Trap deck to farm Pegasus Lvl 40

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update 06/02/2017
Note: This deck does not guarantee 100% win. If you have a good idea to farm Pegasus, kindly share with us. Thanks!

Overview / Rating

Obtainable score3000-4000
Essential skillNone necessary
Essential cards

While it is not all that difficult to win with this deck. It is by no means foolproof, but it is relatively cheap if you happen to have rolled a couple of packs to get these cards.

Reaching 0 cards in your deck with some glossy cards can reach around 4,500 points, winning through effect damage before you reach 0 cards is around 3,500 points. There are a few things to note about this deck and how to use it to properly though.

Example deck

Restructer RevolutionRestructer RevolutionRestructer RevolutionDes CounterblowDes CounterblowDes Counterblow
Attack and ReceiveAttack and ReceiveAttack and ReceiveHinotamaHinotamaSpell Purification
Spell PurificationSpell PurificationNutrient ZNutrient ZNutrient ZEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin--------

Set skill

None, since this deck is built to be used to farm Pegasus without a specific skill. That means any Legendary Duelist can use this to learn drop skills. If you however happen to have unlocked Odion, you can use his skill Chain Reaction to win the duel faster.

How to use this deck

3 of each different traps

They are all useful for certain situations. Enchanted Javelin is for protection so you don't get damaged, Nutrient-Z is similar but only works for his hard hitting monster cards such as Toon Goblin Attack Force, or a lot of his monster cards after buffed with Sorcerous Spell Wall, Des Counterblow is for protection as well, and Spell Purification is to destroy his toon monsters.

When to use which

Since there are only 3 spell/trap slots you will want to choose carefully depending on your situation and what's in your hand.

Spell Purification

If Pegasus has Toon World active then always put down Spell Purification, activate it when Pegasus is about to attack with his toon monsters after he has summoned what he has from his hand, this is to make sure he doesn't summon more after Toon World is destroyed. You can discard cards that you won't need to use a lot of, like extra Nutrient-Z or Des Counterblow.

Des Counterblow

This is a trap that you might want to have up as soon as possible. This card has an interesting reaction from the CPU, where they won't attack you with their monsters unless the total attack of all their monsters is higher than your LP. It will prevent them from attacking you often. You will want to set this together with Spell Purification and Enchanted Javelin.

Attack and Receive

You can set this when you know you will get attacked the next turn so it doesn't take up the spell/trap slot for a long time. If you happen to have Des Counterblow active, Pegasus can still damage you using his Toon Cannon Soldier by sacrificing his other set or summoned toon monsters to deal 500 damage each, you can activate this card every time you get damaged.

Enchanted Javelin and Nutrient-Z

Often times, Echanted Javelin is better since not all of his cards can deal more than 2000 damage, and his stronger toon monsters that he can special summon easily can be taken care of with Spell Purification. If Pegasus summons Toon Goblin Attack Force, there is a chance that he might attack you next turn, if you have Des Counterblow, he will only attack once all of his monsters can finish you off. Either way, Enchanted Javelin is still a safer choice to put.


Hot New Top
odion Chain reaction will help, and need 1 Pot of Benevolence in case of deck out
<< Anonymous
same guy Reply
X2 Restructer Revolution
X1 Pot of Benevolence
and goblin thief instead of Hinotama
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah goblin thief is a good idea. I was just about to get crushed, and CHAIN REACTION saved me and took his last 200 lp
Thanks for the deck. I just used it to beat level 30 and 40 Pegasus. It's good to have deck ideas for beginners and free to play players. But can't you sneak in a little more offense. I think I'm going to try INABA WHITE RABBIT with this deck
Not workin lol
Yah, same here, stage 35 with lvl 33 AI, only 1 spell purification
Spell Purification
Standard duelists never dropped this card and im phase 30... can i replace it with twister and de-spell?
Also, could this be a good deck to be Odion's main?
<< Anonymous(Spell Purification)
Anonymous Reply
It's pretty common. You have the worst luck, perhaps.
<< Anonymous(Spell Purification)
Anonymous Reply
this deck isn't very good outside of fighting pegasus. the toon world deck eats away a lot of his LP (costs 1000 just to set toon world, have to pay 500 to attack etc) and does a lot of work for you. also you destroy most of his monsters whenever you remove the toon world card. that won't work against other duelists
very low score but easy
3-4k is not realy good. i make this with my umi deck easy
I can verify that this deck beats Pegasus every with one modification I added 3 conscription
almost worked i ran out of cards and he had 400 lp left had to do some improvising but its basically the same
<< Anonymous(dritinire)
Anonymous Reply
why do you want to run out of cards don't you lose?
If you dont have spell purifaction, you can just use armed ninja and Draw sense:earth to auto kill his toon world whenever you want :)
<< Anonymous(Instapwn)
Anonymous Reply
spell purifaction is rather common, why resort to edgy alternatives when you can just have the real deal
I don't have Attack & Receive. Any suggestion?
This deck is garbage if you don't draw into Des Counterblow early, or into enough Nutrient-Zs to stall until you do.

Otherwise he just slams you with Toon Goblin Attack Force and that 2000 ATK non-toon monster.

Commens and feedback


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Right now, until Jinzo is obtainable, the best way to deal with Circus Trick is to start the duel...
Even more annoying part is that Crowler runs 2 copies of this.....
Yep, this is one of those cards that looks bad at first glance but is actually borderline OP.
I managed to have Marik use the Point-to-Point Transfer effect of Ra, meaning Marik only has 100 ...
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