King of Game decks [August 2019]

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update 27/08/2019


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
pharmacistChain ReactionAug 9

A comment from pharmacist:

I used trap monsters Subterrors due to the nerf of the skill Masked tribute. The trap monsters are good tribute fodder for the effect of nemesis warrior.

The rest is typical for any Subterror deck.
Night beam is a good spell/ trap removal the opponent can't respond to ( helped me a lot to get rid of TTH and dual wield) just because the opponents did not expect it.

The skill is chain reaction which by itself can burn the opponent each time I activate final battle.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SpiidoHeavy StarterAug 10

A comment from Spiido:

Subterror even after nerf and with a little persistence still shows a competitive deck. I believe the base of the deck is the same as most are using with flip-able monsters so I'll focus on the deck's differential cards.

A Feint Plan is an interesting card and can act as bait as the opponent can spend resources, even more, perfect with Red Eyes as they cannot attack and activate their ability.

Cosmic Cyclone was required to be placed as I was suffering against TTH and certain opponent cards.

Parry Knights were in fact the card that made a brutal force on the deck, I tried to put two in due to some bricks one card was ideal. If this card is in hand and any of the Subterror monsters (especially Nemesis) you may have an unexpected and powerful combo.

Final tip: If there are monsters on the field, always try placing Nemesis and forcing cards from your opponent's back row, the rest you know what to do with Nemesis's ability.

E-LMs Bakura

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
E-LMs BakuraLabyrinth BuilderAug 20


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GaleomirLabyrinth BuilderAug 20

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
insertHeavy StarterAug 9

The Hanged Man


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TwistedMaster of DestinyAug 4



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TurkishPowerBalanceAug 4

A comment from TurkishPower:

Since this deck contains some unexpected cards from the Triamid deck (such as the wall of disruption), it places the opponent in the opposite corner and wins. The only thing to be aware of is the monster-destroying effects because Triamid fortress is one.

Dmitri N.

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Dmitri N.BalanceAug 13


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Kaede-chanBalanceAug 16


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FerrerBalanceAug 16


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FerrerBalanceAug 18


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
NewPlayerThe Tie that BindsAug 20


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
gAbri6BalanceAug 22

A comment from gAbri6:

Balance is the best skill for this deck. Don't be afraid to banish your field spells or monsters to use Triamid Pulse's effects. I only used 1 Triamid Master beacause I have only one copy (but I think 2 copies are better).

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
akoYugiBalanceAug 26



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GlenNo Mortal Can ResistAug 12

A comment from Glen:


  • Use Vampire Takeover when the opponent activates Neos Fusion, Nemesis Warrior, Scrap Recycler, Cydark Cannon, or Delta’s effect to send a card to the GY

  • Vampire Vamp can equip boss monsters like Shien, Neos, Desperado, etc., (also boosted Triamids and Silent Magician)

  • Use two Vampire’s Domain against Shien and Silent magicians negate the effect

  • No Mortal Can Resist Skill turns samurais, magnets, and pigs into skeletons.

Just dropping this off here before Plaguespreader gets released.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
だいばろりBeatdownAug 15


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Terra-xMaster of Rites IIAug 20


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
VintageDev95Master of Rites IIAug 24


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
|LDL|_HellMaster of Rites IIAug 27

A comment from |LDL|_Hell:

One Slayer is suficcient, you need only to understand how to play and develpment your skill player.

I thinked Vendread Lord was very very better of than Executor, because you can negate all effects (spell, trap or monster) on that turn and you can to do a OTK so much easier and/or to play very very safe on that turn.

Main Combo is open hand with: nights+ritual spell+Lv3+AnyRitualMonster , so you can summon a vendread ritual that can banish anything ( spell/traps or special summoned monster)

Vylon Control


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AlmondLabyrinth BuilderAug 20

A comment from Almond:

5th KOG reached with this only deck, this month it took more difficulty with the recent introduction of Desperado and Vendread, furthermore, it suffered more than other seasons of starting hand bricks for several times, including during rank up duels.

Must say , I expected to meet more desperado than I actually did, this matchup must be taken care with brain and patience, not to attack face up machine monsters: our safest combo, epsilon + segment and power of the guardians, protect us from the bm spider effect but still might not be enough to win, especially when guardians dont have counters. A little better against the desperado/neos versions, there you can collect counters to deal with desperado dragon by attacking brave neos safely.

