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A terribly imbalanced card with little counter play. I always run into people with multi mask changes in hand. The moment they play Anki, they win almost instantly. Enemy controller? MASKED CHANGE! Wall of Disruption? MASKED CHANGE! Widespread ruin? MASKED CHANGE! Trap hole? MASKED CHANGE! VOID? MASKED CHANGE!! It doesn't matter if I play a trap/spell or even monster effect. I can't seem to get over them because they'll just dodge any counter by playing a second mask change to avoid the counter and then a third to finish you off.
Use your defences on anki.
Not on the 1600 att d-hero.

Even if he has 2 maskchange ready and you stop 1 of them,
1 anki is not gonna 🔥 you and afterwards he is vulnerable.

So your example proved the opposit.

That even with 2 masks in hand he is not dangerous.

Masks heros is the easiest meta deck to counter.

Also you can use cards like ultimate providence to destroy anki on effect.
Even 3 may not otk you if you swap 1 in def, absorb 1 with your monster and take part dmg + eat a full third.

Anti monster effects.
Swap to defence effects and kuribohs.
Monster destroy effects.
Swap att/def effects.

There is plenty to deal with anki or make the enemy burn up mask change without having done an attack with anki.

Also the deck took heavy nerfs.
<< Anonymous
The deck took heavy nerf? Define heavy in context.
What happened to sylvans was "heavy nerf"
Mah boi
Semi-limiting both Celestial and Enemy Controller, together with nerfing Restart and releasing Silent Magician. All those things where a pretty heavy nerf against them. They're still powerful, however.
<< Anonymous(Mah boi)
Mah boi
Even so, they are pretty balanced in the actual meta
Mah boi
Also, you cannot avoid Widespread Ruin's effect with Mask Change.
<< Anonymous(Mah boi)
My mistake, it wasn't widespread ruin. It was another destruction card.
<< Anonymous(Missingkeys)
Wall of destruction still weakens it if mask change is used before it
<< Anonymous
You seems to forgot there are some cards called counter trap. A single divine wrath already stop this combo.
Have you tried Drowning Mirror Force? Mask Change cannot counter that one, and the next turn will not be a fun one for the other guy.
As an Anki player, I can confirm, Drowning Mirror Force is the best counter for Anki.


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Too overpowered. Had to balance the game.
Business wise it is not smart to ban yet. Until every or most players have bought the boxes for...
with SR dream ticket ur dumbest?
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