KC Cup: 1st Stage [November 2020]

Duel Links KC CUP November decks, the top meta of Duel Links in November 2020.
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Structure Deck EX: Blue-Eyes Evolution
update 25/11/2020


1st Stage Duration11 November 2020 - 23 November 2020

Rank & Duel Level

RankDuel Level
Rookie & BronzeDLV1
Legend & King of GamesDLV10

1st Stage Shared Decks

Email to GameA
Subject (Title)Lvl Max deck (KC Cup)
Body (Text)
  • Your IGN
  • A small note to show how to use your deck or how you reach Lvl Max (if necessary)
Attach Files
  • a screenshot of a deck you used to reach Lvl Max
  • a screenshot of KC Lvl Max proof

Send us screenshots of your deck which is used to get through the 1st stage of the KC Cup and the proof.

Number of users per deck

Blackwing Synchro3
Blue-Eyes Synchro2
Cyber Dragon2
Dark Magician1
Dragunity Synchro1
Evil Eye1
Fortune Lady Synchro1
Fur Hire1
Gren Maju Da Stromberg1
Karakuri Synchro2
Invoked Magician Girl2
Masked HERO1
Ritual Beast1
Shiranui Synchro2
Superheavy Samurai Synchro2

Blackwing Synchro


Blackwing SynchroDestinyXSunBlackwing Synchro DestinyXSun2
IGN: DestinyXSun, Skill: Level Reduction, Date Submitted: Nov 17


Blackwing SynchroItzMike1994Blackwing Synchro ItzMike19942
IGN: ItzMike1994, Skill: Harpies' Hunting Ground, Date Submitted: Nov 17


Blackwing SynchroKaizerJhayBlackwing Synchro KaizerJhay2
IGN: KaizerJhay, Skill: Peak Performance, Date Submitted: Nov 25

Blue-Eyes Synchro


Blue-Eyes SynchroSolace
IGN: Solace, Skill: Draw Sense: Spell/Trap, Date Submitted: Nov 17


Blue-Eyes SynchroAvilaFields
IGN: AvilaFields, Skill: Ultimate Dragons, Date Submitted: Nov 25

Cyber Dragon


Cyber DragonDr.AgonCyber Dragon Dr.Agon2
IGN: Dr.Agon, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: Nov 19


Cyber DragonCosmosCyber Dragon Cosmos2
IGN: Cosmos, Skill: Cyber Style, Date Submitted: Nov 20

Dark Magician


Dark MagicianAngelDark Magician Angel2
IGN: Angel, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Nov 20


Zato DAK

D/D/DZato DAKD/D/D Zato DAK2
IGN: Zato DAK, Skill: Beatdown, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Dragunity Synchro


Dragunity SynchroEdotdDragunity Synchro Edotd2
IGN: Edotd, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Evil Eye


IGN: KINGPLAYER, Skill: See You Later!, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Fur Hire


Fur HireRytashFur Hire Rytash2
IGN: Rytash, Skill: See You Later!, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Fortune Lady Synchro


Fortune Lady SynchroHeartfiliaFortune Lady Synchro Heartfilia2
IGN: Heartfilia, Skill: Time Passage, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Gren Maju Da Stromberg


Gren Maju Da Strombergcancerdecknubs
IGN: cancerdecknubs, Skill: The Tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Nov 25

Invoked Magician Girl


Invoked Magician GirlDrustanInvoked Magician Girl Drustan2
IGN: Drustan, Skill: Draw Sense: DARK, Date Submitted: Nov 17


Invoked Magician GirlakoYugiInvoked Magician Girl akoYugi2
IGN: akoYugi, Skill: Draw Sense: Dark, Date Submitted: Nov 23

Karakuri Synchro


Karakuri Synchro∆KuroramaKarakuri Synchro ∆Kurorama2
IGN: ∆Kurorama, Skill: Restart, Date Submitted: Nov 17


Karakuri SynchroDmitriKarakuri Synchro Dmitri2
IGN: Dmitri, Skill: Firm as the EARTH, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Masked HERO

Yami Aster

Masked HEROYami Aster
IGN: Yami Aster, Skill: Master Of Fusion, Date Submitted: Nov 20



IGN: LaplaceXZ, Skill: Territory of Sharks, Date Submitted: Nov 20



IGN: Lycanroc, Skill: Grit, Date Submitted: Nov 18



IGN: PlisKogUp, Skill: Onomatoplay, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Ritual Beast


Ritual BeastWilk007Ritual Beast Wilk0072
IGN: Wilk007, Skill: Sealed Tombs, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Shiranui Synchro


Shiranui SynchroCesar
IGN: Cesar, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Nov 17


Invoked ShiranuiB4BearInvoked Shiranui B4Bear2
IGN: B4Bear, Skill: The Tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Nov 17

Superheavy Samurai Synchro


Superheavy Samurai SynchroNghiebaSuperheavy Samurai Synchro Nghieba2
IGN: Nghieba, Skill: Life Charge, Date Submitted: Nov 19


