KC Cup: 1st Stage [Sept 2019]

Duel Links KC CUP Sept decks, the top meta of Duel Links in Sept 2019.
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update 10/01/2020
IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
B4BearBeatdownSept 10

A comment from B4Bear:

Yes, I know. Definitely a play to win type deck. It contains three Neos and three Desperado decks that work nicely together. However, the MVP proved to be the Soul Release card.

Disrupting the graveyard manipulation proved to be a sound strategy 90% of the time. The other bonus was incorporating Ally of Justice card. Proved lethal in mirror matches and was used to summon Desperado.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Leeroy8138SwitcherooSept 10

A comment from Leeroy8138:

The best part about this deck is the amount of disruption in it. CC and TTH disrupt on the opponents turn best, though are still usable on your turn for your own needs. Desperado is battle phase disruption of your opponents turn that needs a TTH or other desperado to be removed. Keep in mind this effect can fail and will do so when you don’t want it.

The only decks that I think this deck has a bad matchup against are fortune ladys and darklords. The former because it can banish your monsters with Fortune Lady Every who is difficult to attack over. The latter having sanctified for your monster effects. These can be dealt with using a well-timed cosmic cyclone and treacherous trap hole, but not having these outs when you need them is painful.

The other weakness is the high number of garnets, with 2 Neos and 2 targets you’d prefer to send with Neos. It’s a necessary evil, and while you’ll end up with some unplayable hands and more sub-optimal ones when the deck goes off, it will go off


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
piplupMaster of DestinySept 10

A comment from piplup:

How the deck works: the main strategy is to set your blast spider or dekoichi to summon your desperado dragon. Time wizard is used to destroy monsters
Twin barrel dragon is used the same way. Drowning mirror force is used for protection and so is canadia.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
rezapsd17SwitcherooSept 12


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
akoYugiSwitcherooSept 13

Flower Cardian


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GaleomirGritSept 12

Fortune Lady Synchro


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LuxunTime PassageSept 6

A comment from Luxun:

This was hard to accomplish. I've been changing the build from the start. Unfortunately I haven't been lucky with the new box so I had to make some arrangements. I even tried neos but if you use the Fortune Lady Calling you can't use neos fusion, so it's complicated.

So, Cosmic is great against everything, including darklords, banish their spell/trap even as a chain so that they can't use from the grave. It's great to banish the tth your opponent usually starts with.

Chalice stops darklords and desperado, but only use as a chain to their effects, especially with darklord to force them to lose 1000lp. Econ wins games because you easily put 2 monsters on the field so if you steal a boss and attack directly with both you're good. Bending destiny is amazing if you open with it and synchro Every.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
找到面了Time PassageSept 7

A comment from 找到面了:

Pretty much the same build as my KOG deck this month. Replaced Canadians with Drowning Mirror Force because there are too any cyber dark Desperado decks. Using Canadians on cyber dark Edge is not good with Fortune Lady Every’s effect. Drowning Mirror Force can safely remove Cyber Dark Edge and EH Brave Neos.

As to the extra deck, I removed dolphin and one FL Every and added an HTS Psyhemuth and an Arcanite Magician. Psyhemuth is great in the mirror match and against AG or Desperado.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BlazeTime PassageSept 9

Magnet Warrior


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
KaibyugiDestiny DrawSept 13

Masked HERO


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TurlesNeo Space!Sept 12



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Revolver007Mythic DepthsSept 12

A comment from Revolver007:

The deck can actually beat any meta deck as long as you have the right cards and play.

