KC Cup: 1st Stage [Nov 2018]

Duel Links KC CUP Nov decks, the top meta of Duel Links in Nov 2018.
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Structure Deck EX: Cyber Style Extreme
update 26/11/2018


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
限界一閃TsunTsunRestartNov 14


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LifeOfSwizzLP Boost αNov 19

A comment from LifeOfSwizz:
Am back again with Bujins as they got extra added support with the most recent pack in Bujingi Crane which I have constantly made KOG with them prior to this support. This time around I was playing a 24 card build with Balance skill for the first 18 levels and LP Boost α for the last 2 levels because of the constant Dragunity, Yubel and Silent FTK decks.

DNA surgery allowed me to get my bujingi effects faster and had great synergy with Horn of the Phantom Beast. Effect negations in Wrath and Providence was more for protection from Hero’s and Yubel who in my last 5 wins I played Hero’s, 3 Yubel and Hero’s. Once I get my 3rd Crane, I would drop Synoyu for it.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Currahee Deck 1RestartNov 19

Buster Blader DNA Surgery

Gaia Dragon!

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Gaia Dragon!Mind ScanNov 16

Ren Uuzra

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Ren UuzraMind ScanNov 21

A comment from Ren Uuzra:
Buster Blader Deck: Whelp is the main Combo piece. Deck revolves around Fusion and using your DNA Surgery for combos like taking your Opponents truoblesome monsters with DSF. Buster Blader obviously most important piece. Run with search and Subs for playing Buster or going into Dark Paladin.

AMA and Treacherous work well with the deck, having no protection from traps makes AMA an Ace. Stardust for annoying plays (Yubel) and other Synchro for a quick beat stick. Mind Scan does miracles to the deck with Traps like Drowning being in DL now. All and all fun deck and highly competitive.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Linu11BalanceNov 22

A comment from Linu11:
This climb was surprisingly easy. Always activate DNA Surgery on opponents draw phase cause it might me cosmic cycloned anyway.

I'm using Xing Zhen Hu for Vampires to prevent their takeover and for Masked change heroes to shut down their OTK potential or traps. You can replace canadia and treacherous with other trap cards, but I am too scared of geargias and gladiators. It's good that blue eyes are meta, cause this deck is their natural counter.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
EickerMind ScanNov 22


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
'RafaelMind ScanNov 22

A comment from 'Rafael:
It is very functional because by using "DNA Surgery" to turn all monsters from the field into Dragon type, you can in addition to using the opponent's monsters as Fusion material, you can use the effect of Buster Blader to increase the power of ATK . Mind Scan helps you protect against bruises and other face-down cards to craft a better strategy for winning.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AlfredoDestiny DrawNov 23

A comment from Alfredo:
It’s a really easy and fun deck to use. Many people are bashing this deck and complaining about it being inconsistent or bricky but it worked for me for the most part. Destiny draw seems like the best skill for this deck because DNA surgery has no way of being searched. If the combo goes in correctly you will end up locking your opponent’s monsters entirely. But if not you can still win easily.

DNA surgery is not always necesary but in case you don’t draw it try to summon the paladin instead of the dragon destroyer. The OHKO potencial of this deck is high but without much backrow removal, hey trunade or anti-magic arrows are a must. Since dragunities are gaining popularity and blue-eyes are already top in the meta, this deck should help you climb in the ladder with no problem.

Treacherous can be replaced to prevent it from being a dead card but that is up to you. This deck only stuggles against Masked heroes due to decider being untargeteable for attacks and against vampires(only of you don’t get destiny draw) and anyways they are still beatable if you do the right plays.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BlazeDestiny DrawNov 22

A comment from Blaze:
I tried something else with destiny draw by putting kuribohs in this deck. It helps me to overcome some OTK decks like vampires and heroes and allow me to activate my skill easily .



