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How to win 10 consecutive Duels easily?
Well winning 10 CONSECUTIVE duel at stage 28 with decks like reverse trap or circus trick is not easy,that's why I need help.Are u trying to be genius?
That's why I'm telling you, you are quite the stupid one. Who told you to force your way to win all those reverse trap decks? Though I can because I belong to those special 5% of the genius population... anyway enough about me. Like I said, why are you even trying the impossible? You know you can battle duelists at the gate, right? lvl 10?
Now I told you what to do, don't dare ask another stupid question again. Sigh. That's very basic. For consecutive wins mission, all you have to do is battle lvl 10 duelists at the gate. Why can't most people realize this? Ugh. This is very basic. -_-
You are stupid dude, he told you how to do 10 consecutive duels easily -__- learn to read
it doesn't matter on what stage you are on
1 / 28 / 50...

simple challenge lgendary duelists (joey/kaiba/yugi/rex/weevil/ishizu/odion/mai or tea) on level 10

next time, be less of a retard and use your head instead of being spoonfed
<< Anonymous(Fanatix)
I think you need to Re-examine the "10 consecutive" duel challenge duel. Its not Masonry's fault for losing. I'm currently do this challenge, and it is full of Bull****, and there is a simple reason why.

The Game's rigged you with an Automatic loss by Clogging your Hand with Spells and Traps and High Level Monsters every time I've gotten to 7 wins or higher! Its a Cheap tactic!
<< Anonymous(Dagnut)
Don't build decks with dead draws then. Even if you do get one you should be able to survive a couple of turns at this rank. Wait to you start dueling the level 45 duelist who summon 2 of the fusion thunder dragons by their second or third turn
Anoymous 8days ago
you git gud



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hi i dont have union attack any deck to farm yugi muto without ?
it's good but not broken, dikini has crazy effects, woodspirit FTK, champion's vigi bus...
3x flip summon per turn after Gonogo setup completed. Use Tea's Holy Guard skill
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