King of Games decks [January 2018]

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update 11/04/2018
DD lava KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
NilDestiny DrawJan 2
SyxthDestiny DrawJan 7
BlueMinotaurDestiny DrawJan 7
NotPigeonsDestiny DrawJan 19
Tahm KingDestiny DrawJan 22
AthanatosDestiny DrawJan 30

Cyber Angel

CA KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
S K YMind ScanJan 2
WindykissMind ScanJan 2
CirceMind ScanJan 5
DlayzikenMind ScanJan 5
Jon SnowMind ScanJan 6
RevelanthMind ScanJan 6
Pozz91RestartJan 7
Valcix Mind ScanJan 8
UmpoyMind ScanJan 18
EmperadorMind ScanJan 20
LSMRuler RestartJan 22
Vincent FazioliBalanceJan 22
DJWhiteKeyBalanceJan 24
Inti1415 Duel, Standby!Jan 24
LuxCorvusBalanceJan 29

Dino Kingdom

DK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ĸнaoѕDinosaur KingdomJan 2
MLG_PRODinosaur KingdomJan 3
Sapere audeDinosaur KingdomJan 4
ThisIsKhassaDinosaur KingdomJan 12
CurraheeDinosaur KingdomJan 13
Gianni90Dinosaur KingdomJan 18
MichaelMike1Dinosaur KingdomJan 19
Road to 40Dinosaur KingdomJan 20
47fvckegotisDinosaur KingdomJan 21
LowrainDinosaur KingdomJan 21
NeOn OrB Dinosaur KingdomJan 21
Schmorf Dinosaur KingdomJan 28
MugetsoDinosaur KingdomJan 30
SlowkingDinosaur KingdomJan 30
Wildnei Dinosaur KingdomJan 30
Vintage dev95
Dinosaur KingdomJan 30

Lava Ojama

Lava Ojama KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
TheAUOjama Go!Jan 30

Shadow Game

Shadow Game KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Xaralampos Stathopoulos Shadow GameJan 30

Lock Down

Lock Down KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Cutty FlamOjama Go!Jan 2

Ancient Gear

AG KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
MoonsaberMiddle Age MechsJan 2
Bauer GanMiddle Age MechsJan 5
CrystalCloud Middle Age MechsJan 7
ZeryanMiddle Age MechsJan 7
BulldogDXMiddle Age MechsJan 11
iKev_123Middle Age MechsJan 12
FlyThaiMiddle Age MechsJan 12
ps.luisalbMiddle Age MechsJan 13
RikiMiddle Age MechsJan 14
LowrainMiddle Age MechsJan 14
Jandito Middle Age MechsJan 15
emaraquinoMiddle Age MechsJan 17
kid_sanjiMiddle Age MechsJan 20
SergioMiddle Age MechsJan 22
ZaneMiddle Age MechsJan 22
LeonardoTMiddle Age MechsJan 22
lookylookmanMiddle Age MechsJan 24
ReignerMiddle Age MechsJan 25
ReifaelMiddle Age MechsJan 30
T-VirusMiddle Age MechsJan 31

Red Eyes Slash Dragon

RESD KOG PlayersDate Submitted
Poki-chuuJan 31

Hazy Flame

Hazy Flame KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Yugi1993Three-Star DemotionJan 3
Snow21Three-Star DemotionJan 3
eagleeye97Aroma StrategyJan 10
KhaliladilAroma StrategyJan 12
BlindsidedAroma StrategyJan 13
GregorAroma StrategyJan 13
KenndAroma StrategyJan 14
UmmarunBeatdownJan 14
DACEBeatdownJan 17
Serginho1BeatdownJan 17

Abdo Mokhta
Aroma StrategyJan 22

BeatdownJan 24

Aroma StrategyJan 25

Aroma StrategyJan 28

Dark World

Dark World KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
RedDuel, Standbye!Jan 5
ThenRiosBalanceJan 8
YmirkillerDuel, Standby!Jan 16

John Krupla
Duel, Standby!Jan 28

Gladiator Beast

Gladiator Beast KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
FariusBalanceJan 5
Ocg RNAPBPBalanceJan 6
JustDessertsBalanceJan 6
JustDessertsMind ScanJan 7
YaBoyPegasus BalanceJan 10
Manu NietoBalanceJan 11
YokoBalanceJan 12
Bird :)BalanceJan 14
RCF • DiededBalanceJan 15
LucaScozzys BalanceJan 15
Eddie Mind ScanJan 18
SwordmasterRestartJan 19
Zero ZealRestartJan 19
Snake_brRestartJan 20
MrLawRestartJan 21
milansta96BalanceJan 24
XavierBalanceJan 24
CamilleRestartJan 25
CainBalanceJan 29

