King of Game decks [August 2019]

Jeff A.
If Vendreads can win against ancient gear, desperado and neos fusion. They are pretty much top tier. You only need 2 copies of revendread slayer to make the best version, that's F2P
songkoo kacci
but U need 3 Origin... this card will get banned if too powerfull
Have they banned Triamids?

Don't worry about vendread.
<< Anonymous
it's is almost identical to neos fusion, so...
It’s not the same as triamid cuz triamid is strong but lacks of real beater or you need some turn to do a good board unbreakable

There you have everything turn one with banish power and strong beater it will get ban as Cyber angel sadly but not know in 3month ! xd
I think they are here to stay
vendreads op
I think vendreads will be tiered for the next 3-4 months
The best version needs 3 copies of Origin, which means you still have to open the box 3 times
I keep schooling desperado with Vendreads


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^ That's not entirely true. There is a 37% chance that you start with Trade-In and a Level ...
They're zombies after all. You can't k!ll something that's already dead.
Don't hate the game, just hate yourself for being so naive and so short minded, what were yo...
Or make it level 12 first with Yubel+level augmentation
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