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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 07/09/2016

Cash Back

Cash Back
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


When your opponent activates a Spell/Trap Card, or monster effect, by paying their Life Points: Negate the activation, and if you do, return it to the Deck.

How to get / rarity

PackEchoes of Silence [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--








ActionsReturns from your opponent's field to your opponent's Deck
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the activation of your opponent's Spell Cards / Negates the activation of your opponent's Trap Cards / Negates the effects of Effect Monsters


so, anti CC
Your Name
dude i still cant trigger the card even though opponents activated a spell card...

and a question, "by paying their Life Points" whose LP? how much LP?
<< Anonymous(Your Name)
Anonymous Reply
...How are you at all confused by this? It can only negate the activation of a Spell that has a LP cost, like Abyssal Designator or Autonomous Action Unit.
<< Anonymous
Your Name Reply
so i was setting this trap beside my trap jammer while dueling pegasus

when i was attacking, he open his magic arm shield and my trap jammer triggered but not my cash back card.

<< Anonymous
Your Name Reply
after that, my next turn, i attack again and he activated his michizure or something i cant remmebr the name but my cashback is not triggered again..

but on the text it's said that the card's negating the activation of spell/trap, or monster. well, he 'activated' the trap so why cant i activated my cashback?
<< Anonymous
Your Name Reply
ah now you mention it i figure it out.

sorry english is not my first language so the literal text is kinda confusing. especially this one
how does it work? I cannot trigger it all the times.
<< Anonymous
Wrongplace Reply
Try to duel against Pegasus level 30/40 and set it if you are on 1st turn at beginning of duel or at least Pegasus haven't yet activates toon world before you set cashback
Can we use this against toon cards?
<< Anonymous(Blackmoon )
Wrongplace Reply
definitely yes, I beat Pegasus lvl 30/40 with this card. If you dueling him with you start the duel (1st turn is you) then highest chance to set and activate this card since Pegasus will activates toon world quickly if he start the duel on 1st turn
Cash back on every purchase everywhere. CapitalOne. What's in your wallet?
Such a troll card.
Can I just say that the artwork for this card is absolutely hysterical.
<< Anonymous(Justin)
Jojo Reply
Literally a money shot XD
Rip venus and amazoness chainmaster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Anti mauseleum, RIP Rex's mauseleum OTK decks haha.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't work against mausoleum since you don't pay life points to activate the card only the effect. and this card doesn't trigger with spell and trap effect activations.
hit phy so much
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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