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update 12/06/2018
IGNSet SkillDate Summitted
Crisss12BalanceMay 7


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BigGuyForYouRestartMay 8


IGNSet SkillDate Summitted
LiànyùBalanceMay 9


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Yugimanz 1hour ago
This deck is boarder line rouge now, it’s still a good deck that can go up against the meta. It’s not really played, however; and can be bad with a shit hand.
ViewableArtist2 7days ago
I am running 3 versions of the Geargia Deck and had unusual success with it. 40 straight wins, then 5 straight losses. The biggest reason this deck has to be rated Tier 2 is because of the high risk of bricking Turn 1 and being overrun or Countered early. THE "Fur Hires", Sylvans, and WallFlood stall hard brick most versions of the Geargia decks. And the limitations of Pulse Mines and Enemy Controller really hurt the backrow support for this deck. But, the biggest strength and weakness is the ability to gather support monster cards early if you draw normal. NOBODY SHOULD BE USING RESTART OR BALANCE WITH THIS DECK. YOU NEED TO HAVE AT LEAST 10 GEARGIA CARDS TO MAKE THE ENGINE RUN. UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUN A 22 OR MORE CARD DECK !!
<< Anonymous(ViewableArtist2)
Anonymous No. 2 1days ago Reply
I'm using this deck and I love it, but there is no way in hell you got 40 straight wins, even if you were playing Casual Duels that's virtually impossible.
Anonymous No. 2 8days ago
How much more consistent does this deck become with 3 Ties instead of 2 (somehow with 2 Ties I always get Ties in my opening hand against computer, but as soon as I go PvP, I brick).
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Lobo 8days ago Reply
Somehow RNG hates you
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
3 ties means that you have more chance getting it in your first turn, and balance works well now in this deck.
Anonymous 18days ago
these decks really need an update.
most players have changed to balance.
Anonymous 19days ago
This deck should be updated as it is no longer F2P with the new limit example deck
Yugimanz 21days ago
Restart is garbage now, not worth losing your first draw. Balance does alright despite the nerf. Just be sure to use 6 traps and spells along with your monsters.
<< Anonymous(Yugimanz)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Yeah, Geargia is one of the extremely few decks that still can afford to run Balance post-nerf.
Anonymous 29days ago
Is it possible to build this without ties and powerful rebirth?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
To put it short no you shaft yourself to much not having either
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
It'd be more dependent on luck but I think you *could* run Arrivalries or Double Summon? Your just risking not having enough Geargia monsters in your opening hand and/or not having the aforementioned spells. You also would only be able to play 2 monsters on that turn unless you played BOTH those spells on the same turn with all the perfect cards in your hand.

I could also be way wrong. lol
<< Anonymous
Xenon 25days ago Reply
The problem with Arrival/Double summon is, that 1) you could brick 2) the condition of those are unhandy in most situations.

To 1) Imagine you have now 1 monster in hand and 1 of those spells and just def cards. This mean you can't use them and in the next turn, you would use them not again(as you can again normal summon/set). So wasted cards space in hand for more useful cards(like stall). To
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Xenon 25days ago Reply
To 2) While you got a second monster on the field, it may not the one you can need. Especially you still needed 2 cards for just 2 monsters on the field contrary to 1 card(and 2k lp) for 3. And you would have every monster you need(anti monster, anti backrow and attacker). I don't have this deck, but those are my thoughts how it would be with those replacements for ties.
Relatively untouched by the ban list/skill changes. Can still run Balance and just need to swap Pulse for an Anubis or something similar. This may make a serious comeback with the weakening of basically everything else.
<< Anonymous
Have Fun ! Reply
Not as long as Spellbooks are around ....
<< Anonymous(Have Fun !)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Spellbook heavily relies on restart as skill. I don't know how good it will be after the update
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
20 card spellbook doesn't need restart.
Why did this deck drop a tier? With the proper build, it takes out every other meta deck. I mean look at the recent most KoG decks, it had one of the higher number uses.
<< Anonymous
Grand Danton Reply
SP LOL With tiers you got 3 monstre, not juste one.
<< Anonymous(Grand Danton)
Anonymous Reply
Are you dyslexic?
<< Anonymous(Grand Danton)
Xenon Reply
If you don't start first, SB will banish your lonely monster before ties fire.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
It's all depend on your starting hands
pulse mines will be semi-limited
What do you guys thinks about using offering to the doomed in this?
Watch out for TTH. Heroes deck tend to run those.

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yes,fur hire butt smells like fish now, amazon ass now smells like fish
yes u can if sanctuary still on her field zone
This card is nice to use against Superb Tea since she always has Sanctuary up turn 1.
Is this card obtainable? Effect looks nice for DL meta.
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