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Structure Deck EX: Thousand Illusion
update 31/12/2019


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ELSADestiny DrawDec 4

A comment from ELSA:

Darklords are very powerful still, and I got a powerful win streak with this deck. Destiny Draw helped me a lot as I was able to draw a card I needed at the moment to win. Lava Golem helped stall meta darks like invokers and even mirror matches.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Zato-DAKDestiny DrawDec 4

A comment from Zato-DAK:

Well, I only recommend using the locks and cyclones carefully as they depend a lot on them in this lucky format.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
IIINCDestiny DrawDec 6

A comment from IIINC:

I was able to reach KOG on the new ranked system for season 47 with Destiny Draw Darklords that makes use of Paleozoic Canadia as a critical play extender. Thank you for doing these.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KortezzyCompensationDec 6

A comment from Kortezzy:

This kog was so hard with maniacs using weird deck. Started with invoked but got tilted and used ancient gears to climb to legend 3 and this deck to get kog

When facing involves or mirror make sure you have the trap. Try not to set it because if your opponent has cosmic cyclone you lose it forever.
Don't over extend if you think opponent has kitroid. (You can tell by delay)
I like to have toggle on and an extra effect to see. If the game goes straight to effect of your darklords they probably don't have it.

Dmitri N.

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Dmitri N.Draw Sense: Spell/TrapDec 15


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FlockzCompensationDec 25


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WalterNo mortal can resistDec 30

Dark World


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DrHeisenbergGritDec 14

A comment from DrHeisenberg:

The core cards within this build are Fabled Raven, Snoww, and Lucent. Using Fabled Raven‘s effect to discard Snoww and Lucent guarantees at least one Synchro. The Skill helped a lot, as this Deck sometimes heavily bricks.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
kimjimSpell SpecialistDec 9


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SpectroMy Monster CardsDec 29

Fortune Lady


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LuxunTime PassageDec 8


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
找到面了Time PassageDec 11

A comment from 找到面了:

Note: Fourth consecutive month climbing to KOG with Fortune Lady (FL) deck, each time with a little bit adjustment. And climbed to KC 20 twice. This deck has great flexibility in selecting back rows and commonly used cards. This month I used three Canadians and added a Kiteroid which helped a lot. To comply with the upcoming ban list I removed 1 copy of E-con on purpose.

Still a good deck to go even after the ban list update. Your only enemy is probably a bad starting hand. Otherwise, it should be able to compete with most of the decks in the current meta. Two copies of FL Watery is necessary, because 90% of the time I have at least one copy of FL Watery in my starting hand. I almost suspect whether they increased the probability of drawing a FL Watery in the starting hand... However, if not starting with 2 FL watery, there is still a chance to win.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FerrerSorcery ConduitDec 10

Invoked Elementsaber


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
¤》MPREACH《¤Sorcery ConduitDec 3

CL Trader

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CL TraderSorcery ConduitDec 19

A comment from CL Trader:

I won 15 in a row to reach KOG. This deck is powerful because you can use your palace to search for monster cards that you can then discard to activate ultimate Providence and stop most decks including dark lord and Blackwings. Even though it skips your next battle phase, getting your graveyard full of monsters is important so that when you get out your Purgatrio it’s basically GG.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FrappleSorcery ConduitDec 21

A comment from Frapple:

Only dropped 2 games from Plat 7 to KOG. The entire deck is just "No, keep that monster face-down and wait for my Purgatrio" since the role of Floodgate, Molehu, and by extension Palace are made to fill that role. Setting tuners is how to get around all the Synchro decks. The lone Chalice is just to meet the 20 card quota, and has a ton of applications in the diverse world of Legend climb, though Lance does more damage in the mirror. That being said, I won every mirror I faced.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JORGE VSorcery ConduitDec 23

Invoked Roid

Kd o kog B5?

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Kd o kog B5?Sorcery ConduitDec 4

A comment from Kd o kog B5?:

Win condition are the Invoked fusion monsters, the roid engine helps against OTK by searching kiteroid with Megaroid City and allow to search the element's monster you need at the moment.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Mert1337Sorcery ConduitDec 4

Masked Beast

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Masked BeastSorcery ConduitDec 9

A comment from Masked Beast:

Another season and another KOG! Thought it would be more difficult with the added legend levels, but some luck and lots of OTKs with this deck. The roid engine could not be stopped once I got to legend 3. Most of the time they quit once they realized I had Aleister and concentrating current in my hand. Trap hole helped a lot and cosmic in the first hand was almost a win.

