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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 01/10/2019
IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KortezzyMaster of DestinyAug 31

A comment from Kortezzy:

In mirror set cards this stops spider from destroying a face up card. Also, be aware of coins flipped with skill.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DirtyDanKogMaster of DestinyAug 31

A comment from DirtyDanKog:

Just reached my first KOG ever using this and it couldnt have been easier. The only deck that kind of gave me problems was AG with their effect negation but not too bad overall. Best thing to keep in mind is that the coin tosses are considered luck therefore destruction negation cards like slash dragon or can't be targeted effects don't apply to them. An example of the later being I went up against a one turn summon obelisk deck and destroyed him with desperado' s effect. Just take your time and pay attention to the effects.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HeartfiliaMaster of DestinySept 1


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
tcmylmzMaster of DestinySept 16

A comment from tcmylmz:

Drowning Mirror Force is for DarkLord and Cyberdark. Bad aim is for destroying cards face up or set cards. You can use this destroying back row or DarkLord cards. I didn't use cosmic cyclone. Most favourite and useful card is Fiend Comedian. You can get from Sartorius Kumar level up 45 reward.

When your opponent tries to use a card effect from graveyard or special summon monster from the graveyard, active Fiend Comedian and always chain second. Useful against DarkLord, Subterror Nemesis Warrior, Vendread.

If you don't have Desperado Barrel Dragon in your opening hand. You can use Cup of ace or flip summoning Dekoichi. Don't forget how Master of Destiny works. In mirror match if your opponent activates Desperado Barrel Dragon's destroying effect, you can use World Legacy Clash for protection your monster cards.

Also in this situation if you control 1 monster cards and use World Legacy Clash, your opponent "must" destroy own monster cards. It's so useful and funny. Twin Barrel Dragon can destroy your opponent's set spell/trap card or even set monsters. Blast spider can destroy face up cards (monster or face up spell cards like annoying asymmetaphys, Six Samurai United, Shien's Dojo, Neo Space).

Arcana Force 14 is for damage protection but not for protection your cards. When your Desperado Barrel Dragon is destroyed battle or card effect, you can draw one card which have flipping coin effect like Arcana Force 14, Twin Barrel Dragon.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
kyubanMaster of DestinySept 22

A comment from kyuban:

mrs. judge saved me a lot of times, she's my godness now
and be happy (sometimes)


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BensoMaster of DestinySept 24


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Kazu95Master of DestinySept 27

Other Lvl Max Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
冰糖2018SwitcherooSept 11
CodyMaster of DestinySept 30
Edu-SanMaster of DestinySept 30


Jack Atlas

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Jack AtlasBeatdownSept 29

A comment from Jack Atlas:

•So this deck is extremely underrated despite having some of the best OTK potentials in the game and still has a very good recovery and was my first deck that got to KOG. Using Beatdown is a must if you want to guarantee an OTK with Vajrayana's effect if you don't have an equip spell for it. And battle traps might as well not exist against this deck. You could easily swap out some of the back row cleaners but the double cyclone is a must because it combos with alkyls effect to destroy a card if it leaves the field while equipped.

Flower Cardian


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GaleomirGritSept 3

A comment from Galeomir:

Best f2p deck. Great field control, draw control and always a +infinite cards in hand with their effects.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RedpeGritSept 16

A comment from Redpe:

First-time KOG with a relatively cheap deck.
Half of the opponent surrender before the end.
DARK WORLD DEALINGS +RECARDINATION can help you to play without pine on hand.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
fanaticGritSept 16

A comment from fanatic:

I try different decks to climb to KOG but Cardians is the most consistent deck in my opinion. Grit is the best skill for this deck to make sure you don't get Otk by ur opponent as long as you begin with pine or flower stacking when you go first or just the pine when you go second. Always have the goal to wipe out ur opponent's field and Otk them.

FL Windy Synchro

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
找到面了Time PassageSept 3

A comment from 找到面了:

Specialized for Fortune Lady (FL) Every. Did not have luck for FL Calling, so I came up with this deck to use the power of FL Every. Most of the time you will rely on FL Every. She can get to 4K ATK for OTK and getting rid of big beaters, and her reviving/banishing effect is amazing! FL Windy is your main back row remover.

The white dolphin is barely used so it can be replaced by FL Every/Arcanite Magician/Vermillion Dragon Mech, or even Crystron Quariongandrax.