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DaokoPeak PerformanceNov 17

A comment from Daoko:

The deck focuses on Dragunity's ability to OTK using many of its available 2 card OTK combos with Mountain Field Spell:

  • Dragunity Militum + Aklys
  • Dragunity Militum + Divine Lance
  • Dragunity Dux + Divine Lance

Often times, the combo not only sets you up with a 4200 ATK Vajrayana but also allows you to destroy a card on the field with you use Vajrayana effect on Aklys. The rest of the deck focuses heavily on backrow removal with to ensure your OTK goes through.

Double Cyclone is MVP in the deck as Mountain can offer as additional target for cyclone's effect and if played properly, double cyclone can result in plus plays with other removal cards such as Cosmic Cyclone, Treacherous Trap Hole, and Aklys. I am only playing 1 Card of Consonance as I found that any more causes the deck to brick more often.

Extra deck is pretty standard with 2x Vajrayana, 1x Gae Dearg, 1x Stardust. The last slot is flexible. I had Black-winged dragon in there because I hate playing against burn, but Gae Buld works as a good replacement that allows the deck to perform better mid-late game.

Overall this was an extremely fun deck to play as there is nothing more satisfying than you getting through 2 set backrow and 1 monster and still manage to pull off the OTK. I have been testing another variant of the deck that runs Grass is Greener to more value to Dragunity Dux by setting up the grave.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JaviDentThe Ties that BindsNov 17

A comment from Javi Dent:

Going into this new box I was most excited about Harpies & Blackwings. This deck definitely surprised me with its versatility when I first started playing it. This deck isn’t for everybody as it will take some out-of-the-box thinking sometimes to pull off some really extravagant combos. The biggest key in this deck is getting out Vajrayana to OTK asap.

Tie that Binds syncs perfect because it gives you exactly 4000 ATK without the need of an additional field spell/card that could be destroyed by the opponent. A ton of backrow removal isn’t exactly necessary if you run three copies of Divine Lance. The BEST part of Divine Lance is that the opponent will instinctively still try to use their traps on the equipped monster and waste their Canadias/WODs/TTH.

Also Stardust Dragon is VERY easy to summon if you tech in at least two Mystletainn, and Stardust WRECKS Yubel decks. I embarrassed a lot of Yubel decks this KC Cup. Overall this deck isn’t necessarily top tier, but it’s probably not as far off as most would think. Very dangerous.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Currahee Deck 2BeatdownNov 19


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TherardoPeak PerformanceNov 22

A comment from Therardo:
Used the Dragunity deck from LV 17 to 20, as more of an OTK focused deck. Aklys and Militum are MVPs of the deck and better than Dux and Phalanx. Used two Cards of Consonance and 1 DW dealings to quickly get to spell/trap removal.

Aklys and Militum plus Hey Trunade usually equals game. Peak Performance gets Vajrayana over 4k and can be used as food for Double Cyclone.

Rolled over most matchups only lost once really to a really bad hand.

gm mn

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
gm mnPeak PerformanceNov 22

A comment from gm mn:
Pretty much all cards you can get by getting this box through once. Got 1 cyclone through a dream ticket and the other through gems. Got the treacherous through gems as well but those are basic staple cards you would expect most players to have by now.

The key to this deck is playing smart. You have alot of 1tk potential but you don't want to waste your resources and leave yourself open to your opponent 1tk. Mask change hero's are the worst match up with this deck. You can beat DNA surgery if you are clever and get rid of it early.

Dragunity dux fishes dragona from your grave for an atk boost and your opponent can't do a thing with nothing in your grave or no DNA surgery. Yubel is the easiest match up; get stardust dragon out as quick as possible basically!

Flying Fish


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Quiver23Mythic DepthsNov 22

Fur Hire


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
[SEM]大紅PThe Tie that BindsNov 14


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ManepThe Tie that BindsNov 16


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WaldtierThe Ties that BindsNov 17

A comment from Waldtier:
The deck has the same logic as the standard fur hire before the ban, but uses the big cattle drive to get back row support using the spamming fur hire effects and the amount of beast and beast warrior.

