Lifetime Missions

This page notes list of Lifetime missions with unlock features and rewards in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links.
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update 02/10/2016

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Lifetime Missions

List of Missions and Rewards

Have Tea Gardner Reach Level 30Gem x50
Trade a total of 10 cards with the Card Trader.1000 Gold
Reach Stage 20.Gem x50
Have Mai Valentine Reach Level 30Gem x50
Have Joey Wheeler Reach Level 10Gem x50
Trade a total of 3 cards with the Card Trader.1,000 Gold
Reach Stage 10.Gem x25
Have Joey Wheeler Reach Level 10Gem x50
Have Ymi Yugi Reach Level 10Gem x50
Play a total of 10 Duels.Gem x25
Trade a total of 10 cards with the Card Trader.1000 Gold
Reach Stage 20.Gem x50
Have Tea Gardner Reach Level 10Gem x50
Play a total of 50 Duels.Gem x25
Play a total of 500 PvP Duels.
Inflict 1000000 points of battle damage using Seto Kaiba.Icon (Blue-Eyes White Dragon)
Have Seto Kaiba Reach Level 30.Gem x50
Trade a total of 30 cards with the Card Trader.3000
Reach Stage 30.Gem x75
Normal Summon Red-Eyes B. Dragon 100 time(s).Game mat (Red-Eyes B. Dragon)
Collect a total of 10 Ultra Rare [Card Rarity] cards.Gold

Login Total: 2 days gem x50
Collect a total of 50 card Icon: Soccer ball
Login Total: 5 days gemx15
Unlock Yami Yugi Icon: Yami Yugi
Unlock Joey Wheeler: Icon: Joey
Collect a total of 100 cards. : Icon A Golf Club and a Ball
Collect a total of 40 Spell Cards: Icon Rugby ball

Reach Stage 10: Icon (Kuriboh)


Hot New Top
Btw i saw a lifetime mission that you can get yami marik and his ace and ra how do you get all three?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yami Marik becomes unlockable at Stage 16.

Beat Yami Yugi using Yami Marik to get Ra.

Beat Mai using Marik by reducing her LP to 0 with Ra to get 'Power of the Tributed'.
Summon lava golem 100 times can’t remember what I got tho.
I saw guy with cool Sphere Kuribo icon, how do u get it ?
Ive played curibo more than 100 times
<< Anonymous(cry)
Anonymous Reply
i thought i got it when reaching level 60, but i am not sure anymore.
<< Anonymous(cry)
Anonymous Reply
Level 60
Use Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth 1 time(s)
Reduce Opponent’s Life Points to 0 by inflicting Battle Damage with Winged Dragon of Ra gives you Winged Dragon of Ra Sleeves
Other hidden achievement. Summon Ancient Gear Golem one hundred times and you get a mat
Got a hidden lifetime mission for finishing off a Standard Duelist with Gate Guardian 1 time.
There is a lifetime mission of 5000 duel wltld duels as well ad 10000 duel world duels. The card sleeves etc are not listed under lifetime missions. They are actually hidden unlocks for game sleeves and play mats. The 500 pvp duels unlocks an icon and that is also different from regular lifetime missions. I see nothong about card trader for 300 times and I know there is one for 500 times. Idk if the game gives one past 500 times with the card trader so if you know then comment. I beleive before 300 times thst it was 150 times with the card trader and I think 100 was before that. Idk why they are not on this list and why people comment things or the list incudes things that are not written under lifetime missions and clearly unlock icons, mats or sleeves. I came here to see if there is a mission after the 500 card trader trades but obviously this site is not up to date. I expect it not to knlw if it records after 300 consecutive log ins because I started about 40 days after the game came out and I am early 200s so the game is not old enough for anyone to have 300 days even Japanese players.
If you play 100 times with Paradox Bros it gives you a new card design.
<< Anonymous(GodDammit)
Just a Guy Reply
That's their event sleeves that you earn by getting the required number of points.
Why don't I see anythinf about dueling 10000 duels? I have almost done this and I wanted to knlw how manyvduels it asks for next
Summon Barrel Dragon 100 times you get a mat.
Play 100 duels using pegasus

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Luna 226
The badge is for dueling 100 times not winning.
You want mirror Force as a reward or what?
Yes, for now I have 3844 gems saved (because I want all the characters aces -I got the 3 of them ...
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