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update 25/11/2017



Can be used after your Life Points decrease by 2000. Randomly add 1 "Thousand Knives", "Dark Magic Attack", or "Dark Magic Expanded" to your hand. This skill can only be used once per duel.


How to get

Arkana level 13 reward.

Explanation and Rating

Arkana's skill


it should let you choose out of the three which card you want
They should give Yami Yugi a DM skill too just like how they gave joey the warrior booster skill. Arkana is more of a DM master than yug could ever be now with his level up rewards and skills.
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous Reply
Same opinion here, Yami Yugi is underpowered for a DM deck, we don't have any Dark Magician related skill. Also, they focused the lvl40 Yami Yugi to have a Phantom Beasts related deck but most of the cards we can't even get, the char itself got a bit confusing until now, compare for example with Yugi Muto and the Magnetic Warriors, it's totally anime related, it makes sense, do you get my point?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well now we have them.
The idiotic about this skill is that you get only once and there are 3 things to draw. Should be once per turn after 2kdmg taken. And please remove this shuffle skill of his bcuz it's literally useless
<< Anonymous(Ragstal )
Anonymous Reply
it would be to overpowered and than they would nerf it and than the skill would be more "idiotic" than it was
<< Anonymous(Ragstal )
Anonymous Reply
Every time someone uses it against me they seem to get the 1 card that saves their ass. So I'd say it's plenty useful as is.
OP Skill
Very good skill, doesn't skip your draw phase.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yea and if u pay mirror wall cost, u can use the skill right away.
does it have to be in the deck? i assume so, but im not sure
<< Anonymous
Edgar81539 Reply
Will add them from outside the deck. We don't have Dark Magic Expanded at the moment.
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Anonymous Reply
thanks man
"or", not "and"
This skill adds one of the 3, not all 3. Don't think that you will get every one of these cards when you activate the skill.
<< Anonymous("or", not "and")
Anonymous Reply
At first I was confused by it. Like, why write "randomly" if you get all three?
<< Anonymous("or", not "and")
Anonymous Reply
Shame too, because getting all 3 would have been amazing.
here too 1st!!!!yay!!!

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For what? For not spending money to beat kids on a mobile game? This is a capture of their event ...
No one said it was hard,retard, but rather time consuming. Learn how to read.
It is ironic because these are speed duels but when playing against this decks, it takes forever....
It's always treated as an Archfiend card, even in TCG/OCG. The Japanese name of this card c...
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