Superheavy Samurai SynchroSudiharyantoSuperheavy Samurai Synchro Sudiharyanto2
IGN: Sudiharyanto, Skill: Defense Charge, Date Submitted: Nov 25



IGN: Stanley, Skill: Endless Trap Hell, Date Submitted: Nov 21



IGN: lapar4duel, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Nov 18



Vendread ShiranuitaaVendread Shiranui taa2
IGN: taa, Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: Nov 17


Hot New Top
Get that Shiranui disguised as Vendread out of here, noob.
The truth
The world you live in is not how your eyes see
most importent stuff you need know
1 - Jews control world
2 - money is your poison
3 - media, school, government, companies are a network os agents to do brainwash on you
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5 - cops are a group of mercenary to intimidate you
6 - there is no authority, those who identify themselves as authorities want you to obey the corrupt system
do not listen to bestialities like microchip with the mark of the beast, big pharma wants your money or the communists plan to dominate everything, these are narratives created by system agents (shills)
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left and right are 2 sides of the same coin, not just in america, this is on a global scale, the Jews control china and the US

Trump, Elon Musk, Bill gates and etc are just actors,everything is a theater, this is all difficult to accept, but it's the facts, I use logical thinking, don't look for the comfort of lie
<< Anonymous(The truth)
Anonymous Reply
decklist please
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"decklist please"

What, are you a noob who can't build your own deck?
who's the awesome guy with the fur hire deck?
<< Anonymous
Bravo Reply
Why keep Dyna limit 1?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bruh. It's a 🔥 deck, that can't be "awesome".
<< Anonymous
Rytash Reply
Hey, thank's for the compliments haha, i love to play old and outmeta decks, like furhire and inzektor, but in other seasons i reach leg 4 or 5 and cant rank up anymore with this decks, so i need to change to a new one to get KOG. But this season, with XYZ summon, fur hire get a lot stronger, making it possible for me to get kog and dlv20.
And no, furhire isnt a burn deck bruh lol
<< Anonymous(Rytash)
Anonymous Reply
They censored the name of the disease starting with C to the fire smiley.
Bored Girl
Since the KC is boring as hell let's discuss something else:

What cards do you think the next box will bring?

I think it will be based around fairy monsters and some light attribute xyz monsters, just to give kotori her themed box, probably "Star Seraph" and "Fairy Tail" archetypes. nothing relevant since it will be a minibox and konami has to throw all the mediocre xyz first so no hopes for madolche.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Considering decks like Shiranui, Crystron, and Karakuri are running mostly old SR and UR cards.....yeah, that argument is invalid.
<< Anonymous(Bored Girl)
Anonymous Reply
filler, filler and more filler
<< Anonymous(Bored Girl)
Anonymous Reply
Wait. The first commenter is named "Bored Girl".

Oh God it's a girl. It's so cute that she's bored. I wish she commented again.
Yami Aster
My rank up match to stage 2. Heroes vs. ...the unluckiest karakuri player in the world!? This just does not happen...#DuelReplay #DuelLinks
<< Anonymous(Yami Aster)
Anonymous Reply
Another Ultimate Providence... that card is annoying af
Hey guys, I KoG'd last month so I am already qualified for stage 2 since the firt minute, but now I am at DL18. What happens if I dont reach DL MAX before the start of stage 2? Do I lose the rank up gems?
<< Anonymous(Saitama)
Anonymous Reply
You don't get the gems of dlv 20 but you can join the 2nd fase.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Life is a lot easier after all KoG were forcefully promoted to 2nd stage.
Su!c!de decks can give you 50 gems in 5 minutes. Pretty cool if you think about it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When you lose a game you only get 1 or 2 chests as duel rewards. Usually the gems are in the 3rd or higher chests.

No gems to get with a deck that loses.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nothing wrong with decks like that i used to do that til i got bored of doing the quests for 50 gems from the kc.
Argh....I'm still stuck between DLV 18-19.
Still so many shiranui & invoked players now.
I thought they are supposed to reached DLV Max by day 1 or 2.
Different year, same Shiranui and Invoked. That's what this game has become
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
2020 banlist didn't help at all. The only thing could help is top tier box, and compared to last year, this year's boxes mostly suck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
try other deck if u r bored from those deck; kara, crystron, magnet, those deck can compete with those invk and shi-tranui
I'm so bad and lazy I can't even finish stage 1 this time round.
What I love about the KC Cup is that I can finally see entertaining matches on my daily duel replay again, seriously I stopped playing for a couple months and now everyone gives meme matches high ratings, lame
Konami's probably gonna see how popular Shiranui, Invoked and Karakuri are and think "This is a problem. Let's nerf Blackwing and Lava Golem again."
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I told you Konami can't do anything about it.
<< Anonymous(no nerf)
Anonymous Reply
Tired of seeing invoked every where, perhaps purgatrio the next?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Aleister 3
Purgatrio 3
Invocation 2
Cocytus 2
Megallenica free.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Are you sure, Manuel?
eh? eh? are you sure?

You'll only lose the Mirror match again and again.

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