With the skill and powerful rebirth, there are many possibilities. Some examples:
The Tricky + Fabled Cerburrel = Lv7
Psychic Wheeleder + The Tricky = Lv8
Psychic Wheeleder + FL Windy + skill = Lv9
Unknown Synchron + FL Windy + skill = Lv7

Be wise with your Powerful Rebirth about the timing because FL Windy is able to increase a level at your standby phase. To bring FL Every, you can use it at your main phase if you have Psychic Wheeleder, and you can use it before your standby phase if you have Lv2 tuner.

Fortune Lady Synchro


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RickGxpTime PassageSept 4

Fox Tails

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Fox TailsTime PassageSept 4

A comment from Fox Tails:

Your opening play is usually summoning Fortune Lady Light or Fortune Lady Past. Activate Fortune Lady Calling to special summon the one you are missing so you have a field of Light and Past. Activate your skill "Time Passage" to increase Fortune Lady Past's level by 3, making her Level 4. Then use Past's effect to banish light and reduce Past to Level 3. Light will then allow you to special summon Fortune Lady Water from your deck and draw 2 cards, then Tune both of them to Synchro Summon Fortune Lady Every.

Fortune Lady Wind helps with multiple back row removal. Combo with Powerful Rebirth to wipe out the maximum amount of back row you can from your opponent for an OTK. Your opponent can only respond to the activation of Wind, afterward, they can't so Special Summoning another Fortune Lady with Powerful Rebirth will catch them out.

Bending Destiny is a really strong card for the deck especially when opening it going first. It can stop the normal summon of Fuma, Launcher Spider, Time Wizard, Cyberdark Edge. Even the activation of Red-Eyes Fusion, Neos Fusion, etc. Put your opponent back and opens up an OTK on your turn.

Canadia is in here to flip important monsters down and controlling your opponent. This deck draws a lot, so drawing into lots of control cards is what makes this deck strong.

Thought Ruler Archfiend is in the deck as a replacement for Scrap Dragon until I pull it. If you have Scrap Dragon, add that instead.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DavidKyanTime PassageSept 7


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JimmyGeeTime PassageSept 12

A comment from JimmyGee:

FL Vision is one of the best cards in the game, especially with the Synchros we have available atm. Doing the Past/Light combo while you have it out can protect your monsters from card effect destruction that turn, giving you either a free Black Rose nuke or a free Scrap Dragon pop.

Enemy controller is the best non FL card in the deck; you tribute Every to take their big monster for the turn. They either have to work to get over it or wait and watch it get banished during the next turn. Chalice was mainly to get over things in the mirror and for Spider/Desperado. Other cards are to help you survive if you end up bricking. FL is the most fun I've had with a deck for a long time, highly recommend.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
The_big_BTime PassageSept 26

A comment from The_big_B:

This month I reached kog with fortune lady darklords. I didn’t need a third and second calling thanks to the draw power granted from Ixchel, making the deck really consistent, tho I would reccomend a third copy of banishment in place of the third contact.

The one copy of Hey Trunade! came up a lot of games thanks to the draw power.

The main goal of the deck is to open Every (if going first) or Black Rose (if going second) and to give the synchro monster support with the value and the negation power granted from the Darklords.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LycanrocTime PassageSept 29

Fur Hire


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YusukThe Tie that BindsSept 24

A comment from Yusuk:

I won 7 in a row within legend to reach KOG. Many players misplayed with Wiz as if they’ve never played against or seen the card since it’s part of an old deck. Sometimes catching players by surprise is the best strategy!



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HexieRestartSept 30




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I was farming for Fortune Lady Calling... and get 3 Bnanishment LOL any tip? dig dfor Darklords?
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not working Hero soild soldier and masked c. Why lol
<< Anonymous
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duel links is garbo
<< Anonymous
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Yes it is
<< Anonymous
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And konami troll is getting soo desperate its very pathetic to watch :(
<< Anonymous
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So sad to watch the DLM losers attempt to troll in the first place, they’re too dumb :[
Love the swordsman deck
Agents are awesome
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh they are
Climbed easily with Triamids
<< Anonymous(F2P)
Anonymous Reply
Me too
<< Anonymous(F2P)
Anonymous Reply
super cool
<< Anonymous(F2P)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(F2P)
Anonymous Reply
Neos Fusion is slowly but surely falling out of favor
Evil Rick
New box is cool and has 3 different top tier decks
New box is dope
Btw, still clapping cheeks with sylvans

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