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update 25/06/2017

Super Polymerization

Super Polymerization
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect / Condition


Discard 1 card; Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from either side of the field as Fusion Materials. Cards and effects cannot be activated in response to this card's activation.









How to Get

Under construction.


ActionsDiscards for cost / Sends from field to Graveyard / Sends from your field to your Graveyard / Sends from your opponent's field to your opponent's Graveyard / Fuses Materials from your field / Fuses Materials from your opponent's field
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesPrevents activation of Effect Monsters / Prevents activation of Spell Cards / Prevents activation of Trap Cards / Prevents responding to its activation
Summoning categoriesFusion Summons / Special Summons from your Extra Deck

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dr dork
I was wondering where to get that card and I meant if we can use it now?
<< Anonymous(dr dork)
Anonymous Reply
Only available through a skill
Can you summon dragon master knight with this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sure, if your opponent controls BLS or Ultimate Dragon while you control the other
By battling the king of games you get a skill which allows you to get super polymerisation
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Should’ve been the supreme king imo, but fairly fitting
I wonder if this card gave birth to the current human race
What a sad lore man
we need 3 copys
<< Anonymous(Diaz)
Anonymous Reply
And now people want Shaddoll to be back in OCG/TCG. I bet whatever we get in that structure deck is just gonna get hit by the banlist in the future, basically wasting the structure deck. Really, the people who voted Shaddolls are idiots....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What about just one copy? I don't think that would destroy the whole game.
<< Anonymous
Aiire Reply
just look at ocg/tcg. just because a card is limited doesn't mean it's not op
<< Anonymous(Aiire)
Anonymous Reply
And now it’s at 3, and it’s the most complained about card to date
Kami of chaos
I used to super poly to get 5 God dragon. And run buster sword of destruction deck. DNA surgery with that deck was god tier.
Level 50 jaden/yubel just wiped my field with this card and beat me turn 2
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
how does that make you feel?
<< Anonymous
Rocky Reply
<< Anonymous
Aiire Reply
You still got the event badge in the end tho, right?
Discarding 1 card is high cost
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not for a card this powerful
<< Anonymous
Aiire Reply
that's like saying paying 500lp is too much. in normal yugioh it's not, same with dl.
You guys remember back in OG yugioh anime when normal polymerization can be used in opponent turn? I guess they made a proper one since then. lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Except this can use the opponent’s monsters, and even anime poly still couldn’t
too unfair against farming decks
Killer Queen
Use to summon Brave Neos and use your opponent’s lvl4. Or maybe summon Millennium Eyes Restrict and remove any effect monster. It’s a safe form of removal since it doesn’t activate their monsters destruction effects.
<< Anonymous(Killer Queen)
Killer Queen Reply
Elemental Hero Gaia, Nova Master, Tornado, Shining, Escuridao and Destiny Hero - Dangerous too

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Would it not be hard to do the tribe summon mission?
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