Holographic cards!?

At Stage 51 or above, when you duels SDS, some of them use broken decks. They use different cards than usual, and those cards looks holographic cards.

Stage 51 or above

The name of the deck does not make sense. Translated from JP into EN, it shows "There is no text."

They use very low stats monster cards, but these are holofoils.

This glitch is confirmed by some players.

Gearfried the Iron Knight

This glitch was confirmed by Papyrus and he kindly shared what he found with us. If you activate the spell card Exchange in a Legendary Duelist fight against Joey Wheeler and attempt to take his Gearfried (1800atk/1600def), the Attack and Defense would turn to 0, and there will be nothing in the description and name.

Destiny Draw (Skill)

Once the skill is activated the timer will continue to run out, however, once the timer reaches zero and your still on the selection screen or you still haven't choose a card you won't lose the duel unless you pick a card.


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My game has cards that are all gray and when I buy new packs the cards all gray too. So when I play ranked I can't tell what my opponent is using.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
same here. I also noticed the sets which they came from don't have all of the cards displayed. It's as though they don't exist. It just shows atk 0/ def/0 no matter the card and that's it.
The game keeps setting decks that i don't use every time i change characters, this is the worst version of this app so far.
Last Working Hack
Just follow the link.
Left 1 win to kog and i got this
Seems normal to me.
What is this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this too
yes there is a glitch in pvp that makes stats all fucked up. there are literally a million mosts a minute here wondering if they are the only one who has encountered the glitch. please just do a tiny bit of research and you'll understand that everyone who has played the game knows that this glitch exists
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Buddy, chill the heck out. People just want to know what's going on.
All of my monsters were 0/0s, and nothing would happen. Same for opponent. Couldn't play spell or trap cards. Kept attacking eachother to see if something would happen, until one attack dealt 4010 damage suddenly. I saved the replay, and got a screenshot from the replay, but it changed all attack back to normal for some reason.
Just did ranked duels and could summon spell and trap cards. Wierd.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same thing just happened to me plus the attack and defense stats kept changing randomly
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
same thing happened to me! By pure luck I won the game. Konami fix this!!
Wanna ask about temple of the king glitch, is it fixed yet or not? Because it's hard for me farming other LDs without that lovely serket, any suggestions for farming?
The auto duel AI has become so stupid. Opponent has 1250 defence monster. I had two monsters with 1750 atk. He used EC ti switch it into atk positn then order to charge. Its just ridiculous.
I downloaded version 1.7.0
And now incant play screen is black but i can see yugi and the level

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