A very popular and flexible skill of Pegasus. Easy to fully utilization.


From the third turn and onward, you can see the opponents card as long as your Life Points are 3000 or Higher.


How to get

  • Pegasus reaches Lvl 13.

Rating and explanation

A skill that can be of advantage to players who were able to unlock him in his event. It can be used in mostly all decks which focus on taking advantage of board control. It will make players play around traps and spell cards set by opponent. A great skill overall.

Pegasus skills list


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It should be one card per each turn at end phase of turn its revealed much more efficient and economical on the enemy player as well to hide his cards whatever idk 🔥 off konami sucks dik at taking orders
"You can see the opponents card". Which card? One(s?) in the hand or in the table?
BUG when I used supremacy berry, it shows another card like vampire kingdom was up on my field and on the opponent backrow shows another vampire kingdom which turns out to be a canadia WTF. Also same game, vampire grace wasn't special summoned from the grave when I special summoned vampire vamp using gozuki which always worked before, I still had 2300 LP. SO supremacy berry is the BUG?
Very good in spellbooks actually.
With 5k lp change, mindscan needs to be changed.
Mind Scan + Aromage Deck
'It will make players play around traps and spell cards set by opponent' monster set included?
My opponent activates Mind Scan to see exactly how he will die!
This skill needs a nerf. Destiny Draw also needs to be nerfed to once per duel. Broken and overpowered garbage.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
do you even pay attention to the ingame notification bro ? newbie like you should not complain and get good lol low tier scrub pathetic
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I actually kinda enjoy playing against this skill. You can sometimes mind-game them by holding stuff back or get them to over-commit (or play overly-cautiously) to play around something. Honestly, this is one of the most balanced skills. It takes effort to use well, and isn't a massive obstacle to overcome.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well you got one wish, buddy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How original, plus getting "good" in this game is a joke, all you ever need to do is get the cards with time or money and just use the decks and strategies that are made ready for you. Dont fool yourself dumb kid
Not a skill recommended for beginners as you'll become overly reliant on this skill and won't be able to play properly with other skills.
Seriously why did they put "SKILLS" in the game. its literally all the 🔥 that was in the anime. "DESTINY DRAW" is based off the whole "HEART OF THE CARDS" 🔥. "MIND SCAN" is the same as Pegasus using his eye to see your 🔥ing cards on the field. like come the 🔥 on are we really supposed to adapt and make this 🔥 fun. how the 🔥 is this game fun or consistent. you cant even change your deck after you find out what character your facing against in pvp. if i see that im facing a weevil then i should be able to immediately change my 🔥ing deck so i dont get 🔥ed over. also how is this game fun when 90 percent of the matches i play a day, i cant even draw through 2 or 3 cards before i lose to a burn lava golem deck or just straight up get all my monsters cleared from mirror walls, wall of d, e con, trubute to the doom etc. only getting to draw through 3 cards per 🔥ing match is stupid as 🔥. and there isnt even any decent searchers in this stupid 🔥ing game. all th searchers are super specific like BDS can only search for normal 🔥ing monsters like wtf where are the other searchers
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ good spotting you are excellent!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
jokes on you, he's Odion user lmao
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually, some relevant points, and the game is broken beyond belief and it's intentional, and you have to be a fcking nerd to not see this
<< Anonymous(A)
James Reply
Skills are basically deck master abilities. So I feel it is completely allowed within the universe of Yu-Gi-Oh. The only difference is that you cannot summon your 'deck master' to the field. But during Noah's season each monster had it's specific ability (or skill) that a duelist could use. And the monsters picked were aligned with player's inner character.
This skill make you can see enemy set cards.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
Show me your panties!!! :))
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
no harrassing ladies here!!!! that is a warning!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Respekt wamen
<< Anonymous
Drug Baron Reply
Respect ramen

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Yeah, we already have Underworld Fighter Balmung, which is good for Aromage too.
.......there are much better cards to farm with than this.....
Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, and Tribute Summoned are three specific, separate things, althoug...
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