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This page notes what the Gate Key is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, the ways to get, and the required gate keys by character.
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update 23/08/2018

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Gate Key

Needed to See Legend Duelits

Players can have a duel against legend duelists, such as Yami Yugi and Kaiba Seto, by visiting the Gate in Duel World and using required gate keys. Gate keys are required per duel.

Required Keys by Character

Players need both the neutral gate keys and the colored keys. Required color is different by character.

Required Quantity

The number of keys to meet duelists is based on their level. Players have to use the more number of keys as the duelist's level is higher.

Required Key QTY
Required Key QTY

How to Get

Duel reward

Players can obtain gate keys as rewards for winning duels. Having duels against standard duelists will be the main way to collect the items. Standard duelists take 30 minutes to reappear after defeated, and players can get them to show up immediately by using the Duel Orb.

Weekly/Stage Missions

Gate keys are also rewards for completing weekly and stage missions.


Players can gain the items by defeating other players, although they will be stronger than standard duelists.

Card Trader

You can also convert no-colored gate key into the colored one by meeting Card Trader. However this way is undesirable relative to other ways noted above, since so many neutral gate keys are required to have a duel against legend duelists.


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I hope they only have a single key, and we can use it in any character
They need to update how keys are earned. 10 key limit per 8 hours at the trader is BS. I don’t even get why they have neutral keys along with the color keys, there’s no micro transaction reason to it so it’s just a pointless thing.
At what stage does Yami Yugi become available in gate? Currently I'm stage 25 and have a mission to defeat him for times to advance to 26. I'm gold 1 in rank and PvP will literally take forever to complete the mission..
<< Anonymous(SwoleNation)
Anonymous Reply
Lol u surely using yugi as ur character, u need to change ur character other than yugi
<< Anonymous
LOL Reply

Has the number of keys won by chest changed recently? I was earning 11 per chest in the past, now I get 12 at stage 27. How many keys do you get at stage 60?
I swear, this game no longer gives me green keys anymore because the game knows I'm building a weevil deck. I'm a customer, I want my green keys to farm Weevil!
<< Anonymous
Waldo Reply
I thought it was only me!!! I need green keys to farm weevil and get perfectly ultimate great moth so I can get to the next stage.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
It feels like that to me a lot, too. Thank god that I don't need to farm Mai as much now thanks to the ticket rewards. But it still feels like the green keys get dropped less than the other colors...
How many limit of colour key?
Or what highest do you have
<< Anonymous(SirMarx)
Anonymous Reply
I'm wondering this, too
<< Anonymous(SirMarx)
Anonymous Reply
For colored keys, the limit is 9999. For the gate keys (gray ones), it's 99999.
Im stuck at lv 49, always lose againts kaiba, now collect the white keys so long to get
Hi i am stage 13 .How i can reach mako Tsunami gate LvL 30 i have only him LvL 10 and LvL 20 . Thanks a lot.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Higher stage though tea is better to farm for berry abs dmg
<< Anonymous
silas Reply
U need to reach stage 14
I need green Keys, i have like tons of whites. We should be able to trade keys for the ones we need D:
<< Anonymous
TKSainto Reply
Yeah, not just the gate keys with the card trader
Anyone knows how to get a specific color gate key? I mean, without trading with the Card Trader.

I need specificly the blue one, but I can't get any of them from the NPCs on Duel World. I already have tons of the others, but don't receive (in prizes) the specific color I need.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't think there's another way to get a specific color key. You just need to farm AIs and make it 4k assessment and above if u can.
I click on the gate and I just get the back drop but can't interact or go back. I have to quit the game. Anyone else have this problem?

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Thank you, it works very well.
quit dreaming, heart of the cards will give you enemy controller when you already have unplayable...
The guys above is pretty much another deceptive idiot. Buy new cards or lose? what kind of mislea...
I liked this event a lot as well. ^^ It's better to chill and auto-duel from time to time.
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