Holographic cards!?

At Stage 51 or above, when you duels SDS, some of them use broken decks. They use different cards than usual, and those cards looks holographic cards.

Stage 51 or above

The name of the deck does not make sense. Translated from JP into EN, it shows "There is no text."

They use very low stats monster cards, but these are holofoils.

This glitch is confirmed by some players.

Resetting Legendary Duelists

Note: This information was not confirmed by GameA. Take full responsibility for your actions!
If you ever fight any Legendary Duelists that appear outside of the gate, when you're about to lose the duel, you can force close the app and restart the game. When the game asks you if you want to resume, choose quit and the LD that appeared in the duel world will appear again with the same level as before.

Gearfried the Iron Knight

This glitch was confirmed by Papyrus and he kindly shared what he found with us. If you activate the spell card Exchange in a Legendary Duelist fight against Joey Wheeler and attempt to take his Gearfried (1800atk/1600def), the Attack and Defense would turn to 0, and there will be nothing in the description and name.


anoymous 2hour ago
Using exchange prevents you from gaining benefits of equip cards. Can still equip, but no stat changes.
useurbraindontcryf2p 1days ago
I have every card x3 and I only have 1 prismatic FML
lame 3days ago
whenever i play pvp it will end up disconnect anyway even though my wifi is strong
anoymous 3days ago
when using the spell exchange it makes game freeze or disconnect everytime
anoymous 3days ago
when using the spell exchange it makes game freeze or disconnect everytime
anoymous 3days ago
glitch with exchange
anoymous 4days ago
i think the Resetting Legendary Duelists glich is fixed... T_T
anoymous 4days ago
Yes! resetting is fixed
EXPLODIA 5days ago
holographic cards is nice thy should add that
gravekeeper oracle 5days ago
i cant counter it divine wrath, why??????
Max 7days ago
Tyrant Dragon's effect says it negates/destroys traps that effect this card, but adhesion trap hole, blast by a tribute, and golden apples are a few of the traps that have effected this card, am I missing something or should this not happen?
Chris.Scott 6days ago
Blast held by a tribute, and golden apples is something tyrant dragon triggers. It's not specifically targeting him. As for adhesion trap hole, in the card it reads monster(s), so it's not specifically targeting him. If let's say two cards were special summoned in one chain, adhesion traphole would affect both of them.
anoymous 7days ago
These impact him prior to entering the field (or at the same time) before he can activate his effect. Golden apples doesn't affect him, he just triggers it.
anoymous 7days ago
Keep getting Server Error 501 and required reboot the game after finishing a duel. Anyone else got this problem?
73blaze 7days ago
Halfshut resets cards that have attack boosts that activate once and then stops. Piercing moray can use his ability, then lose the bonus attack after half shut resolves
anoymous 7days ago
That is not a glitch, that is how the card works. Half Shut halves their attack and then after the turn the attack returns back to the cards original attack.
anoymous 7days ago
Probably not so much a glitch but certain duelists make pointless moves when it doesn't help them at all,such as Yugi using union attack with cerberus on the your side of the field and ending the turn right after.
anoymous 5days ago
The AI doesn't take into account of the effect of your Cerberus. It usually does that when initially Union Attack would give his monster higher attack than your Cerberus before the effects resolved. But after the spell counter is added, your Cerberus attack is higher.
glitch master 8days ago
if you try to add a single prismatic blue eyes to your deck it would turn to just a foil blue eyes
acewiddle 2days ago
Ahhhh... now I see.. Thanks so much
anoymous 5days ago
You have to change the order in which cards get added to the deck in settings (once you have selected a card). So choose 1st Prismatic variants, then Glossy then Basic.
Retro World 8days ago
If anyone would like to check out my channel hit it up.

Yes you have to put retroworld twice. lol

I post all duel links related.
anoymous 6days ago
ruroshin is that you?
anoymous 8days ago
Resetting duelist might be a feature not a bug. It works for all duel world duels (vagabond and sd too). Let's hope it stays this way. I believe it ensures the state of the game is stable and no gained progress is lost.
anoymous 8days ago
Yeah I've been doing this for ages against level 30 and 40 duelists outside of the gate.
anoymous 8days ago
I suggest we remove it from glitches as they may remove this feature.
Amanda 18days ago
Malus token vs Cat's ears tribe.
The AI will always attack the cat with a Malus (Golden Apples) token even if the cat will endure the attack or is able to destroy the token when the cat's attack is buffed. Furthermore the token's attack will permanently drop to zero after the encounter.
The exact opposite is possible to happen too. If the opponent has the cat and you have the Malus token on the field then the cat will attack to the token, thus cat is destroyed and the opponent loses the corresponding Lp. Happened to me against Kaiba lv30. He took control of my cat using enemy Controller, attacked me directly with another monster, I spawned the token, then he attacked the token with the cat resulting to his defeat!
Kazu 19days ago
Skill creator
Rev 19days ago
I attacked this card face down and it was DEF 0.
Hello 19days ago
would it call the glitch if i found out that i can still use spirit ryu to farm with a secret method
anoymous 8days ago
anoymous 8days ago
Hello 18days ago
proof ? and i can say it's not a hack
anoymous 19days ago
Tell us
anoymous 19days ago
DOOM 19days ago

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I just derpped myself with this card on bakura
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