A Trick Up the Sleeve (skill)

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update 27/02/2020

Skill Details

Your starting hand will include 1 Lvl 7 or higher DARK spellcaster-type monster, randomly selected from your deck. This skill will not activate if your DECK does not include 1 Lvl 7 DARK spellcaster-type monsters. You cannot special summon effect monsters during your First Turn.

CharacterHow to Get
ArkanaLvl 20

How to Get

Skill rebalancing history

Description (Since 2019 Mar 25)

Your starting hand will include 1 Lvl 7 or higher DARK spellcaster-type monster, randomly selected from your deck. This skill will not activate if your DECK does not include 1 Lvl 7 DARK spellcaster-type monsters. You cannot special summon effect monsters during your First Turn.

Description (Until 2019 Mar 24)

Your starting hand will include 1 Lvl 7or higher DARK spellcaster-type monster, randomly selected from your deck. This skill will not activate if your DECK does not include 1 Lvl 7 DARK spellcaster-type monsters.

Arkana's skill


Hot New Top
Now where are those guys who were so sure this Skill won't get nerfed? XD
RIP this skill. They about to make it to where you can’t special summon your first turn.
<< Anonymous(Lowratedduelist69 )
Anonymous Reply
Nobody played Blue eyes deck above Platinum, deck is already dead.
<< Anonymous(Lowratedduelist69 )
Anonymous Reply
Technically you can still do Dark Magician + Ancient Rules Combo. You just can't special summon EFFECT monsters on your first turn. You can only set them normally instead.

All this does is negate Cosmo Brain from being summoned on your first turn unless you have a stall plan for your next turn.
Yamate Arkana!
<< Anonymous
Arkana Reply
<< Anonymous
Yami Yugi Reply
<< Anonymous(Yami Yugi)
Anonymous Reply
lmao xD
A Cosmo Brain Up the Sleeve
lel I guess some dudes are missing the fact this deck is the "elitist" type, as most of expensive decks from big boxes are. Which means you cannot give consistence to a expensive deck in a Free-to-Play game with minimum purchasable content, it'd be bad for it. So, not gonna happen.
And as much as some guys hate the game with all their anger, yeah, it's free to play. I mean, I built Geargias for free with my 3 Ties and all, and I've reached kog with such deck for several months even now. I'm currently building BB though.
Lovely Aster
The problem with blue-eyes is not trick up the sleeve, it is that there are not enough support cards to make it faster, so it is TOO dependent on this skill. Even with the skill, I've seen a lot of times where it becomes a brick up the sleeve when my opponent cannot get any blue-eyes or ways to get them on the first turn. I even saw one Arkana simply set 1 econ before ending his opening turn. Konami is making the same mistake that it made with U.A.: having a deck become too dependent on a skill because they didn't release more support cards to make it more consistent. That way, they can just nerf the skill when they don't want the deck to be too popular anymore. Then, they can get away with making you spend more gems/money on any cards that help those decks if they release them in a new box and get away with saying, "Hey, we didn't semi limit/limit any cards from this deck!" I know that this is just business practice and I'm not saying you can't get KOG with U.A. or Blue-eyes without those skills, I'm just saying how I think it works and why I think trick up the sleeve will probably get nerfed.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster )
Konami Reply
in your opinion what do you think the correct skill description must be then?
They have to change this skill to be normal monster
Konami please change this skill to be a normal monster!!!
Arkana must use it with spellcasters deck not with dragons

Players are abusing it to guarantee Cosmo Brain!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, because creative use of an old skill that isn't completely degenerate (Cyber Style pre-nerf) should be discouraged because Arkana uses DM as his ace. I suppose all D Hero players should be locked to playing only as Aster too?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
D-Hero is a bad example since it does not abuse any particular skill.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If KC report told me anything they’re abusing balance quite a lot.
Once they nerf this skill, BE will dead
<< Anonymous
Arkana Reply
Well, that's why they are not nerfin it, it would be totally unfair.
BE is not even a broken deck.
better not spam the skills too much or else it getting nerf right after later for being overused,
so am not running it but sadly it will in the future.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Lovely Aster Reply
*In stage 1. I found stage 2 skills and trick up the sleeve was 2nd place there.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
therewontbenerf Reply
haha no offense, my friend ^. ^ but... why do u hate this skill anyway?, ur Lovely Aster has been in the meta since he was released as a playable character xD...
Don't be egotistical...
<< Anonymous(therewontbenerf)
Lovely Aster Reply
I don't hate the skill. I'm actually worried that there is no deck without it if they nerf it... Just about every KOG with blue-eyes that I see on here is with this skill and almost every time I pvp someone who is using this deck without trick (except once), they have lost to me. The deck is too dependent on the skill. If it gets nerfed, what will happen? Blue-eyes already bricks with it.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous Reply
Beatdown version is also kog worthy, you can easily reach 4000 ATK per monster with such version. But yeah, it's a bit less consistent...
This skill will not activate if your DECK does not include 3 Lvl 7 DARK spellcaster-type monsters with different names.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Even better, make it so that at least 1 of those three must be a "Dark Magician".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What about:
"This skill will not activate if your DECK does not include 1 Lvl 7 NORMAL DARK spellcaster-type monsters"
what about 7 level NORMAL dark spellcaster

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