  • Use Mythic depths skill to use Sea stealth attack's effect.
  • Use Sea stealth attack to destroy monsters that are difficult to destroy via battle, also can be used to avoid your water monsters for targeting card effect by your opponent
  • The actual play is on 1st turn, set Abysslinde or abyss sphere to summon Linde on opponent's turn, let it be destroyed via its effect on opponents turn, either summon Abysspike discard Marksman or Heavy infantry (depends on field setup by opponent) then add the Fishborg archer to synchro summon Gungnir or Blackrose (again depends on field setup) on your turn or just special summon Abyssleed for beatdown via Abysslinde effect.
  • The deck is also capable of OTK via Abyssmegalo and summoning any water monster in attack position for Megalo's effect for a double attack.
  • Salvage to recycle Atlanteans to use their effect again
  • Just abuse Atlanteans effect to get rid of your opponent's card


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
CarlenchuBeatdownSept 13

A comment from Carlenchu:

Try to use your atlanteans wisely against six sams and desperados.
Also if you are out of atlanteans try to get black rose dragon or Vermillion to the field to eliminate some cards.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SielynasMythic DepthsSept 14

A comment from Sielynas:

My name is Sielynas and I was able to complete the KC Cup Stage 1 successfully using a Mermail Deck (Non-Synchro).

There are a few tips to playing this deck. You always want to use the trap card Abyss-Sphere to summon Mermail Abysslinde in response to your opponents attacks or battle phase. Using it for this will allow her to either self-destruct at end of their turn, or allow her to soak a hit. Upon hitting the graveyard, utilize her effect to summon Mermail Abyssmegalo. This is your heavy hitter. Getting him on the field plus one monster will allow him to attack twice by using his ability. Note that when you use his ability it counts as discarding your creatures to the graveyard. So, using him and sacrificing an Atlantean will either destroy a face up (or face down depending on which one you sacrifice) card and also allow him to attack twice. This will allow you to clear a path to get him to swing directly.

If you have him in your opening hand, plus any removal, I recommend waiting until next turn if going first, and then special summoning him to utilize the removal effects. This is why I have Drowning Mirror Force in the Deck.

3 of the monsters in this deck have effects that discard cards directly to the graveyard from your hand and activate their other effects (they also special summon themselves from it). Use this to destroy their board while building your own.

Finally, putting Abyss-Scale on Mermail Abyssmegalo pretty much guarantees a win as it stops most traps from activating. Swing with it twice for easy OTK.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
YTAndalGritSept 7

A comment from YTAndal:

Metaphys Daedalus and Metaphys Dimension are the MVPs.

Nephthys Yubel


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RedpeMy Name is YubelSept 12

A comment from Redpe:

Just reached KC level 20 with Yubel Nephthys. Still competitive.
Weak against all of the banishment deck (Darklord, Subterror, etc)
Since they all know how to get rid of Yubel, Limited reverse will easily reborn your Yubel again next turn.
Those traps is good to easily summon the Pheonix and destroy opponent trap next turn.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AkashiroMy Name is YubelSept 16

A comment from Akashiro:

Just here to show that Yubel never dies! Each pack it gets hard but I think its good to let people know that it still competitive. Had to wait until most of the consistent Desperados, Darklords, Subterror and Cyberdark Neos/Red Eyes decks leave but still possible.

I put a Cosmic Cyclone cause sometimes you need to clean things like World Legacy from the field even before Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys get there.

Noble Knight Neos


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SpiidoNo Mortal can ResistSept 11

A comment from Spiido:

Medraut: Ideal for coming in the starting hand along with a Noble Arms to call Drystan or Borz.

Drystan: Suitable for destroying an opponent's aggressive cards or being used as a defense.

Borz: Mill the deck to gain access to other Noble Arms, especially Gwenhwyfar.

Gwenhwyfar: This card should be used wisely to surprise the opponent. Equipped with Medraut and Borz along with Destiny will cause the monster to have up to "3 lives" to destroy, along with the Dark effect applied to these monsters. In Drystan is ideal to avoid TTH (Light effect) if it does not have with Destiny or can be used in the graveyard and hand to activate the effect of destruction of this Noble Knight.

Arfeudutyr: Handle backroll and can be used to equip enemy monsters to fulfill this purpose and reduce enemy strength.

Destiny: Needless to say, a good defense.

Neos Fusio... Next.

Bacon Sav... Skip.

Lava Golem: A possible counter against Darklord.