With these I usually get a +2. Alector helps to get a +3 against heroes, geargia and other monotype decks. He also helps to end effects of Cosmo Brain and Equip Cards.The rest is fur hire as usual


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AyzleThe Ties that BindsNov 21

A comment from Ayzle:
I added Cosmic Cyclone and Jinzo to deal with spells/traps on circumstances where you don't have Wiz in the field. Widespread and Wall of D are really needed to deal with the high atk monsters. The rest are Furries in action!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
smadThe Ties that BindsNov 22



Hot New Top
So great! Fastest ever duel.. Just setting up my field, and then my opponent put three 3K monsters on their field in one turn.. I ended up, sent "nice" xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cosmo Brain through discard BEWD, Silver's Cry to revive, Normal Summon Protector and drop him for another BEWD in hand? (A perfect 5-card hand in that deck...)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wait a minute did he just summoned a bunch of monsters in 1 turn?
That against the rules isn't it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
screw the rules, I have a screwdriver!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A high grade screw driver I hope
gameA was so popular in this time many decks shared, actually gameA look like a dead website, nobody wish share decks anymore here. RIP GameA 2017-2020 feelsbadman
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If this place is dead then why are you here? :p

There's no point commenting on a dead site.

Only reason you still do it, is because this site is pretty much alive and you're in denial :p
Anybody received rewards like tickets yet?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes u can get it from raise your dlv at 1st stage and prismatic SR ticket at stage 2 if you reach dlv max at stage 1
Recorded some pretty cool fights at last KC CUP !

Built my deck with Gems !
(and I actually show you my purchase history in the video!).

- Hope you enjoy.

【 LINK 】
Makrov krauz
This kc cup was actually fun and more competitive than the previous one,I faced many good players this time around, I literally played like 5 hours only, that's why my duels count is relatively low, I wish if I have time to play more today, I reached top 10 reginal group C (my goal) on the First day then I stopped playing for good.

Decks used:
0-10k: Geargia
10k-16k: koaki Meiru/ furhire
16k-24k: banish control.

winrate : 67%

longest consecutive Victories: 10 with Georgia

<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
Anonymous Reply
See you in the regionals !
<< Anonymous(Makrov krauz)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Congratz Makrov !
<< Anonymous
Makrov krauz Reply
Thanks man, much appreciated
Had an intense 20+ turn match with Glad Beasts as the rank up match but came out on top. Thanks Gemini!
<< Anonymous(HarpieHaneboki)
Lovely Aster Reply
Congratulations! That sounds like it would have been awesome to see!
<< Anonymous(HarpieHaneboki)
Anonymous Reply
Congratulations! I struggled last time with S19. This time I pulled it off too with Morphtronics. KC Cup is one wild event!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Morphtronics are really cool, hope they receive more support !
did konami finally cut down on the cheating? usually this comment section is all about cheating, this time around I didn't notice it that much.
Woops missed my free 25 gems
I'm F2P Casual Gamer and I reach DLV MAX very fast with my Alien Deck.
I just played 3 games per day and just 2h of tryhard this day.

The deck is very consistant and very powerfull, try it.
<< Anonymous(Xarcan)
Xarcan Reply
The deck list.
<< Anonymous(Xarcan)
Airmanitelan Reply
Good job
Just made it (after getting tilted for a while at lvl 19 with Yubel and Heroes) with Mermails.

<< Anonymous(Bakr3ni)
Anonymous Reply
Damn, 4 wins in a row with Gem Knight in DLV 19 and then losing because I don‘t get Fusion... :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Still have time.. Good Luck!
i havent seen someone using "Bear witness to this" this KC cup . lmfao
<< Anonymous(SnowVelvet)
Anonymous Reply
I'm a bear witness to this player with 25k points LoL

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pretty much. a board like that isn't even worth a dollar even less more
But what about Pot of Greed?!!!1! wHaT dOeS iT doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo?????...
One copy of Urgent Schedule please.
Some decks play 2 Overflow instead of Rampage Dragon + Cyberload Fusion. Some decks put more mons...
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