Met the first Vendreads in the last days before to reach KOG, starting first it's an advantage by sitting on epsilon equipped with segment makes you safe from the instant removing effects their ritual gain through Revenants and Houndorde. In the case you start second with their board built up, need to play wisely and be careful on the order you activate your equipped spells, trying to bait them into the less useful ones. The Vylon deck is not popular, so it can turn in your advantage since your opponent likely dont know how it works, what are the key cards, etc.

Six samurai still keeps tossing coin matchup, some you will win and some lose. The segment also here is a crucial card, making their dual wield, Enishi and Rihan useless, but we encounter more difficulties because of the clash world spell this case, you will need epsilon in def mode with p. of the guardians and basically, your LP is safe. The only card you will worry is Armades, but once destroyed through Epsilon effect I won by decking out (happened about 6/7 times this season).

It has been satisfying to play this deck for 5 months and seeing it effective to climb up, by the way, this month's performance seems worst than previous ones. I should think to invest my gems into some newer deck which have good performances.


Hot New Top
I'm impressed by Flower Cardians, they are really good and can counter the meta
Vendread > Desperado / Ancient Gears

F2P NEVER left this game
<< Anonymous(F2P)
Anonymous Reply
This game is powercreep fiesta.
Even 2 month old cards already barely work against new decks
So Vendread is the new cheap top tier deck? Then it's time to overwrite data in my 2nd Konamai ID. No need to spend money if you have 2 Konami IDs : one as main account and one as renewable account
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
omg nobody cares
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don’t understand what you do with the two account xd
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i have like 10 accts.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You must suck so bad if you have that many lmao
I keep climbing with Grass is Greener + spellbooks.

Totally F2P
<< Anonymous(Norien)
Anonymous Reply
But Silent Spellbook isn’t F2P...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
grass version not silent
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
grass is F2P
Six Sams Kog post-nerf

No nerf can 🔥 Six-Sam!!! Just got KoG with this Decklist. Extra-Deck as usual, 2 Shien, 1 armades, for the rest take what u like!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Metaphys laughs at this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And everyone laughs at Metaphys.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and despacito neos laughs at everything
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Metaphys isn't that much of a problem
Jeff A.
If Vendreads can win against ancient gear, desperado and neos fusion.

They are pretty much top tier. You only need 2 copies of revendread slayer to make the best version, that's F2P
<< Anonymous(Jeff A.)
Anonymous Reply
I think they are here to stay
<< Anonymous(Jeff A.)
vendreads op Reply
I think vendreads will be tiered for the next 3-4 months
<< Anonymous(Jeff A.)
Anonymous Reply
The best version needs 3 copies of Origin, which means you still have to open the box 3 times
<< Anonymous(Jeff A.)
Anonymous Reply
I keep schooling desperado with Vendreads
I have say this again Gamea. Delete off upload file on comment section. Yugioh is a children card game. Poor quality p0rn shouldn't be allowed in the internet.
<< Anonymous(Konekbauh)
Konekbauh Reply
Noice. Good job Gamea.
<< Anonymous(Konekbauh)
Anonymous Reply
I think inputs can be a good thing I think we could use a report button and if enough adds to have programmers ban ip addresses and be paid
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"If people want to share their decks they could either write a deck list or use an external host and post the link."
Then those spammers will also be able to upload their pron images and post the link.
<< Anonymous(Konekbauh)
Anonymous Reply
Totally agreed.
That bunch of mf's
Anyone still play fur hire competitively????
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I´ve faced a couple of those in Ranked. Unfortunately, they face quite a stiff competition. AG, Neos, Red-Eyes, Desperado... Many meta decks nowadays can keep them in check easily. The new Barbaros card from the last minibox could give them a new edge, though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I reached Legend 3 right now using fur hires + neos fusion. It's a whole lotta luck tho cause you basically want to otk in the first 2 turns. My best hand is usually opening with beat + neos fusion + recon. Beat -> recon -> search for dyna -> pop backrow or facedown -> dyna -> neos fusion trade out beat for Brave Neos -> swing ftw.
Totally wreck by treacherous trap hole, dual wield and drowning
There needs to be a filter on this site.
Subterrors Arise
GameA, you mentioned that your Tier List is based on the KOG submissions. Shouldn't you be updating it now? Based on what I see, there are only 4 Desperados; while there are 7 Triamids and 6 Subterrors. (Six Samurais excluded because of mid-season nerf)
<< Anonymous(Subterrors Arise)
Subterrors FTW Reply
TBF, Subs can counter most of the metas. BEWD, Desperado, etc. Banish control is always strong. Subterrors were never nerfed, only those who relied on a Masked Tribute.
<< Anonymous(Subterrors Arise)
Anonymous Reply
It's weird how there aren't more submissions for the other popular decks.

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