And finally the skill: Since the game has evolved to the point of the graveyard has become an important feature, Ishizu's skill can break any possibility of using it. And now with this meta shaped by the Darklords maybe during and after the KC Cup will be used a lot.

Silent HERO

Silent Queen

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Silent QueenLight and DarkSept 7

A comment from Silent Queen:

Oh my! This one is tougher than the regular KOG match! Once again, I need to adapt my Silent Swordsman deck to deal with the increased usage of Dark Lords.

The key is to set Shadow-imprisoning Mirror ASAP and even if you can’t, you can still fight by disrupting their spells (namely Darklord Contact) and use traps like Wall of Destruction to stop the swarming)

Be mindful that Sanctified Darklord can negate both your Silent Swordsman and Destiny HERO Decider passive effects.

Six Samurai



Hot New Top
enough said
Neos is not even top tier.
People who complain about neos are mentally challenged.
<< Anonymous(enough said)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Neos fusion is not a top tier card "anymore" because more powerful cards have been released in the mean time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
This is a Sept 2019 article lol
Anonymous 16days ago
Flower cardians meta

Plasma 6k OTK
Used this deck to reach stage 2 but honestly couldn't get past legend to KOG,Using Azure eyes and gigacastle and other lvl 5,6,8 and 10 synchros incase of using econ for synchro. Any comments or suggestions to make it better are more than appreciated.
<< Anonymous(Asensio)
Anonymous Reply
KONAMI; can you please limit this NEOS engine somehow? Y'all just replaced the Weevil 🔥 deck with something that's arguably worse
Yami Aster
I got to stage 2 with this to beat darklords and vendreads almost every time.
<< Anonymous(Yami Aster)
RR Reply
I guess the DD monsters in your deck make that deck good because I used a similar one and could not past DL16. I removed some traps for World Clashes which really helped but it only helped me reach Dl18. No Swordswoman makes the deck hard to use. Paladin is just a beatstick.
<< Anonymous(RR)
Yami Aster Reply
Paladin is really only useful if you got 2 amazoness already and you special summon her for the otk. I thought about using another sage, but she doesn't get a chance to use her effect that much. I changed wod to power of the guardians. I also went from gold 1 to legend 2 with this, but it is so much slower without 3 princesses.
Anonymous No. 2
Easy Dlvl MAX with Yubel Nephthys.
Exactly 47 wins total from 7 to 20.
I used random decks until level 15, but when I switched to Yubel I went something like 19-4.
Lost two promotion games to busted Busted Blader openers (trap/spell/whelp combo) and one to Triamids.
The decks absolutely claps the weakened Six Sams, Vendreads, Ancient Gears, Desperado.
Darklords matchup is a coin flip, and Triamids matchup is an auto loss.
Ugh. This KC Cup has been a mixed bag for me. While it's nice seeing a whole bunch of decks and not just a main 3 archetypes, it's annoying having to see mostly Trap based Decks, MoD and Darklords every 5 seconds. Eh.. Still better than Six Samurais at full power. Come on.. Hit Dual Wield already.
<< Anonymous(TheBlackRose)
Anonymous Reply
Dual wield and or World Legacy Clash
Thank god this 🔥 event is nearing its end not fun at all some skills need to be nerfed one of Sartorious ones yet again. Also ban Treacherous already and either Limit or Semi Limit Clash waaaay to powerful.
Nick Gurr
I've been using aliens, its fun to use Mind control on AGG then using Super Strength to OTK
I got Dlv Max from Dlv 18 in a single go when I switched from a Red eyes deck to a Desperado deck. Yhe funny thing is that it was the most budget deck. Meaning one Desperado and one Brave neos haha Legacy clash and treacherous are very OP.
<< Anonymous(RR)
Anonymous Reply
Deck profile.
Thanks to everyone who bothered to explain their decks. It's much better to learn from them this way.

Commens and feedback


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no one who give a @@@ about this tierlist is ever going to worlds trust me
Wtf man I spent like 25k gems to dig 2 main boxes for blackwings and konami decided to nerf it in...
No change this card will ever be released as a player card as allows you to SS two monsters of an...
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