3SD Ninja

3SD Ninja KOG PlayersDate Submitted
Ninj4boogi3Jan 6
GNCellJan 6
tEraJan 8
BREEZE94 Jan 17

Life Cost 0

Life Cost 0 KOG PlayersDate Submitted
PokeshuJan 7
ZanketsuJan 7

OTK Bamboo

OTK Bamboo KOG PlayersDate Submitted
KingkiviJan 7
XzibitJan 24


OTK Bamboo KOG PlayersDate Submitted
HaripeGoddexJan 10
Kriss xJan 19


Hot New Top
After seeing the results here... Ancient Gear decks are not nerfed enough.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Doesn't need a nerf just quit the game and stop crying.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well technically it has become slower and with rising number of phoenix player and even GB to certain extend could cripple Ancient Gear. It is definitely still top tier but certainly not tier 0 like how CA use to be since it competes pretty evenly with other decks and does take a bit of time to set up as well.
<< Anonymous
Cowards Reply
So if we are okay with Koakis and Ancient Gears and it shouldn't be nerfed because players decided to spend on it and be leaded on by Konami. I guess Cyber Angels should come back and Amazons, Mask Heroes at full strength and anything else that was limited. Only fair. LOL
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Yes cause being able to summon 3 ancient gear dragons in one turn is fair, because you provide no argument it is evident you use this deck since you most likely lack the capability or intellect to build a usable deck instead of spending money in hopes of winning
Game needs Jinzo.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wish is granted
That physic deck use beatdown skill while it's only has *4 monsters? wow.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol thats pretty stupid
<< Anonymous
Fuk cheater Reply
That's why they use cheat to hit KoG my boi, to compensate their stupidity and dumbness. Because they just dumb and too noob to handle PvP without cheat.
fuck all of you glad beast players. cancerous as shit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i believe you meant CA players
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
YES! I cannot stand someone that runs a glad beast deck! ANNOYING!
A hammer shark KOG deck!!!? So water decks havent lost all hope yet though they still get wrecked most of the time
<< Anonymous(Tea)
Anonymous Reply
Lost all my prom matches due to RNG. Luck definitely is a huge factor.
<< Anonymous(Tea)
Anonymous Reply
Lost all my KOG promotion matches due to RNG, opening hands all had 3 Electro and another random monster, no backrow. Luck is a pretty much a factor
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You know what, luck does play a huge factor. I used six sams and had a win streak from plat 1 to legend, getting the perfect hand in those 3 hours. And before that I got to plat 4 the same way. Waited a for a day, then got the shittest hand possibly and getting a lose streak. I literally pulled all spells or all monsters with no balance at all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It still depend on luck, each deck has bad matchups, so you can lose before even game starts.
no KOG trash-spatian deck?
do you thinK a vennu deck could possibly reach KOG?
Whats the last spell on the ojama deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Guys, what is this UR Spell card beside Riryoku? (13. Card)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
next to sphere kuriboh ? its called goka pyro of malice
<< Anonymous(Zickheroun)
Anonymous Reply
Great, thank you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not even a problem? Don't mention it at all.
<< Anonymous(Zickheroun)
Anonymous Reply
I think thats Big Cattle Drive
New Marik deck!!! Easy KOG!
<< Anonymous
KOG player Reply
i'm using similar deck, KOG guaranteed 100%:
<< Anonymous(SPYRAL Double Helix)
Anonymous Reply
F*ckng meta sheep
<< Anonymous
Move aside everyone. Here is the 2000 IQ KoG deck that is literally unstoppable. KoG guaranteed.
<< Anonymous(That's just. no.)
Go cry me a river
Lisa Aizawa
Reached KOG 99% win rate with Snipe Hunter :-)
Legend rank is cancer
<< Anonymous
Mefistofeles Reply
Yes that's the real true competitive league, now plat and below with the selection box have become unbearable
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Indeed. Legend is unbearable and just getting out of Platinum was a nightmare, I almost didn't make it. Slash Dragons, GBs, Phoenix, Burn, and even Saffiras.

It was no joke almost exactly like Legend with one less win required. Not going for KOG this season.

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Yeah, it also has Dark Law, Dian, Mask Change II, Solid Soldier, Raigeki, Pot of Greed, Delinquen...
the 25th or 26th usually
This card's effect is definitely box material, not free drop material
You activated it in the damage step.
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