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Holographic cards!?

At Stage 51 or above, when you duels SDS, some of them use broken decks. They use different cards than usual, and those cards looks holographic cards.

Stage 51 or above

The name of the deck does not make sense. Translated from JP into EN, it shows "There is no text."

They use very low stats monster cards, but these are holofoils.

This glitch is confirmed by some players.

Gearfried the Iron Knight

This glitch was confirmed by Papyrus and he kindly shared what he found with us. If you activate the spell card Exchange in a Legendary Duelist fight against Joey Wheeler and attempt to take his Gearfried (1800atk/1600def), the Attack and Defense would turn to 0, and there will be nothing in the description and name.

Destiny Draw (Skill)

Once the skill is activated the timer will continue to run out, however, once the timer reaches zero and your still on the selection screen or you still haven't choose a card you won't lose the duel unless you pick a card.


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When I summon "Ra's Disciples" card (at least one), have 1 monster slot empty, have "Blue-eyes white dragon" and "Ancient Rules" on my hand, It doesn't let me activate Ancient Rules. And as far as I know, it should let me. Am I missing something?
<< Anonymous(Maxter)
Anonymous Reply
You are missing this part:

"You cannot Special Summon monsters, except by the effect of "Ra's Disciple"."
<< Anonymous(Maxter)
Maxter Reply
I think the issue lies in "Ra's Disciple", because maybe the system thinks I'm trying to tribute summon "Blue eyes white dragon" using "Ra's Disciple".
<< Anonymous(Maxter)
Anonymous Reply
Wow that was fast, thank you mr anonymous, now I see
guys, where do I report glitches to Konami? My steam version froze after deck editing and return to world.
I keep getting my character changed forcibly on the Steam version in between various screens
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's steams non binary gender policy
When my opponent uses enemy controller,while the monster is being moved,i can see the "activate effect" or the "change to defense position" sign and the effect i think worked once when i clicked on it,even if it's not sure
My game has cards that are all gray and when I buy new packs the cards all gray too. So when I play ranked I can't tell what my opponent is using.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
same here. I also noticed the sets which they came from don't have all of the cards displayed. It's as though they don't exist. It just shows atk 0/ def/0 no matter the card and that's it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The same
Guys I lost due to a game changing bug. Sometimes I can activate the opponents trap/spell card. The thing is its during his/hers turn but it won't activate and I lose INSTANTLY due to 'connection fail' and rewardscreen instantly pops up. I forgot to safe the replay and make a screenshot due to the confusion.
sometimes my top cards are played in my monster zone and they won't activate there effects because the game thinks they're 0/0 monsters,
Ngoc vu12345
I lied! Disregard! Sorry!
I've been re-rolling quite a bit lately data transferring around alot and I hopped back on my main just now and ALL of the cards I had gotten from one of the re-roll accounts have shown up with my mains' cards. It won't let me use them (I knew it was too good to be true) and now its making it difficult to put a deck together now. is there any way to fix this? Tried re-logging already by the way. Please help I know this isn't really a glitch, more like a bug, but still annoying none-the-less.
Is the DC glitch fixed because I've lost a rank all to DC errors
The game is not registering that i have over 100 duel world standard duel victories. The counter remains at 99

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