Geargia deck (Before 2019 Jan)

Anonymous No. 2
It's nice how 1 Floodgate flips down both of your special summoned Geargias. #rekt
That’s why any decent Geargia play runs Spell Absorbing Life. They get flipped back up, heals our life points (get to use Ties again), and gets to pull off our board nuke. #shrekt
<< Anonymous(Yugimanz )
Anonymous No. 2
Go ahead and run 3 of those. Then you will lose every single time you don't draw Ties in your opening hand.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
But with balance, you literally get them in in your starting hand almost every game. And you don’t need SAL in your starting hand to win. Even with all you’re 🔥 traps, Geargia still comes out on top. When they nuke your board with their combo, you’ll just retaliate with a hard rage quit.
Why the hell would you floodgate their ties instead of their first monster?
Floodgating 2 monsters at once IS a good idea.

....Except Geargia is the one deck where that doesn't work.


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