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36th Mini Box: Idea of Armageddon
update 05/01/2021

Book of Moon

Book of Moon
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Target 1 face-up monster on the field; change that target to face-down Defense Position.

How to Get

PackSelection Box Vol.04 [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--










Hot New Top
not as stupid as karma cut or providence for me is ok
<< Anonymous(yuya)
Anonymous Reply
Why is it called Book of Moon when you of in the standby phase of miss timing activate preemptively?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You see book, i see money
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I only see p2w bull$hit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then leave.......oh but you won't like the masochist konami trained you to be

Shu t the fu ck up then

Sure, buddy. One of the reasons why gamea is absolute garbage. If you could have 3x of any staple in the game, that'd be book of moon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ummmm.......why would that be garbage?

A- is correct for Book of Moon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i would choose bom over any card in the game.a minus for the best card in the game?lol.stupid coper.
Well, I believe is about time to join the limit list. Every deck atm runs at least 2 of these. Some even 3. This card is too good that it was even in TCG limited list for many years.
<< Anonymous(Konami)
Anonymous Reply
BoM is good but not a banlist material. I believe that they will never limit this card. They will limit those broken monsters just like what they did to Shiranui, Invoker, Crystron, Karakuri, Lunalight..... Broken monsters need to be banned and that is the priority.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yep, if you ban broken monsters they will have to buy newly released broken monsters for replacement.

If you ban broken staples they will simply switch to either old or new broken staples.

This is completely the fault of those players. If they had the decency of not abusing every cards that are broken nothing would have had to be banned.

Konami is not at fault at all here.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That is why a +10 card banlist is a must after every single KC Cup. If they remove 3 cards from the banlist then they should ban 13 cards to make it a +10. The banlist should be longer but not shorter. A 3 cards banlist announced during end of February was stupid. People should be allowed to vote for the banlist.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Konami is not at fault at all here." and who releases the broken cards hm?lapd o g
f2p sodomizer
You know a card is OP when :
- don't have cost activation
- can target either opponent or yourself, it is very flexible
- and can be triggered anytime
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No. You know it's a broken when.

1. It's a staple.
2. It's the newest UR staple in a selction box.
Not original Meme
Me: Mom, can I have Murmur of the Forest?
Mom: No, we have Murmur of the Forest at home.
Murmur of the Forest at home:
Murmur of the forest and BOM is the best example that konami never really cared about game balance.
This card is fcked
Enemy controller is limit2 and this card is better than enemy controller
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah because e-con is free
in the future i can see this card getting hit once it easier to get without selection box and too many play it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fiendish chain is a continuous trap card that can easily be removed or can clog your backrow.
Karma cut is only good in decks that can utilize discarding (bewd). And it is still a 2 for 1.
Book of moon is a card that can be used offensively, defensively, interrupt your opponent plays, plus is a quick play card, the best type of backrow card.
Is laughable to compare those 2 traps with bom.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Back when fiendish first appeared in the game disruption wasn't that good, Fiendish broke the game and made the whale vs no spender matchup unwinnable for non spender and was also a staple to win tournaments

It's not laughable to compare them it's unfair for fiendish

Who can assure us that in the future we'll not get something better than bom?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Except that no one is comparing which one is better but how broken they were at their prime in their own time span, karma and fiendish were can cerous and uninteractive basically pay to win cards. BoM is the same now while karma and fiendish aren't anymore.

At their best none of them should not be/have been allowed but well business is business and we all konami doesn't give a sh it about balance
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
To think I was about to give money to konami for those selection box karma cuts thanks god I remembered what a garbage company konami is

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