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update 26/09/2016

Drill Barnacle

Drill Barnacle
Monster TypeAqua
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect


This card can attack your opponent directly. Each time this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent by a direct attack: This card gains 1000 ATK.

How to Get

PackValiant Souls [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--









Stat changesThis card gains ATK
Attack categoriesDirect attacker


You use twin swords equip spell and the new 1500atk increase spell can't remember it but but basically drill barnacle then equip it with twin swords and use that spell to increase it's attack twice for a otk easy
I, uh, made a decklist for this card...

3x drill barnacle
3x mucus yolk (don’t have to run, still in development)
3x skull marked ladybug
1-2 spell striker
2x double attack
2x Kunai with chain
Any protection you want

Skill: restart or balance

Basically you want to use double attack to consistently get drill barnacle to 2300 attack (+1000 after an attack), then protect it until your next turn so that you can attack with it and hopefully another monster. It’s just a deck for fun
<< Anonymous(Narch)
Anonymous Reply
Don't use Mucus Yolk... It's a weak card, and it also needs an ATK boost in the first place to deal damage in order to gain ATK. Also, Raging Flame Sprite was obtainable from the Fire and Water Towers, and is obviously better anyway.
more cancer card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The only cancer here is the tumour in your brain preventing you from having intelligence
This card makes me wonder what we will get for Ryoga if Zexal world is released.

This is one of his early low level cards.....I doubt they are really going to give us more Drill Barnacle from Ryoga when players would have a lot from whatever this card is obtained from, so what are they going to replace it with when we get Zexal world?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
...By your logic, we should be concerned about Joey's potential cardpool because Magical Arm Shield, Paladin of Dark Dragon, Gearfried the Iron Knight and Kunai with Chain were all released in booster packs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Those aren't even his early cards.

He didn't even started playing Gearfried until Battle City!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Water support of course. They will give him anything that related to water. Since his whole deck is bunch of water cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I went for the most-played of his cards that ended up in Booster Packs. But if you want to go down the Duelist Kingdom route... Garoozis, Salamandra, Tiger Axe, Axe Raider.
Will this card lose the attack bonus when banished by SSA?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It will, since it is removed from the field, any ATK gain it received is reset.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It will, since it is removed from the field, any ATK gain it received is reset.
Once there was an Ugly Barnacle. He was so ugly, that everyone died! The End.
<< Anonymous
Malefic Reply
LMAO Spongebob reference is the best reference XD
Hmmm, this card may be handy soon

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I think that's been true with most of the events this year. Jack Atlas' event sucked too.
This card is pretty a Pendulum counter. So, it's almost useless in DL.
Dang, I don't have any of these cards. Anyone know which box you get Lucky Me Pasta from?
I am using the Ra deck but with a copy of Double Summon. I had them take control of one of my mon...
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