Holographic cards!?

At Stage 51 or above, when you duels SDS, some of them use broken decks. They use different cards than usual, and those cards looks holographic cards.

Stage 51 or above

The name of the deck does not make sense. Translated from JP into EN, it shows "There is no text."

They use very low stats monster cards, but these are holofoils.

This glitch is confirmed by some players.

Gearfried the Iron Knight

This glitch was confirmed by Papyrus and he kindly shared what he found with us. If you activate the spell card Exchange in a Legendary Duelist fight against Joey Wheeler and attempt to take his Gearfried (1800atk/1600def), the Attack and Defense would turn to 0, and there will be nothing in the description and name.

Destiny Draw (Skill)

Once the skill is activated the timer will continue to run out, however, once the timer reaches zero and your still on the selection screen or you still haven't choose a card you won't lose the duel unless you pick a card.


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Mr Đăng 14days ago
Holographic card is true
Anoymous 18days ago
there is a glitch with soul exchange using it to target there monster for tribute then using your enemy controllers second effect to take a diffrent monster from them you can use 2 of there monsters for a 1 tribute monster
Anoymous 30days ago
Who knows if this is a glitch or not?
I couldnt use Secret Pass to the Treasures on my last turn and couldnt attack also, i lost.
<< Anonymous
No Name 26days ago Reply
Look at that mammoth effect
Why do people still dc(connection failed) when playing in pvp if they fixed the bug where you wont take a loss?
Wtf lol
Little glitch on Gateway to Chaos ( When a counter added, it's always show that the counter increase to 6.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
The actual counter on above pic is 2. Still using ver. 1.4.0 though.
Just wanted to tell you guys there's a weird glitch where gandora is not sent to the graveyard in pvp. Played against one and I was super confused
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Was it Summoned that turn? It only sends itself to the Grave on an End Phase that's on the same turn Gandora's Summoned: if something is done to have Gandora avoid that End Phase, it's safe on all other End Phases.
'Magician's Circle' won't triggered if 'Activation Confirmation' setting is set to 'Toggle Button' (regardless what setting is used, ON/Auto/OFF)
<< Anonymous(PetiDora)
Anoymous Reply
it worked on me, ON/Auto
Vagabond: NMEA
When I attempt to challenge the Vagabond and his rule is "No Monster Effects Activate." I put in cards like: Gaia Soul, Unfriendly Amazon, Flash Assailant... During the duel, Gaia Soul does not fade (hit the graveyard) at the end phase as his card effect states during this challenge. The challenge effect works on this card. However! When I send out Unfriendly Amazon, her effect still remains! At the start of my turn, if I do not have a monster on the field to tribute, she hits the graveyard. Her effect is still active! Glitch?
<< Anonymous(Vagabond: NMEA)
Flash Assailant also Reply
Flash Assailant retains his ability/effect as well. Why do certain effects still occur while others do not when the Vagabond challenge is "No Monster Effect Activation?"
<< Anonymous(Vagabond: NMEA)
Anoymous Reply
Their effects are never "activated", it always occurs. Divine wrath can't stop them type of effects as well
I was playing as Mai then I changed to Ishizu and she kept Mai's deck and skill.
Using the monster card "Dark Cat with While Tail" FLIP: "Return 2 monster cards on your opponent's side of the field to their hand."
If your opponent only has one monster,it doesn't work. Intended?
Using "Sinister seeds" trap card. "Create 1 Seed token per 500 LP damage taken when your atk monster dies" If you take 2000+ damage you create none. Because you don't have room?
Please fix. If these effects are actually intended.. ..please change them.
<< Anonymous(Barrow)
DankStank Reply
For Dark Cat with White Tail, even though this is a previously official ruling, "To activate "Dark Cat with White Tail"'s effect, there must be a minimum of 2 monsters on your opponent's side of the field and a minimum of 1 monster on your side of the field."
<< Anonymous(Barrow)
Anoymous Reply
Dude. This page doesn't control the glitches. You can't ask them to fix it, it's not going to work. Contact Konami or Duel Links directly. This is just a page/forum for people playing the game.
The resetting legendary duelist glitched has already been patched for a while now,but it did use to work.

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