Use mega roid city to get kiteroid and be patient if aleister is not available right away. Submarineroid combo with mega roid city won a lot of the time too as they I knew they were waiting to play LAVA golem. When they played lava golem unexpectedly, used it to combo aleister to play purgatrio and OTK. Drillroid was a nice play to get rid of high defense monster. No need for three cosmics because night beam was a duel saver sometimes.

Had no issues versus darklord and smoked other invoker decks. The only deck I had issues with was fortune lady like usual, but fortunately did not run into many of them. Faced some older metas like destiny hero and sylvan but they were no match!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LastPackAleiSorcery ConduitDec 10



Hot New Top
People finally learned how to play Shiranuis and now they are clapping Invokeds.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They were underestimated I guess. Great archetype.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
they do applaud them
<< Anonymous
¤》MPREACH《¤ Reply
It's funny how I got easy day 1 kog by clapping shiranui with invokers. Too ez
<< Anonymous(¤》MPREACH《¤)
guy above is wrong Reply
No. Shiranui's bring Purgatrio on field way easier than Elementsabers; pretty sure you don't watch the Duel Links tournaments. Shiranuis have been destroying the sabers during the last 3 competitions.
Psi-Reflector = solid meta.
<< Anonymous(Joshua)
Anonymous Reply
What's up with people shilling for Psi-Reflector? Yeah it's a KoG deck but it's got nothing on the stuff like blackwings and invoked.
<< Anonymous
Evan Reply
I think it's tiered.
<< Anonymous(Joshua)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Joshua)
Anonymous Reply
The problem is how to quickly add it if reflector isnt exist on ur first turn. Assault mode currently relying too much on psi reflector, which mean thing wont went well if it is not present
Ultimate Pound
I have reached KoG with Ancient Gears, unfortunately it's not F2P, but still...
<< Anonymous(Ultimate Pound)
Anonymous Reply
Well there's no such thing as F2P AG deck to begin with, since triple Geartown is a must.

Still, nice. But please don't use random extra deck cards, it's not pleasant to look at XD
<< Anonymous
Pukima Reply
All of them is prismatic lol. I would do that too in tcg.
31.12. KoG
Gravekeepers can do the job even without key cards
<< Anonymous(Pintakis)
Anonymous Reply
Everyone thought Shiranuis wouldn't be meta and there you go.
They are TOP TIER now.
<< Anonymous(Evan)
Anonymous Reply
Well, yeah; I'm delighted by the fact they seem to be a reliable and competitive meta deck right now. If I'm not wrong, they have been topping all the last tournaments and actually performed better than Invokeds.
<< Anonymous(Evan)
Anonymous Reply
Amazing deck for sure.
<< Anonymous(Evan)
Anonymous Reply
Probably the best deck at the moment.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ok you are exaggerating right now
anon bro
im annoyingly impressed somebody managed to reached KOG with sylvans, like that one kid who can't let sylvans go and still manage to KOG with it.
<< Anonymous(anon bro)
Anonymous Reply
that's dedication for sure. i respect it
Yami Adam
I love to play Blackwings but this month I climbed with Ancient Gear Golem..I guess that that aged very well.
<< Anonymous(Yami Adam)
Anonymous Reply
They are a great archetype.
when is the easiest time to climb KoG ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
when new busted cards come out and not everyone has them yet
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ This or last day of the month
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Late month to KOG.
Totally Not JoJo
I like this meta, it feels balanced.
<< Anonymous(Totally Not JoJo)
DIO Reply
holy crap
Yosenju Aaron
Damn, I simply love this game..
<< Anonymous(Yosenju Aaron)
Winston Churchill Reply
Me too..
<< Anonymous(Yosenju Aaron)
Anonymous Reply
The meta has become stable these days.
Just for the memes guys, if I reach KoG will I begin from Legend 2 next season?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you lose 7 ranks at the start of each season, so no, you'll start from platinum
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
really? isn't there have some exception?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
7 ranks nani??
I thought you lose 5 ranks per season is this a joke?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it changed to 7 when the number of ranks increased, no joke

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