very useful. The main idea of this deck is to play fast and clever using your destiny heroes' abilities wisely since a lot of players in this meta don't run enough face-downs it's very easy to use Anki for direct attacks or trinity to clear the board. If you have a difficult time you can use the world legacy to protect your monsters and traps like dimensional prison or disruption to buy some time until you fulfill the Anki combo. This recipe goes well against most of the current decks. Difficult encounters are Subterrors and desperado dragons.

Masked Swordsman


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TurlesLight and DarkSept 25



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
idsiiMythic DepthsSept 3

A comment from idsii:

It's a combination of Mermails and sea stealth. However, the Deep Sea Diva is the key to make it work!

You shouldn't use DSD to synchro summon however use it to summon an Atlantean warrior, this way you can destroy a face-up or set the card on the field when you special summon your whale.

A great way to get your whale in the graveyard is by sending it there when you summon a high-level Mermail, this way you always have your Umi/SSA protected.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Revolver007Mythic DepthsSept 21

A comment from Revolver007:

  • The deck can actually beat any meta deck as long as you have the right cards and play.

  • Use Mythic depths skill to use Sea stealth attack's effect
    Use Sea stealth attack to destroy monsters that are difficult to destroy via battle, also can be used to avoid your water monsters for targeting card effect by your opponent

  • The actual play is on 1st turn, set Abysslinde or abyss sphere to summon Linde on opponent's turn, let it be destroyed via its effect on opponents turn, either summon Abysspike discard Marksman or Heavy infantry (depends on field setup by opponent) then add the Fishborg archer to synchro summon Gungnir or Black Rose (again depends on field setup) on your turn or just special summon Abyssleed for beatdown via Abysslinde effect.

  • The deck is also capable of OTK via Abyssmegalo and summoning any water monster in attack position for Megalo's effect for a double attack.
    Salvage to recycle Atlanteans to use their effect again

  • Just abuse Atlanteans effect to get rid of your opponent's card



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YTAndalGritSept 4


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
kimjimMind ScanSept 24

A comment from kimjim:

Note: just usual metaphys deck, with mind scan skill. play it carefully.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SyazGritSept 27

A comment from Syaz:

How to:

  1. General play to all decks, start 2nd is better. Usually if started first I'll just set some usual not-metaphys spell or trap to the bait. No monsters first turn. God bless grit.

  2. Most players ignore grit so it's fine if they summon everything.

  3. Asymmetaphys most vital to have. Followed by Metaphys dimension.

  4. The deck can be confusing if you dont know the activation flow of their individual skill. It's always :
    Daedalus - banish another Metaphys mon. Card
    followed by
    Nephthys - add any Metaphys card to hand
    followed by
    Tyrant dragon - summon any Metaphys mon. Card

  5. It's a CONTROL DECK not meant to OTK/FTK or horde the field with cards. Just take your time banishing everything and win. Most times I win with just my Lupines.

  6. Hardest match up AG. As they summon too fast and can just destroy ur back row. Need a very good hand and average or bad hand from the opponent. Other than that pretty much cruised the rest. Yes even Neos, Desperado.

  7. Most people think that the deck is too bricky when actually it's not. Yes at times u will draw only metaphys monsters and you are screwed. But Grit saves me an extra turn and in most cases, that's all I need.

  8. Many decks can't handle banishing effect and Metaphys monster effect do not target hence makes it unstoppable once played.

  9. Play smart.

Monarch Neos Fusion

YT L Games

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YT L GamesBeatdownSept 17

A comment from YT L Games:

This was a lot of fun, the meta is pretty much all over the place so I used my old monarch deck with new changes. Remember you can chain Enemy Controller during standby phase and tribute frog to take their monster and still bring frog back. Just remember to have toggle ON.

Neos Fusion


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WarAlphamon2Neo Space!Sept 19

A comment from WarAlphamon2:

How the deck works:

You want to focus mostly on use of Aqua Neos and Aqua Dolphin to control your opponent's hand.

Dark Neos lets you deal with cards like Desperado etc making the a non-threat while Dark Neos on board.

Neo Space Connector is a key piece to you setting up your combos. It's ability to summon Neos or a Neo-Spacian from your deck speeds things a long and it's secondary effect to tribute itself to Special summon Neos or a Neo-Spacian really is just a huge help.

Cards you'll want to pitch for Aqua Dolphin/Aqua Neos often will be Neos itself, Bacon Saver, Convert Contact (usually later in the duel) and even Neos Fusion/Miracle Contact at times.

Convert Contact is great if you open with it, or lose your monsters to card effects. Not only does it let you draw 2, but also sets up your grave for cards like Miracle Contact/Neo Space Connector

Admittedly it would at first glance seem like the Neo Space skill gives a huge target to taking the deck out but in all honesty most of the games I won on my path to KoG saw Neos Space getting destroyed.

A few more handy tips - Do activate the effects of Dark or Aqua Neos to return them to the extra deck if you know your opponent's going to try to use Lava Golem on you. And don't be afraid to use that copying effect of Dark Panther. Copying cards like Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En, Desperado Barrel Dragon, Cyberdark Edge etc. can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The overall goal of the deck is control. Especially control of your opponent's hand. Aqua Dolphin and Aqua Neos serve this purpose while Dark Panther and Dark Neos aid in board control as needed. Brave Neos is mostly there to help a bit by searching out Neos Fusion and Miracle Contact.

Nordic Synchro


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
capipeligroFirm as EARTHSept 18

A comment from capipeligro:

I Like to play this deck, and I tried some skills with no great results.

I suggest playing very patiently so you can ensure explosive Plays Like summoning black Rose Dragon or Scrap dragon.

Battle traps are necessary so you can stand with the low stats of your monsters


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I was farming for Fortune Lady Calling... and get 3 Bnanishment LOL any tip? dig dfor Darklords?
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not working Hero soild soldier and masked c. Why lol
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duel links is garbo
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Yes it is
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And konami troll is getting soo desperate its very pathetic to watch :(
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So sad to watch the DLM losers attempt to troll in the first place, they’re too dumb :[
Love the swordsman deck
Agents are awesome
<< Anonymous
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Oh they are
Climbed easily with Triamids
<< Anonymous(F2P)
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Me too
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super cool
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Neos Fusion is slowly but surely falling out of favor
Evil Rick
New box is cool and has 3 different top tier decks
New box is dope
Btw, still clapping cheeks with sylvans

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