Exchange of the Spirit (Skill)

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update 01/05/2018

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Can be used at the beginning of your turn, if your graveyard contains more than 10 cards. Both players must swap the cards in their Graveyard with the cards in their Deck. Then both players must shuffle their Decks. This Skill can only be used once per duel.


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How 2 get that skill ??
If this was a player skill then someone could mill 10 cards into their gy and deck out you in 1-2 turns
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If this is available to players, I bet they will add the same restriction as the current version of the real life card - you need your opponent to also have 10+ cards in his/her Graveyard.
it‘s going to be level 40 skill for ishizu. I don‘t think this is going to be available for players.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^I mean in the Battle City event.
Great Konami. More Sylvan support. Not only they nuke your entire field and swarm the field with 3 monsters in 1 turn, now they destroy your entire deck too. Seems fair..
<< Anonymous(Mandy )
Anonymous Reply
Yep, this Skill is stupidly broken with Sylvan, which only reinforce the belief that Konami will do something with Sylvan before this Skill hits the game.

Otherwise the gamestate will be so broken it cannot be repaired, and the game is practically dead in a matter of days.
<< Anonymous(Mandy )
Anonymous Reply
That is, assuming this Skill would be available to players. It's possible this will be an NPC-only Skill.
this skill would be very funny with grass looks greener n bunch of lv 1 monster imo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Based on the actual card's effect, the "each other" part actually means "your deck with your graveyard, your opponent's deck with your opponent's graveyard".

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Tristan has many more cards than Dartz. Tristan's theme is "Warrior". That'...
I think the effect requires manual activation?
*activates inverse universe
As mentioned before full field or as a discard cost for some cards such as "tribute to the d...
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