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update 12/06/2018
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Crisss12BalanceMay 7


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BigGuyForYouRestartMay 8


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LiànyùBalanceMay 9


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Anonymous 7days ago
Why is this deck only tier 3? So unfair when I play against it, my opponent always starts with Ties and sets up their stupid board. Next turn, my board is completely wiped.
<< Anonymous
shirohige 7days ago Reply
Because treacherous trap hole and offerings to the doomed exist. Also blue eyes, and since you cant relay in Ties all the time, I guess tier 3 is well deserved... well, maybe tier 2 wouldnt be wrong.
<< Anonymous(shirohige)
Mermailfan 1days ago Reply
Even if it has some weakness it's still pretty competitive. I'm glad they gave us bujin crane, now I just have to get those 3 SR's and I have another huge powerhouse (my type of deck lol) thanks to those 3 ties I got back in the day when I whaled hard !
Anonymous 5days ago
Shouldn't The Regulation of Tribe be included for the budget version? Sure it's situational, but so is Curse of Anubis, plus Regulation can last more than one turn, though that's an effect you likely won't use often.
Anonymous No. 2
It's nice how 1 Floodgate flips down both of your special summoned Geargias. #rekt
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Yugimanz Reply
That’s why any decent Geargia play runs Spell Absorbing Life. They get flipped back up, heals our life points (get to use Ties again), and gets to pull off our board nuke. #shrekt
<< Anonymous(Yugimanz )
Anonymous No. 2 5days ago Reply
Go ahead and run 3 of those. Then you will lose every single time you don't draw Ties in your opening hand.
Anonymous 15days ago
Deck is way more consistent than most the other high tier decks. You need to run 3 Ties for best results, which is expensive. This deck is weak to Lava Golam and Treacherous no skills Hole.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 5days ago Reply
or to any other card that negates your monster's effect and/or flips it face-down
Anonymous 10days ago
This deck tilts the players who use tilty backrow cards, except TTH.
Anonymous 21days ago
Geargia still putting in work.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Everyone tilted about Masked heros while Geargia don’t give a darn lol.
José hairon
Man New deck geargi
Staue control deck is not dead. Just evolved into geargia deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Geargia is the new statue
I am running 3 versions of the Geargia Deck and had unusual success with it. 40 straight wins, then 5 straight losses. The biggest reason this deck has to be rated Tier 2 is because of the high risk of bricking Turn 1 and being overrun or Countered early. THE "Fur Hires", Sylvans, and WallFlood stall hard brick most versions of the Geargia decks. And the limitations of Pulse Mines and Enemy Controller really hurt the backrow support for this deck. But, the biggest strength and weakness is the ability to gather support monster cards early if you draw normal. NOBODY SHOULD BE USING RESTART OR BALANCE WITH THIS DECK. YOU NEED TO HAVE AT LEAST 10 GEARGIA CARDS TO MAKE THE ENGINE RUN. UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUN A 22 OR MORE CARD DECK !!
<< Anonymous(ViewableArtist2)
Anonymous No. 2 Reply
I'm using this deck and I love it, but there is no way in hell you got 40 straight wins, even if you were playing Casual Duels that's virtually impossible.
<< Anonymous(ViewableArtist2)
Anonymous Reply
Disagree. You NEED to use Balance, so you get the better chance to get ties of the brethren first turn. I got almost 20 wins on gold PVP. Now in Legend its inconsistent.
This deck is boarder line rouge now, it’s still a good deck that can go up against the meta. It’s not really played, however; and can be bad with a shit hand.
Anonymous No. 2
How much more consistent does this deck become with 3 Ties instead of 2 (somehow with 2 Ties I always get Ties in my opening hand against computer, but as soon as I go PvP, I brick).
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Lobo Reply
Somehow RNG hates you
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous Reply
3 ties means that you have more chance getting it in your first turn, and balance works well now in this deck.
these decks really need an update.
most players have changed to balance.

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